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When moving home, or moving out of your current home in order for renovation work to take place, it can be very important to identify when it’s best to either move in, or once again return to the property. Why is this? Well, not all properties are habitable, and perhaps you knew that when purchasing an older house you needed to invest in, or perhaps you’ve been made aware of this thanks to the extensive renovations you have planned.

Yet going without a house we now own can sometimes feel a little tiring and can throw a wrench into our life planning – in fact, most of us would like to know when we can move into this property as soon as possible. But how can you tell if your home is ready to be moved into or not? Is there a special formula you can use? Or, does it just take keeping an eye on the condition of the property, and seeing when it might be safe? Of course, if work is continuing, that answers your question. But what if you’re in between those processes, and there’s room for judgment?

This guide may help:

Your Boiler Is Installed & Ready

Home renovation is one thing, but home utilities are something you can’t live without. From your electrical circuit being made grounded and completely safe, to ensuring your boiler replacement is fully installed, giving your central heating and hot water a source, having utilities on hand is a big indicator that your home is well provided for and that you can live there safely. If in any doubt of this, do not move in.

Your Home Is Secure & Protected

Home security is of course important, but there’s a big difference between home security measures and making sure your home is safe. For instance, if there are piles of bricks and ladders outside of your home, both of these could provide access to a trespasser, and so it’s important to make sure the exterior is relatively tidy despite the building work. Essential locks, protected gates that prevent access to open walls, and other measures, like motion-sensitive floodlights, can make a huge difference to how secure your home feels going forward.

Your Roofing Is Completed

Roofing work can take some time, especially work that requires extensive repair or replacement to deem this area safe. For this reason, make sure all repair and installation has been completed before you move back into a property, lest you may have to deal with leaks, falling tiles, and a range of other problems that may deem a property inhabitable. The property may be easily lived in, but poor insulation that needs replacing could mean in the midst of winter, it will be an uncomfortable experience. Consult with your contractors to make sure every room of the house is livable before you deign to do that, it could save you plenty of stress in the long term.

With this advice, we hope you can move into your home as appropriate, even after extensive renovative work.

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