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You may love the concept of having a beautifully designed and laid out garden, but that doesn’t mean that you are a keen gardening enthusiast or that you have the time to create a picture-perfect outdoor space. 

Your garden has the potential to be an incredible outdoor space, it’s just a case of finding what design style works for you and your garden needs. You need to take the time to think carefully about the design of your garden and ask yourself whether it really offers you what you need it to offer you or whether you could be making more of the space that you have. 

Glorious Garden Design Tips For Making More Of Your SpaceImage credit: Pixabay

Keen to give your garden a life and create a more usable outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy? Check out the tips and ideas below and implement them in your garden design strategy to create the perfect outdoor space. 

Find your inspiration

The first step to garden design success is to source your inspiration. It’s no good trying to create a beautiful garden when you’re unsure how you want it to look. That’s why it’s a good idea to take the time to get some ideas and inspiration. Go online and search for garden design articles. Watch old reruns of gardening shows. Read gardening magazines. Utilise social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. The more inspiration and ideas you can get, the better – so make sure that you take the time to do so. 

Zone it out

If you are keen to create an outdoor space that has the potential to offer a diverse range of uses and experiences, it’s a good idea to consider creating zones within your garden. For instance, you could create an area for your children to play in which you could line with artificial grass from somewhere like, for example. You could also create a growing zone, where you could grow vegetables, fruits and herbs, should you want to. You could have a relaxation zone, where you keep sun loungers and other seating areas. There are lots of options to choose from, it’s just a case of thinking about what you want your garden to offer and creating zones to mirror that. 

Utilise pots and planters

For a garden that is easy to look after and maintain, you might want to consider utilising pots and planters instead of borders. Planting in your borders means that your plants are more likely to spread and grow out of control, whereas if you opt to use planters for your plants and shrubs you can prevent this from happening as everything is combined to its pot and will require minimal maintenance and care. For plant pot inspiration, check out resources like, for instance. When you have little ones to look after, a minimal care garden is the ideal option. 

There you have it, a number of design ideas and handy hacks for creating a more glorious garden that makes the most of the space you have and ensures that it is a perfect fit for meeting your family’s specific wants and needs. 

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