Joie Trillo car seat, from Kiddies Kingdom | Review

Joie Trillo car seat from Kiddies Kingdom

Noah has recently grown out of his previous car seat and it was beginning to look a little worse for wear. So The Husband & I had discussed purchasing a new one. Previously, N has received Jacob’s “hand me downs”. But even though J is only a foot shorter than me at 6.5 years old, he’s still in need of a booster seat for a little longer so he still requires his most recent one. At just the right time, Kiddies Kingdom offered me a seat to review from their website. 

After much deliberation – and me being picky on some aspects and indecisive on others – I decided on the Joie Trillo Group 2/3 Car Seat in Salsa.

An easy rider designed and engineered to give your little one a friendly boost from four years on.  This deluxe seat features the finest in safety, style and comfort. Enhanced safety features keep little riders fully protected while out on the town. Sleek and modern design is also loaded with comfort enhancing upgrades. 100% manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory – custom tested at our in-house, government-certified, advanced technology crash test facility to ensure precision engineering.

Joie Trillo – My thoughts

The car seat arrived already put together, which meant all I had to do was fit it in the car. It’s always a bonus when I don’t have to build something up! The only issue I found with fitting, was that it doesn’t sit right in the seat “indent” so when I’m strapping him in, I have to pull the seat over a little and then put it back. But that is probably just the way my car seats are designed as it does seem to fit better in The Husband’s. (For reference, I have a Ford Focus and Husband has a Ford Mondeo, so his is larger).

Joie Trillo head rest down

Some of the main reasons I went for this seat were the features of full side impact protection, the fact it has an adjustable head rest to move up & down, and the cup holders in the side. N always used to use J’s, so this is a really handy feature. The seat belt guides on either side are also a great feature as it means the seat belt stays in place. Both boys have used this and find it comfortable; they both fit well too.

Joie Trillo seat belt

At one point I said there was no eating in my car, but well; it is often used as a bribe! So their seats do get dirty quite quickly and I have to wash them regularly. The seat cover was a little difficult to get off, but The Husband managed it in the end. I washed the covers on a 30° and they came up practically like new, so that’s pleasing. They were easier to get back on than they were to get off.

Joie Trillo cup holder

Overall, the Joie Trillo from Kiddies Kingdom is a great value Group 2/3 seat with all the features we required, that seems like it will last until N has outgrown it.

Joie Trillo N in seat

Age – 15-36 kg/approx 4-12 years
RRP – £50

Our rating – 4.5/5

I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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