Meccano Ferrari Formula 1 vehicle | Review

Meccano Ferrari Formula 1 vehicle

Meccano – such a classic toy, isn’t it? It’s been around for so many years and is constantly evolving. I’ve never had any myself; it’s not really something I’ve ever been into, if I’m honest. But the boys, especially Jacob, are beginning to notice it more. As for The Husband, he’s had his fair share of it in his lifetime! With the boys being fans of cars and The Husband having a soft spot for Formula 1, this gave him the opportunity to revisit his Meccano building days and introduce the boys to it!

Construct one of the most iconic Italian racing cars to ever tear up the track! This model car kit gives young builders real tools to piece together metal nuts and bolts, creating an authentic Ferrari Grand Prix Racer!

Our thoughts

This Meccano Ferrari Formula 1 set comes with everything needed to build it – including 325 parts, 2 real tools, a sticker sheet and the instruction sheet. The construction time is stated as 1-3 hours.

Meccano Ferrari Formula 1 vehicle parts

Although they were all excited to start on building it, I think they were a little overwhelmed at the amount of pieces when they opened the box! In all honesty, looking at it myself and having never made a Meccano model before, I think it would have tested my patience. The boys didn’t last helping with the whole thing either. I was keen to see it built up though.

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The Husband made a good start on it even though he kept getting a bit confused by the visual instructions. I could tell he was getting a bit frustrated at how fiddly it was too. There may have been some expletives, out of the boys earshot of course! Saying that, the recommended age is 10+ so it’s made for smaller hands, rather than 38 year old ones. It also took one or two hours longer to build than the recommended time.

Meccano Ferrari Formula 1 vehicle building

Once it was completed and the stickers were put on we were all impressed at how much it does actually look like a Ferrari Formula 1 car. The fact that it has pose-able steering is a pretty cool addition too.

Meccano Ferrari Formula 1 vehicle front view

Meccano Ferrari Formula 1 vehicle poseable wheels

Our rating – 4/5

We were sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & our own.

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