How To Turn Your Unused Space Into Something Special

If you are one of many homeowners that are blessed with some unused space in the home like a spare bedroom or a basement, you may often be overcome with a little inspiration for things you may love to do to it.

While you may have the inspiration, you may lack the confidence or knowledge to get up and do something about it. Today, we are going to be taking a look at a few things you may look at doing with your unused space to get you started. 

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Why You Should Use Unused Space

There are so many houses all over the world that have spare rooms, outhouses, and even basements that are going completely unused. Now while these rooms may look like they are good for nothing, you may be surprised as to just how much potential a damp and dark room in or on your property may have.

At this point, there are probably many people asking why they should spend money and time doing something to an empty space in their home, and the answer is simple, if you do things right, you will not only add more usable space to your home, there is also a possibility that you may be able to add a lot more value to your home should you complete the project in the right way.

Now, while we understand that there are many DIY building risks, you should be mindful of them and seek advice before undertaking any bigger task yourself. While it may be viable to complete it without the need of a contractor, you should always check with the building codes of your state before you undertake any work. Not doing this can have huge ramifications when you come to sell your home. 

Decide What The Space Will Be For

If you are like many and you have a rather sizable basement, you should be careful about what you choose to do with this space. While anything you do will add value, there are certain things that will add far more value than others.

For example, many people choose to create a living space in the lower floor of the house and also include a two-piece bathroom suite. By doing this, you are opening up the property a lot more for potential buyers, and you are offering something unique but useful. Doing this will add a great return on your investment.

Other people choose to take the same amount of space and build a lower floor cinema room. Now while this may sound amazing to some, for many people, it is quite off-putting and may even be deemed a waste of room. 

An investment like this would not see a massive amount of value added to the home as you may find that any potential buyer wants to remove the cinema and create an open area. As you can see, what you do with a space is one of the most important things you concentrate on, and while it may be something that is just for you, you should also be thinking long term, after all, this is another large investment, and you do not want to lose money.

Choose Which Area Is Best

If there is one other thing that people do not realize, it’s that sometimes, it’s best to do certain things in specific places. For example, if you are looking for an additional living area, you will be better to do this in the basement rather than the attic.

People often come to the conclusion that it matters not where you put the extra features, all that matters is where the additional features are. What should be taken into account is the flow of the home, and this often goes ignored. 

If you want to create something with your attic space, then you should be looking at another bedroom or even a study, this is how you can be sure to give the best possible value to your home with a renovation.

With a basement conversion, you would want to create something that wouldn’t require a lot of light, so for most, a home study isn’t the ideal choice for a lower floor change. 

As you can see, when it comes to transforming your unused space, there is a lot of thought that will need to be applied, but should you make sure you are taking things slowly and really putting some time and effort into your project, you will end up with the result that you want.


The truth is, while it may not be easy, you should always aim to make the most out of unused space in your home. You will find that your home seems like a bigger place as your belongings no longer clutter; they flow through your home. 

So whether it’s an extra bedroom or a whole new family area, you should be sure to make the most from your unused space. 

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