Is Composite Decking a Good Choice in the Countryside?

Is Composite Decking a Good Choice in the Countryside

Living in rural areas allows you to enjoy rolling countryside, vast open greenery and plenty of fresh air. With so much natural beauty around you, it’s important your garden reflects your surroundings while still being a practical space that you and your family can enjoy spending time in.

There are hundreds of different garden features for you to choose from, but today we’re taking a closer look at composite decking to determine whether or not it’s a good choice for your slice of the countryside. Read more

Six Ways To Beautify Your Garden In The Spring

We’re a couple of months away from Spring, and yet it’s going to go fast enough to worry about how you want to get your garden pretty for the sunshine! When Spring comes around, it’s the chance you get to impress your friends and neighbours with your ability to decorate your garden. It’s not just about waiting on the tulips to bud in all of the brightest colours available, but what luxury touches you could put into the garden to make it the heavenly place to be you’ve always imagined.

So, whether you are looking for a good garden lighting electrician to come out and install proper outdoor lights for those evening parties you’re planning, or you want to install a hot tub, you need to beautify your outdoor space. With the six ideas below, you can inject a little beauty into your garden in Spring!

Six Ways To Beautify Your Garden In The SpringImage source Read more

Completing our summer garden patio with TJ Hughes | Review #AD

At the beginning of this summer we decided that we’d like to spend more time outside in our garden; though it hasn’t been as good of one as last summer, has it? We are due a heatwave this weekend, but I’m not sure whether to “yay” or “nay” as the older I get, the worse I seem to be able to cope with the heat! (And the cold, for that matter). Read more

Cheap And Cheerful Garden DIYs

Pink flower, 3 pink flowersImage 

If you are looking for some ways to make the garden more exciting at the tail end of the summer, you might have already set aside a sizeable budget to make some real changes to the space.

However, you don’t need to worry spend the Earth to make some real changes to your outdoor space this summer, and there are plenty of amazing ideas of how to create a fun and colourful garden. Read more

Buying A Gazebo For Your Garden

A pop up gazebo is a product that many do not fully appreciate until they have owned it for a while and see the wealth of benefits that are to be had for themselves. From presenting you with an array of different functions to offering great aesthetic appeal, there are many benefits associated with purchasing pop up gazebos. Read on to discover more about the reasons why you should consider purchasing one of these fantastic products… Read more