We are definitely meat lovers in our house; don’t get me wrong, we do eat the odd veggie meal, but the majority of our meals involve cooking meat. I find my oven can be a bit temperamental with its temperature, and cooking times tend to vary so I can never depend on that alone to ensure meat is cooked. Obviously this is very important with meat such as poultry, and unless it is cut into like I used to do, then it’s hard to tell if it is properly cooked. That was, until I was introduced to The DOT Digital Oven Thermometer.

The DOT Digital Oven Thermometer is an easy to use cooking thermometer that displays both the current temperature and audible alarm. Simply set the desired temperature using the buttons, insert the probe into your food, the DOT will beep, and the display will flash when the temperature is reached.

The DOT review

It literally is as easy as that! The DOT has a large display, displaying both the required temperature and the current temperature once inserted into whatever food you are cooking. If the food has reached the required temperature then the DOT plays a loud beep, which is useful for me with two wild children running around, so it would be great in a busy professional kitchen!

The DOT has a useful stand so you can set it on your worktop, or a heavy magnet so it will stay put on a magnetic surface. This feature would be useful in professional kitchens, though when mine has not been in use it has been stored in a drawer. The DOT has quite a long cable between the device casing itself and the probe so this is also useful in professional kitchens if stored in just once place. The probe itself is very sharp (I discovered that when I forgot it was in the drawer – ouch!) so although I rarely cook, for example, pork with crackling, I think it would easily pierce through that to get to the middle.

The DOT review

I have tested the thermometer on a variety of food, including steak, burgers, meat pies, seafood and even vegetables. It is that versatile it can even be used for checking the temperature of homemade bread! The DOT has quickly become one of my favourite kitchen gadgets; it is much better and more accurate than a simple thermometer that you can buy from the supermarket. Yes, it is quite a bit more expensive, but I can’t fault it and it is definitely worth the investment.

The DOT review

RRP – £24

I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.


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