Five men’s shoe styles for summer

men's shoes

Never mind the children, but if your husband or partner is anything like mine, then they go through shoes like nobody’s business! I think the main reason for this though, is that he always buys cheap shoes and as he has problems with the arch of his foot, he wears through them really quickly so doesn’t like to buy really expensive ones although I guess they would last longer if they were better quality.

There is so much choice of men’s shoes on the MandM Direct website and with being discounted, they are still a similar price to what he would usually pay but they look much better quality! Though he usually goes for comfort over style, he always asks for my opinion on his purchases but I have bought him shoes previously that I have chosen myself, and luckily he liked them.  Read more

Review – Tiger Prints childrens t-shirt

Tiger Prints review

As an adult, I don’t really like to wear clothes that make me stand out too much, so I guess I dress my boys in them instead – I love to see colour on children, they are born for it! I’m always on the lookout for brightly coloured t-shirts for the boys to jazz up jeans or shorts, and I love a funky print too. So when Tiger Prints offered us a choice of t-shirt to review from their website, I was eager to find something that Jacob would love.  Read more