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20 facts about me

Why do people like reading blogs? Admit it, one reason is because we are nosy, isn’t it? We like to delve into other people’s lives, find out what makes them tick. I don’t share as much of mine and my family’s lives as I used to before I changed blog direction, but I still have that little voice in my head that tells me to sometimes. That’s where posts like this come into it!

I was recently tagged by Rachel at Coffee, Cake, Kids to share 20 random facts about me. At first I thought, well I’m not sure if I can think of that many as I think I’m pretty boring, but let’s see!

20 facts about me

I once appeared on TV. Nothing major, just as a diner in the audience of Market Kitchen. Did anyone else watch that? I used to love it, and was gutted when it ended. I have the cookbook which was signed by Matthew Fort (as of Great British Menu) and Matt Tebbutt!

Market Kitchen signed cook book

Since I was a child I’ve had 8 piercings, but I have none now. They just don’t agree with me as they never seem to heal properly. Only five of them were in my ears, so I’ll leave you to guess the other three 😉

Even when I was at primary school I didn’t want to be a princess or anything like that; nope, I wanted to be a lawyer! What did you want to be?

I once had the chance to appear on The Chase quiz show. I was invited to an audition but it was three weeks before my due date with Jacob so I didn’t end up going!

My first ever driving lesson was at 18 years old, but I only passed my test when I was 30. I hadn’t been learning the whole time; I had a few lessons when I was 18 and then for one reason or another didn’t start again until I was 29.

I’ve met Dr Karl from Neighbours! He played in his band at the SU bar when I was at Uni.

Dr Karl

I will eat almost any food, other than olives or celery.

I met The Husband when I was 18, we were engaged a couple of months later, and we married when I was 21. We celebrate 9 years this year!

Wedding day

It seems that I like wanting to appear on TV; I applied for Great British Bake Off a couple of years ago but never heard anything back. I’ll just continue with the Great Bloggers Bake Off instead!

The village I live in only has one public building – a pub! That’s all we need though, right?

I have a weird crush on Gordon Ramsay.


Until I moved to the countryside I hated gardening, but now I love having green fingers.

I have a bit of a candle obsession. I own more than I can use and I’m one of those people that goes around shops sniffing them.

I’m a bit of a bookaholic and since getting involved in the indie author scene and starting a book blog I’ve been attending signings and collecting signed books. I have a special book case for them!

Book case 1
Book case 2

Another famous person I have met is Jodi Ellen Malpas! (Refer to #14)

Jodi Ellen Malpas

My first ever job (other than a paper round) was a Saturday girl in a supermarket staff canteen.

If you asked me to tell you the proper definition of theft, I could tell you without thinking about it. My A Level Law tutor used to go around the class every lesson asking us to repeat it and 12 years later I still remember it!

One of my guilty TV pleasures is the Next Top Model series. I have no interest in being a model (I mean, me, really?) and I’m not a major fashion type person, but I love the bitchiness and cat fights that happen!

I have a shark phobia – the official name, selachophobia. This stems from a dream I had when I was young that I got eaten by a shark! I can’t even look at them in sea life centres without practically having a panic attack.

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Until Jacob started school, I used to iron probably once a year as I hated it. I find it quite relaxing now! I know, I’m weird.

I’d love you to share a random fact about yourself!

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