Zip It & Train! | Book review

As an avid reader and now writing my own book review blog, I want to make sure that my boys love reading too. J is at that stage now where he is starting to want to read them himself and sometimes reads to his brother too (when he’s feeling in a sharing mood). At the minute though it’s the case that I read them a few times and J memorises it so is able to repeat, which I think is wonderful! We were recently sent two new books from Little Tiger Press which he has really taken to, they are his new favourites at the minute.

The first one is Zip It! (which is party of the My Little World series). J isn’t the only one who loves this book, I’ve taken quite a liking to it too! It’s a great little – well, big really – book with lots of fastenings to practice on and little animal stories to go with them. The fastenings include a zip, a button/hole, velcro, a snap button (this one the only one which is a little tough, even I have a little difficulty getting it open), and laces. The stories are rhyming which I think is great for children as they are easy to remember too. The book also includes pictorial instructions and J has managed to follow them fairly easy. When we go on a car journey he often wants to take this one with him.

Zip It!

The second book we received to review is Train! This one is all about a little elephant who loves his toy train, but his friends – penguin and rabbit – like to play with their plane and car. They don’t really want to play together as they much prefer their own toys but will a trip on a train encourage them to? Their arguing over their toys introduces a great rhyming part to the story and J loves reading along with this bit. When I’m reading the book to them, both boys are full of giggles so even though N doesn’t really understand it at his age, the rhythm of the story is funny for him. This is also a great story for teaching about friendship, and sharing too. Since we’ve had this book there has been more than one day where I’ve had to read it more than once so it’s another new favourite for us!


Both books can be purchased from Amazon. Zip It! is priced at £8.99 and Train! is priced at £4.99. I would definitely buy both of these books at this price, they are very much worth it, especially Zip It! for the educational as well as fun factor.

Our rating – 4.5/5

We were sent these products free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & our own.

Breastfeeding Made Easy | Book review & giveaway (CLOSED)

I know it’s a little odd me writing about this book as I’m not breastfeeding any more, but I received the Breastfeeding Made Easy book just as I was switching to the bottle – it would have been so handy for me beforehand but I thought it would still be great to review it as I could maybe help someone in the future, even if only on something small, and I could recommend it to people in the future too. Obviously it’s also taken me a long time to get through it, as it is a long book; but in turn that means it’s very informative.

Anything that can help you find out more about breastfeeding is great; whether that be friends, peers on social media, peer supporters, midwives, or books. This book literally covers everything. There are 23 chapters covering subjects such as [actually] breastfeeding, facts about babies, problems with the breast, weaning, illness, fertility whilst breastfeeding, and many many more.

It is written by Carlos Gonzalez, and he writes with both seriousness and humour. Though at some points I did feel he was being critical towards formula feeding mothers, but obviously if you are going to read this book you are planning on breastfeeding anyway so it wouldn’t particularly bother you, and he is of course promoting breastfeeding (I read some of these parts at the point when I was still a bit sensitive; later on it didn’t really bother me).

There are lots of useful images so as well the written word of his advice, you can actually see what to do or what he is referring to. At the end of every chapter there are also references to other literature which has been mentioned so you can seek further information if you wish to do so. Carlos also includes links to support, which is fantastic.

There are some really interesting facts in this book which I had absolutely no idea about and I have come away with a whole new mountain of knowledge which I may be able to pass on to someone else at some point – you never know when that little thing could come up in conversation and a light bulb comes on – “Ooh, I read about that in this great book!”.

It is currently retailing at £9.59 on Pinter & Martin. I think that for anybody who wants to breastfeed, that it is a must buy at this price and I only wish I had read it before N arrived.

My rating – 5/5

I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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Family Fever

Noisy Day Press And Play Soundbook | Book review

Little man J loves his books and we are building up quite a collection. The most recent one we have added is the Noisy Day Press And Play Soundbook from The Works. J does like books which I can read aloud to him and have pictures which he can point at and tell me what everything is, but he would much rather play with noisy books!

This noisy book helps children to learn their first sounds, learn to count, and learn their colours and shapes along with the daily life of the workers in the book – such as firefighters, the vet, the ambulance service and the school bus. It has 45 different sounds for them to explore.

