Our favourite five – October | Birthdays, driving, and a mini road trip

Our favourite five - October

Once again I’m a bit late with this update. I haven’t been feeling great; I’ve been feeling pretty low actually. And also, my laptop has decided it doesn’t want to work with me any more. Well, the hard drive has, anyway. So I’m writing this on a PC, which I haven’t actually used one of for ages, so it’s a bit weird. I can see more of the screen as my laptop is widescreen and this monitor isn’t, and the keyboard keys are smaller so I’m making even more typos than usual; good job I actually check for them before I publish! Anyway…

October was quite an eventful month as it was my 30th birthday (though we didn’t have anything planned really) and I also had my second driving test – eek. As well as the end of the month being Halloween of course, and the annual village Halloween party to look forward to.

So what were our favourite five for October?

My 30th birthday

As I said above, it was my birthday – being the big 3-0! I wasn’t dreading it as such, I just feel like it’s old. (Sorry). And I still feel like a youngster inside my head. Not so much in body these days though. I didn’t have any plans as The Husband had no holidays left so we couldn’t even go away anywhere. We went for a KFC on my actual birthday (living the high life, I know!). And then at the weekend we went to Frankie & Benny’s which was nice actually as I haven’t been for ages. I was quite spoiled present wise though.

Birthday presents

My driving test

As I also mentioned above, I had my second driving test. The most nerve-wracking thing though, was that it was on my birthday. It was the earliest date I could get after failing my last one back in August! So it could have turned out to be a really rubbish birthday, or a really amazing one. In fact, it did turn out to be a pretty great birthday – I passed!

Driving test pass certificate

A mini road trip

October was obviously the first half term of the new school year, and though we couldn’t go away on holiday as such as The Husband had no holidays left, we decided to go on a mini overnight road trip instead as Jacob had been asking to stay in a hotel again for ages. So we decided to head across the motorway and stay in a Premier Inn, and then we went to Eureka! children’s museum the day after. The boys loved it, and others may not think so, but I thought Beastie was so cute!

Eureka Beastie

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Eureka exploring the nose

Fitting into a new dress size

When I started my Slimming World journey back in January 2015, I was a size 18 – almost a 20 again, like I had been a few years previous. I’ve kept my “fat” jeans the whole time though, and I often try them on just to see how far I have come. I was in need of some new jeans (or jeggings – so comfy!) and I usually go for a 10 or 12 these days, but of the pair I had my eye on, they only had an 8 in stock; so I thought I would just try them on anyway. Lo and behold – they fit! I couldn’t believe it. I haven’t fitted in that clothes size for 12 years!


It was the annual village Halloween party held by our neighbours, and I was looking forward to us all dressing up. Last year we went as zombie minions (The Husband was Gru!)  but we weren’t quite so adventurous this year; I wasn’t really feeling up to it in all honesty. So this year The Husband went as a Jedi, Jacob went as Yoda, Noah went as Frankenstein, and I was aiming for vampy witch… We only stayed for a couple of hours as we had the boys and Noah was extremely tired – he fell asleep getting his pyjamas on!

Halloween fancy dress

What did you enjoy during October?

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