Project 365 – Week 5 (days 26 – 32)

January 26th / Day 26
Little man is a bit obsessed with cats, so whenever he sees a cat in the courtyard he jumps straight on the sofa and just watches them until they disappear (whilst shouting ‘cat’ and pointing at it!).
January 27th / Day 27
I was in a baking mood today and wanted to try a new recipe from my many books, so I made this chocolate & coffee loaf from the Hummingbird Bakery book – ’tis very yummy.

January 28th / Day 28
My Snoozle arrived today – I’m hoping it will help me turn over in bed instead of moving like a whale, and that I can get a much better nights sleep!

January 29th / Day 29
This isn’t a very good quality pic, but i had to take it before he moved. Little man having a chill out on his beanbag chair after a busy day at nursery!

January 30th / Day 30
Tonight’s dinner was one of little man’s favourites – cheesy pasta with tuna & sweetcorn. He loves it so much he wolfed down two plates before hubby & I had even finished ours!

January 31st / Day 31
I didn’t get chance to take a photo of anything else today so this is a quick selfie before little man went to bed!

February 1st / Day 32
I was recommended this book a while back but have only just gotten around to ordering a copy – it arrived today and I’m looking forward to reading it with little man over the next few weeks (I’ve already had a quick read myself!).

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Project 365 – Week 4 (days 19-25)

January 19th / Day 19
We got the potty out today. He knows what a wee & poo is, and tells me (sometimes) when he’s done a poo. I think we have some time to go yet but it’s a start!

January 20th / Day 20
I was in baking mode today as I had cupcakes to make to take to our friends tomorrow.

January 21st / Day 21
Little man fancied reading his book upside down whilst I was changing his nappy, as you do…

January 22nd / Day 22
In a bid to get little man to stay in his own bed all night, we bought him a duvet & pillow so it feels a bit more like ours. This is the 2nd day he’s still been in his own bed in the morning.

January 23rd / Day 23
I love taking photos of little man sleeping! He was asleep on my lap so I had to get a photo of his eyelashes, I just love them.

January 24th / Day 24
I had to have a food shot in here. Tonight’s dinner was chicken stuffed with cheese & wrapped in bacon, with homemade jacket wedges and sweetcorn.

January 25th / Day 25
Little man was feeling a bit under the weather this morning so we had snuggles on the sofa, reading stories.

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Project 365 – Week 3 (days 12-18)

January 12th / Day 12
Little man absolutely loves Talking Tom! This is a daily occurrence of having fun with him.

January 13th / Day 13
Mummy was turned into a pencil crayon holder today.

January 14th / Day 14
This box is usually packed full of Mega Bloks. Today we had a special delivery!

January 15th / Day 15
Today was one of those ‘I can’t be bothered to cook’ days. So pizza it was. (Well I did put it into the oven…).

January 16th / Day 16
Even though little man holds his fork and can eat perfectly well with it, he still decides to use his hands for the most messy of meals!

January 17th / Day 17
Polishing off the last of this box of my Christmas chocolates… (I still have another huge box!).

January 18th / Day 18
Today was a wet, cold & miserable day so a warming chilli was on the menu.

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Project 365 – Week 2 (days 5-11)

January 5th / Day 5
Little man decided to use his drum for band practice today.

January 6th / Day 6
Today little man decided he wanted every single toy out from his living room toy box. So this was my view… I’m glad Daddy tidies the toys away these days!

January 7th / Day 7
Little man has started coming down with a cough and has been a little grumpy, but he still manages to give a smile for one of his favourite activities – selfies!

January 8th – Day 8
Little man was having a go at his puzzles today. He likes making the animal sounds!

January 9th / Day 9
Little man loves helping me clean, but today he decided was a good day to clean his own kitchen.

January 10th / Day 10
Little man decided to go on a horsey ride today. (Though he rocks that hard I’m afraid one day soon he’s going to go head first over the front!).

January 11th / Day 11
A missing Christmas present was returned to its rightful owner today – me! I’ve already been mean and broken his neck and chomped his head…

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Project 365 – Week 1 (days 1-4)

Last year I failed miserably at Project 365. I think I managed January, and a little of February. I was using prompts from another blogger so found it a little difficult some days, or I didn’t check it until it was too late in the day so had nothing related to the prompt! So I have decided this year that it will just be random photos, as I take lots of those anyway. I will succeed this year! 

I will be posting my round up of photos on a Saturday and joining up with TheBoyAndMe‘s linky.

Here are my first selection of photos for this year.

January 1st / Day 1
I always make a cooked dinner on New Year’s Day (a bit like our 3rd Christmas really) and I always make a trifle for dessert. This year’s delicious effort (if I do say so myself…)!

January 2nd / Day 2
We bought little man a play kitchen for Christmas, but instead he decided that the floor was a much better place to ‘prepare’ his rice cake. 
January 3rd / Day 3
Someone online had mentioned Creme Eggs being in the shops already so of course I fancied one. I messaged hubby and he brought me some home! My first Creme Egg of the year.
January 4th / Day 4
Another Christmas present of little man’s. He used to build his towers on the floor but it’s obviously much easier now… Pure concentration from him here! (But then mean Daddy came home from work and knocked it down).
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