The book is packaged in a cardboard & plastic sleeve with the book opened wide, so it is well protected. The book also folds up for transportation and it also protects the buttons, which I think is a good idea. There is even a little space for the child to write their name. The pictures in the book are very colourful, and simple yet informative, which I think is a must for a toddlers book as there doesn’t want to be too much information to process at once.

Noisy Day Press And Play Soundbook

The idea is that the child goes through the day, and every so often they need to press a button for the sound – there is picture of the button in the story and they have to find it on the board. At various points it will ask them how many things they can see, such as people or animals, which encourages counting and finding the number. The same also goes for shapes. Each set of buttons in the story is colour coordinated to help them identify colours too.

I read the story to J but he has lots of fun pressing the buttons – sometimes I don’t even read it at all, he will just sit there pressing them for ages!

The RRP of this book is £20. I don’t think I would personally buy it at that price, but it is a great buy for its current offer price of £6.99.

Our rating – 5/5 (though at full price it would be 4/5)

We were sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & our own.

Review & Giveaway – Heroes of the City (CLOSED)

Little man J is a big lover of toy cars – well any toy vehicles in fact – and I have lost count of how many he owns. I know that it’s a big box full, at least! He also loves to watch cartoons and films with ‘brum brums’, so when we were invited to review Heroes of the City, I couldn’t say no. 

Heroes of the City is a television cartoon about rescue vehicles in a small town where everyone can be a hero!
 Follow the fantastically exciting adventures along with friends in town.
Meet Pauli Police Car and Fiona Fire Engine as they help the townspeople find thieves, put out fires, and solve one of the many mysteries that happen in the otherwise quiet town.
You will also get to know Calamity Crow, the most unlucky bird in town. Emphasizing friendship, Heroes of the City contains a great deal of warmth and what may be accomplished by helping each other.

We received a book, a DVD, and two toy vehicles – I’ll let you guess what he went for first!

After he’d had a play with the cars, we sat down to watch the DVD and read the book. 

The DVD consisted of 5 short episodes involving all of the fun characters. The animation is really great and the characters are fantastic and fun for little ones to enjoy. The book is the story of The Hot Air Balloon – J isn’t quite at the reading stage yet so I read it to him, but he loves to look at & point out the pictures which are great for his age. The recommended age range is 3-6 years so the book is good to last right through.

There is also a free app for Heroes of the City (available on the Play store too) to go alongside the cartoon series. The app contains more than six hours of movies which can keep them occupied on the go, and nine exciting games for little ones to play. J especially enjoyed the colouring one.


We were sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & our own.

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Penwizard personalised Peppa Pig Birthday Party | Book review

In our home we love books, though little man sometimes doesn’t have the attention span to sit and read a full one. I try to a have a mixture of both educational, traditional, modern & fun books. J is slightly obsessed with a certain cartoon pig, so when we were given the chance to review a personalised Peppa Pig book from Penwizard I was very eager – for him, not me, I might add! I was able to choose a softback book so as it was coming up to little man’s 2nd birthday, I went for the “Peppa goes to Your Childs Party!” one. 

It is a very easy process to personalise your book, in just a few steps. The personalisation options include your childs gender, name, skin tone, eye colour, hair style & colour, and whether they wear glasses or not. Also with the party book you can include their age on the balloon. You can even leave a personal message at the front of the book.

Once I had ordered the book it arrived very quickly. I was surprised at the size, though it does say it on the website (but if you read the blog regularly, you will know I rarely pay attention to size, oops!). It arrived in a hardback envelope which is of course a good thing so it doesn’t get bent or damaged in the mail. 

The book itself is of very good quality; very glossy with lovely bright pictures with all of the Peppa Pig characters from the familiar story. J’s character does bear a bit of a resemblance to him in cartoon form! I love the fact there is a print of the letter in there too. 

The book is very easy to read, but as J is 2 and just at the beginning of learning to read, I read it for him. He loves sitting and looking at the pictures and telling me who the characters are though. The only thing with it being softback is that if you have a little destroyer like mine, it can be bent easily. For this reason I think I would pay the extra £5 and get the hardback version. 
Overall, this is a book that a Peppa Pig fan will never tire of – little man is always bringing it to read! At £14.99 I think it makes a fabulous gift and as it’s personalised it is great to be put in a memory box, as there are many other versions too.
Our rating – 4/5
We were sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & our own.