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It has always been on my bucket list to travel to India. I’ve mentioned in previous travel posts how I love to look at the architecture of different countries and discover their history; finding out about the culture too. The main reason for visiting though, is to try authentic Indian food, right in the place where it originated from. Indian cuisine is one of my favourites and we eat an Indian dish at least once a week.

Top foods to try in India



Right at the top of my Indian food adventure would be to visit a traditional Indian spice market; my spice cupboard is packed full and I love the smells when I’m cooking it. So to be right in the throes and use my senses on all of the wonderful colours and scents, would be heavenly. Johari Bazaar is one of the top traditional markets in India, so I would begin my travel plans by searching for authentic Indian food.


Gajak is one of the local speciality foods of Jaipur. Not forgetting the sweet foods of India, gajak is made of sesame seeds (’til’) or peanuts. The sesame seeds (or peanuts) are cooked in a sugar syrup and set in thin layers. I could maybe even bring some back home with me as they keep for months!

Street food


A visit to India wouldn’t be complete without sampling some street food. The smaller dishes that you can eat with your hands – it’s all about getting messy with this one! Samosas would be right near the top of my list. Crispy pastry wrapped around heavily spiced potatoes, onions, peas, maybe some meat. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Other street food I’d love to try include roti and onion bhaji, served with a spicy sauce for dipping.



A visit to India wouldn’t be complete without a bit of curry tasting, would it? One of my favourite local Indian restaurants cooks a seriously tasty achari which is right up there as being one of my favourites. The sweet and spicy is a great flavour combination, and so I’d love to try it in authentic India. A paneer based curry would be on my list too! It wouldn’t be complete without the side dishes such as naan and chutneys.

Of course, all of this will remain purely on my bucket list for a good few years, so for now, I’ll have to stick with my slow cooker chicken curry.

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  1. Lovely Indian Food. Spicy and Tasty Food. i love it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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