For Your Health, Self, And Wealth: The Many Benefits Of Your Garden

If you’re fortunate to have some kind of garden space outdoors, then why not make the most of it? With summer on the way, there is little point spending all of your time indoors, as your garden holds many benefits for you. And as we suggested in this article’s title, your garden is good for your health, self, and wealth!

So, pull up your deck chair. Find a spot to sit amongst your rhododendrons, and consider the following. Read more

Spring Into Step With These Gardening Jobs


Now that the winter is over and we can pretty much rule out another frost hitting us overnight, it is time to turn our attention to the garden. The garden is a wonderful place for us to enjoy during the spring and summer and there is so much life and colour which comes into play in the space all season long. Of course, if you want your garden to look its best this spring or summer you will need to make some preparations, and that’s what we are going to take a look at today. Here are some of the jobs you can do to start getting the garden ready for summer. Read more

Can You Bring More Life To Your Outdoor Spaces?

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When it comes to making your house as beautiful as possible, there are so many different things that you can do but one incredibly common mistake that a lot of people seem to make is that they focus exclusively on the interior spaces. This is actually pretty understandable. After all, the inside of your home is the place that you’re going to be spending the vast majority of your time so it makes sense that that’s the place where you’re going to put most of your effort and attention. However, your outdoor spaces deserve some love too! With that in mind, here are some ways to bring your home’s outdoor spaces to life. Read more

4 Projects to Embark on in Your Garden

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If you’ve got a garden, you’re blessed and should do what you can to get the most out of it. And yet, many garden owners take their own little patches of green space for granted, and fail to properly take advantage of the great opportunities presented by them. With increasing numbers of people living in cities, gardens – and areas of green space that can be used for personal leisure in general – are not as accessible as they once were for the average person. This is especially unfortunate when you consider the fact that there is research to indicate that people who spend more time outdoors, and in nature specifically, have significantly better mental and physical health outcomes than those who spend the majority of their time indoors. Read more

Getting Your Garden Ready For Summer

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The weather is warming up and the sun is showing its face so that can only mean that it’s time to get your garden in shape for spring and summer.

If winter weather has been harsh on your garden, then there might be damage to your shrubs or trees. Make sure you clean up by pruning your branches as the winter could have damaged them. You’ll need to spend time cutting back dead leaves and branches so that new growth can take place. Look around your garden for any damage, and be careful and keep an eye out for Leylandii conifers which can often be common casualties in storms as they are tall and leafy and catch the wind. If you do have tall conifers, it might be an idea to take the tops out once the weather improves. Read more