November Degustabox review

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I say it every month, but I was really looking forward to receiving the November Degustabox, as the closer it gets to Christmas, the more likely to be some lovely Christmassy treats in there! There was a good mix of sweet and savoury in this one, with quite a few brands that were new to me.

  • Enjoy 10 to 15 surprise products, many are completely new to the market!
  • Receive your Degustabox every month filled with goodies.
  • All for much less than you would pay in the shops!

So what was inside the November Degustabox?

November Degustabox contents

The English Provender Co.’s Caramelised Red Onion Chutney

I was super excited to see this inside the box as I’ve actually bought this myself previously. It tasted just as good as I remember; deliciously sweet and not too tangy, with lovely chunks of red onion. Perfect with a toasted cheese & ham sandwich, or cheese & crackers.

Taylors of Harrogate Cacao Superior Colombia

It’s very rare that we actually drink filter coffee, though we do actually own a cafetiere so I was able to try this one straight away. The packaging said it would be like biting into a chocolate caramel, with malt, floral, apple & blackcurrant flavours. It did actually taste chocolaty with hints of fruit; nicer than I was expecting!

ALO Cucumber & Cantaloupe

I have tried ALO drinks previously and I have to say I’m not really keen. The flavours are nice, it’s just the texture that puts me off. I can’t quite stomach it! I hadn’t tried this particular flavour before so I took the measure of sieving out the lumps of aloe vera gel and drinking the rest… Cantaloupe was the more prominent flavour in this, but with the cucumber too it’s refreshing.

ALO cucumber & cantaloupe

Planters Fruity Chocolate Crunch

The packaging on this nut mix looks really fun so I was looking forward to tucking in. The mix contains peanuts, cranberries, and milk chocolate buttons. It’s very crunchy and creamy with every bite, and the cranberries give it that tang factor.

Planters fruity chocolate crunch

The Jelly Bean Factory Super Sour’s

We’re all fans of jelly beans in our house, but being sour I wasn’t sure if the boys would like these. But like them they did. They weren’t overly sour but were fun flavours!

Ryvita Multigrain Rye Cakes

The boys have a rice cake as a bedtime snack every evening, so these were put aside for that use. They weren’t so keen on these on their own though; they had a teaspoon of honey on them which they preferred. I have to say I agreed with them; I wasn’t too keen to eat them as they came from the packet either.

PROPERCORN Perfectly Sweet Popcorn

I made sure to keep this one for myself! I’ve had PROPERCORN before so I knew this would be tasty. It was very light and not overly sweet. A lovely treat.

Dalston’s Fizzy Apple

I guess I was expecting this to be like a fizzy apple juice. Made from Jonagold, Idared, and Bramley apples (the only type I’ve heard of from these varieties) it’s a premium soda blend. It tasted really good and especially refreshing straight from the fridge.

Weetabix Additions Apple & Raisin

We’ve tried the coconut & raisin variety of these Weetabix previously and really enjoyed them, so I was looking forward to trying these. Noah loves his Weetabix so he ate most of them, but I managed to have a couple of bowls and enjoyed them. They were a little sweet for me, but still tasty.

Cadbury Picnic Bites

The Husband & I claimed these before the boys had a look in, ahem. They are just miniature versions of a Picnic bar really; perfect for sharing! But they were gone before we knew it…

Cadbury Picnic bites

Filipo Berrio Fennel & Garlic Crostini

I wasn’t too sure about the sound of these due to the fennel, but I was pleasantly surprised. Bitesize enough for nibbling on, and a hit of spicy fennel with each mouthful. The Husband actually ate more of these than I did.

Filipo Berrio Classic Pesto

We don’t eat a lot of pesto as I find some can be a bit too bitter for me; but this was really tasty just simply mixed into pasta and strips of chicken. I didn’t find it bitter at all, in fact it tasted quite creamy.

You can get a whopping £7 off your box by using the code KO8PW!

RRP – £12.99

My rating – 4/5

I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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  1. Cool subscription box, great variety of products, different and tasty.
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