The DOT Digital Oven Thermometer | Review


We are definitely meat lovers in our house; don’t get me wrong, we do eat the odd veggie meal, but the majority of our meals involve cooking meat. I find my oven can be a bit temperamental with its temperature, and cooking times tend to vary so I can never depend on that alone to ensure meat is cooked. Obviously this is very important with meat such as poultry, and unless it is cut into like I used to do, then it’s hard to tell if it is properly cooked. That was, until I was introduced to The DOT Digital Oven Thermometer.

The DOT Digital Oven Thermometer is an easy to use cooking thermometer that displays both the current temperature and audible alarm. Simply set the desired temperature using the buttons, insert the probe into your food, the DOT will beep, and the display will flash when the temperature is reached.

The DOT review

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Review – Ozeri Fresko Duo salt & pepper mill

Now I know I shouldn’t really, and that it is really bad for me, but I’m a huge salt lover. You can’t beat some salt & vinegar on a plate of chips but another thing I really love is salt & pepper on chips. There’s also just something about sea salt that makes it extra tasty, and peppercorns I also prefer to ground pepper. I’ve always had separate salt & pepper mills but I was recently offered the chance to try this Fresko Duo Salt & Pepper Mill & Grinder from Ozeri which:

  • is made of the highest quality stainless steel
  • features powerful ceramic gears for effortless grinding
  • has a space-saving design that combines salt & pepper chambers in one grinder
  • includes adjustable knobs for grain adjustment from fine to coarse
  • transparent container reveals grinding action and makes monitoring spice level easy.
I like the design of this mill because it is just plain metallic so will go with pretty much any decor; you can tell just by looking at it – and also by touch – that it is high quality material as it is quite heavy. That’s okay though as it hopefully means it won’t break easily like a much cheaper one would.
Where we live we are pretty limited for space so instead of having two mills lying around it means I just have this one which now sits on top of my microwave (told you, limited for space!). It is also easier to take to the dinner table and saves space there too. Obviously as it is two-in-one, the chambers are probably half as small as a single one, but it’s mainly only me that uses it anyway so that doesn’t really matter in our family as this would last me a while before having to refill it.
The adjustment feature is great as you can have it as fine as ground salt & pepper, or coarser for more of a crunch. The adjustment knobs also have arrows and a small and large circle so you know which way to go and not have to hit & miss. The ends of the mill are capped too (which slip off easily) so it means when not in use you don’t get salt & pepper all over the place – I hate that! To refill it all you need to do is pull the relevant chamber from the mill, but make sure the chamber you are filling is facing down so it doesn’t spill all over the place!
Overall I’ve found this mill to be much better than separate ones and it has now replaced the ones I used before. It is currently on sale at £9.95 (RRP of £29.99). As good as it is, I wouldn’t pay the full price for it but I think at this price it is a good buy if it’s something you will use regularly as it will last and last.
My rating – 4/5
I received this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.