Messy drawing fun

A few months ago we received this set of fabric crayons and a bag in a giveaway.

I’ve been meaning to get it out for ages for little man to have a draw on, but only just got around to it today, after purchasing a tuff tray which I saw over on Ruby + Lottie and their messy play activities! 

He’s only 15 months, so not really into drawing much at the minute, but I thought we could build it up over a while. I set him down in the room and a smile lit up on his face when he saw something new to play on, bless him! I obviously had to show him what to do, as he’s never used crayons before, but at first he was more interested in knocking on the tray as it was a new sound:

And then he decided to draw on himself and his nappy!:

He finally got around to attempting to draw on the bag:

I had to show him what to do with them other than eating them… I might have also added a couple of bits to the bag:

And this is little man’s final masterpiece for today:

I don’t think it’s bad for a first timer! 

Review – Day out: Birmingham Nature Centre

On Saturday we visited Birmingham Nature Centre (previously known as Birmingham Zoo). The Centre houses a wide assortment of animals from around the world including lemurs, meerkats, porcupines, goats, spiders, snakes, cranes, and many many more! We visited along with a few of my online friends and their families as part of a ‘big meet’ of the forum we use. 

The Centre is very easy to find, directly off the main road with signposts and the entrance located on the main road too. There is a large car park, although I didn’t realise the Centre is very near to Edgbaston cricket ground, and that on the day we visited, there was a huge match happening. This led to a huge queue of traffic to even get the Centre, and then a sign saying £15 for parking, when on the website it says free! No way were we paying that, but we found out afterwards that we could have been directed to separate part of the car park, even though we did tell them that we were just visiting the Nature Centre. In the end we found somewhere to park just up the road, outside the entrance to a construction site – luckily they weren’t working that day. 

The entry fee is £5 for adults, £2.50 for children aged 5-16 years, and free for under 5’s. It was a fairly reasonable price for what there is, and there are also many of these dotted about for the children (and adults!) to have their photo taken in:

We all stopped and had a picnic at lunch time; this gave us opportunity to chat, take a huge group photo, and for the more mobile children to run away! The picnic area is nice, with a few picnic tables and a grassy area – though I think our group took up most of the area! There is also a cafe if you wish to buy something there, but we didn’t use it so don’t know of the range of prices. 

Many of the animals were very active and visible, but some were sleeping, though anywhere you go, you can’t expect them all to be full of beans for visitors! Unfortunately we didn’t see all the animals that the Centre had to offer as we had to dash off a bit early, but we may go back another day if we are ever down that way again. 


I paid for this myself and wasn’t asked to write this review, I just wanted to share our experience! All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Review – Ballpool Heaven Scunthorpe

A couple of weeks ago I came across a new business in my hometown, Ballpool Heaven Scunthorpe , and it looked so much fun! (Not sure who for though, me or the little man…) We couldn’t make the session advertised at the time, but when I saw there was another one today I jumped at the chance, anything fun to get us out of the house! It’s only £2 a session too, which is great as there is a lot of equipment, and you get a raffle ticket thrown in. Also the session is for age 3 & under only, to avoid other older children potentially being too rough.

We arrived at 9am, right on time, and there was only one other person there for now. We took our shoes off and I put little man down, he was quite wary at first, I think it was just because it was all something new to him! I put him in one of the ball pools though and he soon started getting accustomed, as we have a ball pool at home. He has a very short attention span most of the time though so he was soon out of there finding what else he could do. He discovered tunnels, tents, rockers, whirlees, and another 2 ball pools! Also provided was some soft play equipment including blocks, which he found great fun in banging (he loves to bang everything). He even seemed to make a girly friend! 

He did get a bit stroppy after a while, because I was trying to stop him doing things he shouldn’t, like climbing on chairs, stealing other people’s drinks and shoes… He was also getting tired as he’d been up since 7am and as we know, playing gets tiring! 

All in all we had great fun, and will definitely be going back for another session.

Ballpool Heaven also hire out their equipment for parties & functions, prices range from £60 – £160. 

I paid for this myself and wasn’t asked to write this review, I just wanted to share our experience! All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Messy play – jelly!

At the moment all of our days blend into one, and little man soon gets bored doing the same thing over and over. So I thought it was time for some messy play! We (hubby & I) were going to make jelly worms, but we tried for 3/4 of an hour and just couldn’t get it right, so we just put jelly into different shaped receptacles in the end! 

Let’s get set!

Testing the water jelly!

We don’t have anywhere/anything really for him to do messy play, so we just bought a cheap as chips shower curtain, and it seemed to do the job! I also had a towel to hand for a quick clean up! 

He was a bit wary of the jelly at first, as he’s never had it before, and obviously it’s a new texture.  He just kept poking it really quickly, then I had to get in there and show him it was ok to touch it,  he really got stuck in then, and experienced its taste for the first time too! We have some left over, so I’m going to let hubby loose with him tomorrow too, he’s a big kid at heart! 

Is it okay, Mummy?
Getting stuck in! 

Fun in the park

The week before last we took little man to the park. We walk past it every time we go to & from baby clinic/stay & play, but have never stopped before, but now he is obviously more alert & aware, we thought we would pop in and see what he thought to it. It is a fairly new park, with a variety for younger and older children. Obviously he is limited at the minute to what he can play on, but we managed the baby swings, the bouncy fire engine, the slide, a see saw type thing,  and a thing that spins round (I don’t know the proper name!).

He absolutely loves the swings! He had a huge grin, and he giggles as you push him, it’s just so cute to watch, and I actually got a bit emotional as this is one of the things you long to do as a family! I have vowed to take him at least once a week.When he gets his birthday present (a smart trike) he can go on that as it’s only a 5 minute walk. As he loved the baby swing, the second time we put him on a larger round swing which swings round in circles and he was holding on, and I’m sure he wanted to go faster – I think he’s going to be a bit of a thrill seeker!