Keeping my Focus in check

Keeping my Focus in check

It’s the time of the year where I’ve had to renew my car insurance and road tax for the first time, which means it’s just over a year since I purchased my first car. Though I don’t think I revealed her name so drumroll please…. Frances the Focus – Fanny for short! Since I passed my driving test in October we’ve been on a lot of journeys; the freedom has been amazing and I really do wish I’d done it sooner. Although The Husband has driven longer distances when we’ve been on mini road trips as I’m not that brave yet! I should get around to it really… In a couple of months though, Fanny will be going on her first longer journey when we go on our annual family holiday to Norfolk.

I think that any car owner should know that regular at home car maintenance is important; in fact I have a page in my planner dedicated to it. Although I don’t particularly like getting my hands dirty, regular under bonnet checks are undertaken to keep Fanny running smoothly; washer jet fluid, engine coolant, and of course oil. This one especially, due to an unfortunate previous incident with one of The Husband’s cars, but that’s a whole other story…

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As I mentioned above, we are going on our annual family holiday at the end of August so we need to make sure the car is running smoothly; I don’t really fancy having a breakdown halfway there! As well as engine checks, things like tyre treads, brakes, clutch, and seat belts are super important to check. Never mind the car breaking down; some of these things are illegal, like not having a working seat belt or your tyres being below the minimum tread depth.

Of course, a regular service and yearly MOT test check these for you. This way you know if anything does need repairing to keep your car in good working order. If you book an MOT with Ossett Tyre House they can also carry out any work for you.

Does your car get serviced regularly?

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