24 Advent Activity Ideas For Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers

The 1st of December is upon us, which means the Christmas countdown has officially begun! The boys have chocolate advent calendars from relatives, and you may remember we received this wooden advent calendar from Hobbycraft to review last year. I was a bit last minute with it then, but this time I have compiled a list of activities which I have put inside so we will have some Christmas fun-filled days in the lead up to the big day – some of them may even involve Buddy the Elf again 😉
I’ve been scouring the web for activities and here are the ones I have decided we are going to be doing – the boys still have such short attention spans that most of them are quite simple and easy, yet lots of fun!
Make Christmas cards
North Pole breakfast
Delivery of letters from Santa
Christmas colouring pages
Drive around looking at Christmas lights
Christmas jumper day
Attend a Christmas party
Watch a Christmas movie with popcorn
Choose Christmas books from library
Help decorate the Christmas tree

Our Easter plans – family, chocolate, and crafts!

Before we had children, hubby & I didn’t really celebrate Easter or do anything for it – apart from buy each other lots of chocolate and stuff ourselves silly with it! When J arrived into the world, he was only a few weeks old when his first Easter came around so yet again we didn’t really ‘celebrate’. It was only last year that I decided to make our own celebration of it and I prepared him an Easter basket; N had arrived in the world a few weeks before too so we had to dress him as a bunny, of course…

This year we have more plans – though N is still at that age where he’d much rather just destroy everything but J will be getting a lot more involved. During this week leading up to the Easter weekend I have planned a few crafty activities. When we were shopping recently J picked up an Easter bonnet – I wasn’t planning on making one this year but he has gotten really into his crafts lately so I thought why not? We have already a made a start, though J has a short attention span so I’m not sure how long it will take us! He also loves helping me in the kitchen so we’re going to make some cereal/chocolate/egg Easter nests, which should be good messy fun – and tasty too! I’m also going to prepare an Easter basket like I did last year, but the two of them can share it (in theory anyway…) as I’m sure N won’t take much of an interest anyway.

We have family plans this year too. We will be staying with my mum for one night over the weekend as she had planned to do an Easter hunt for the boys; weather dependent of course though judging by the weather in the last couple of days I’m not sure about that one! I’m certain the boys will still have lots of fun at Nanna’s though, and we always get a yummy meal. On Easter Sunday we will be going to my brother-in-law’s for tea too, which means not a lot of cooking at all for us me over the Easter weekend!

It would be great if my mum-in-law could be here to see the boys having fun over Easter too then it would be a complete family affair – though if you recall my post about an experience J had around the anniversary of her death last year, she just might be here watching them anyway. I’d love to be able to talk to her one last time and may even consider a psychic reading from TheCircle in the future. Grandma would spoil the boys rotten with chocolate over Easter even if we told her not to!

I’ll be back next week with lots of photos of our Easter adventures – I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Have you any plans for Easter? 
Have you ever had a psychic reading?

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Snow day

At the beginning of the week we were lucky (though some might say not so) to have had snow in our part of the country, which after disappearing on the first day, settled on the second! It was both boy’s first ‘proper’ snowfall, though I wish N was walking already so he could have experienced it that way too.

We were venturing out on Tuesday to Fit Tots (every week there is soft play, a sensory activity, and healthy snack time). The sensory activity this week was playing with ice & snow to tie in with the weather. J spent ages playing with it, he absolutely loved it. Before we all left we had five minutes of fake snow, it was wonderful seeing the children get so hyped up about it!

Then he decided he wanted to walk home in the snow as he was really excited – he didn’t get far before he jumped in the pushchair though, then a minute later he got back out again! When we got home we I made a little snowman but I never managed to get a photo of it before we went inside because N was tired and then it melted before I got around to it.

I love the snow, as long as it only lasts a few days!

What about you? Love it or hate it?

Christmas magic, dinosaurs, and playground fun

On Monday we visited Brigg Garden Centre as they now have their huge Christmas shop open and it was a tradition we had to visit with my mother-in-law before she passed away. I wanted to take J & N to see all the Christmas pretties (okay, maybe it was me who wanted to see them) and they have recently had a new play area built so we though we could make a little afternoon of it and J could have a play after we’d had a (long) wander around.

They usually have some kind of magical display in their Christmas Land and I couldn’t wait to see what it was this year. It really was magical this year…

I think we must have spent about an hour just looking around the Christmas stuff, I just have to look at everything and wish I could buy the whole shop! I found an amazingly beautiful tree if anyone can spare £999 to buy me it? No? Never mind…

Once we’d finished there, we had a quick look around the main shop then went outside as they have a polar bear band which is fantastic; we also got our photos taken with a polar bear! (Though husband is rubbish at photos so he chopped his head off!). You can also visit Santa (but we’re waiting until December for that) and they have a train ride, but J wouldn’t have wanted to stay on it so we didn’t bother.


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We had some fun with the magic mirrors… (I want that skinny one at home – I can be slim every day then!)

We also met some dinosaurs living among the plants… I thought J would be terrified but no, he wanted to stroke them!

We then nipped outside to the new play area which I knew J would love as he loves being outside and it’s very difficult to drag him away from a play area! We told him he could have a ‘special juice’ (Fruit Shoot – I know, I know) which did the trick though! Best of all, it’s all free (except Santa and the train ride). We’ll definitely be back more in the summer though it will be mega busy then – I usually just visit for Christmas Land!

Stockeld Park – The Summer Adventure

I’ve mentioned a couple of times previously that we very rarely plan days out as we never know when hubby’s day off is going to be, so any time we get the chance to do something fun, I’m very eager. We were recently invited to Stockeld Park for the VIP preview of their Summer Adventure opening, and I couldn’t wait to take my boys! After watching the preview video on their website, I was so excited. Read more