Gearing Up Your Garden

If you’re looking out into your garden and thinking that you really should make a start on getting it cleared for the spring planting session, you’re not alone. But, honestly, it’s still pretty cold outside and you would much rather be looking through your favourite blogs and magazines for inspiration.

We take a look at some of the minimal garden maintenance duties you can carry out to make you feel better for doing at least something but that won’t keep you out in the cold and wind for too long.

Garden Furniture

If you were wise, you stored your garden furniture under cover during the cold months and all those tables and chairs need is a wipe down. However, if they’ve been sitting in the corner gathering leaves then now might be the time to start getting them ready for the warmer weather. Head out with a cloth and cleaning spray and give them a going over. Check them over for obvious signs of wear and tear and carry out any patch-up jobs that need doing. Once done, you can always re-cover and keep your fingers crossed that barbecue season isn’t too far away.


Rake through flowerbeds. The main job you’ll probably find yourself dealing with is fallen leaves so if using a leaf blower sounds like fun and will save you time in the long run, this might be a worthwhile investment in your garden preparation toolkit.

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Now is also the time to start turning over your soil and getting it ready for planting. You might also want to dig in some compost or other organic matter to help nourish it.

If you’re hoping to grow seeds that take a little longer to flourish then now is the time to get them in the ground. Make sure that you clear the soil of any pests and bugs that may have made themselves at home, before planting.

You might have shrubs that died down during the colder months, if you’re planning on moving them now is a great time to do so while they’re still dormant.

garden, plant pot, planting seedsImage from Pixabay


While it’s sunny and dry, give those garden tools a good clean ready for a busy season of planting. If you keep firewood outside, make sure it’s tidy and covered up to keep out the rain, as you should always use firewood with low moisture content.

You might also want to consider creating a small composting area now ready for the spring and have your own homemade site to put in grass cuttings, vegetable peel and old bits of wood.

The warmer weather is coming so make sure your green fingers and your garden are fully prepared for planting season. Give your outside area a thorough clean up and free beds from the mess of a long, cold winter. Get tools in shape and you’ll be ready to brave the elements with confidence.

With a little bit of hard work now, those long evenings spent with friends around a barbecue in your dream garden can be a reality.

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