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Decluttering is a popular and self-imposed hobby that many homeowners have to face (often reluctantly) every now and then. Post-Christmas is a great time for decluttering the house, for instance, as your decor is likely to be hidden from sight by piles of wrapping papers, discarded chocolate boxes, and unwanted gifts. Decluttering like a pro needs some preparation. You want to keep your time involvement to approximately 5-minute slots so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Being ruthless with the stuff that lies around is another important lesson. If there’s no room or purpose for it, just bag it up, and off it goes (to donation, on eBay, or directly into the bin). 

Yet, the problem with decluttering is that it doesn’t stop clutter from finding a way back into your home. Decluttering is only the first step. But if you’re going to keep your home clean and tidy, you need to remove clutter opportunities. Where’s the first room where clutter can accumulate dangerously? Bedroom? Kitchen? Living room? Wrong, wrong, and wrong. The most clutter-prone room in your home is the bathroom because it takes only a few days for clutter to have unhygienic consequences. Indeed, something as benign as leaving wet towels piled up on a hook is enough to create a favourable terrain for bacterial and fungal growth. SO here’s how to finally create a clutter-free bathroom you can love: 

bathroom sink area with blue accessories in front a mirror; Clever Ideas To Create A Clutter-Free Bathroom AreaUnsplash – CC0 Licence

Add more towel hangers

How many towels does one person need in the bathroom? You may be thinking one towel is enough. But in reality, everyone needs to use 3 to 4 different towels. It might sound excessive, but consider this: Your kids wash their hands after playing in the garden. They wipe their muddy fingers on the towel. Would you want to use the same towel for washing your face? Probably not. As a rule of thumb, you should keep one towel for hand washing, which everybody can use. Then everyone needs individual towels for body and hair drying. It is a good idea to also have a small face cloth for facial skincare. In a family of four, it’s an average of 2 towels per person, plus 1 towel by the sink for hands, plus 1 face cloth for yourself because the kids and your husband don’t care about skincare. It’s a total of 10 towels. You will need carefully positioned towel rails to keep everything organised! 

Shelves are your best friends

Everybody has a unique skincare routine, whether a 10-step one or lathering some day cream in the morning. Your family needs different products, so making sure these products are easily accessible is a no-brainer. As practical as bathroom cabinets might be, nobody wants to open the door every day to take and put back the same products. Your family is likely to leave their creams, lotions, and other serums on the sink for quick access in the long term. Before it gets too messy, you can relocate their everyday products on the bathroom shelves, ensuring everything is in sight and at arm’s reach. 

a grey bathroom wall with a variety of light wood shelves around a square mirrorUnsplash – CC0 Licence

Use a makeup organiser

From concealers to a little touch of blush, makeup can help you feel more confident. Makeup products come with an expiry date. Unfortunately, when you keep your products in a cupboard, you may forget the lipstick and mascara wand that have fallen at the back. Gradually, you’ll find yourself with an expensive pile of unused and forgotten items. Keeping them in a makeup organiser will reduce waste and keep your favourite products tidy and clean. They are practical to keep track of what you have and what you use. 

Use containers and boxes

Keeping your soap in a soap dish serves more than one purpose. First of all, it is tidy. No running around the sink to figure out where the wet soap might have disappeared. Secondly, it keeps all soap-related mess in one area. So when you get to clean the bathroom, all you need to do is clean the soap dish. 

The same principle applies to most of your bathroom items. Keep toothbrushes in a hanging glass for easy access. Keeping them on the side of the sink could expose them to bacteria. It will also add toothpaste stains to your sink. 

If you have a small shower with limited storage space, you can keep your washing tools — shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel or soap — in a basket outside the shower. Simply grab what you need upon entering the shower. This is especially practical to prevent clutter and avoid bio soap and shampoo bars from melting away! 

Are you ready to claim back the bathroom and keep it effortlessly tidy? Simple additions can completely transform the area! More importantly, nobody likes cleaning the bathroom. So, being tidy and organised can positively transform your house chore experience! 

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