Penny Pinchin’ In The Kitch’n- How To Keep Energy Down Low

Penny Pinchin’ In The Kitch’n- How To Keep Energy Down Low


As a mum, the responsibility falls on you to keep the metre running. If the kids need food, you have to turn on the oven. If the house is too cold, you have to switch on the central heating. Homes rely on energy, and that is a fact. What is also a fact is that energy prices are increasing. Since 2010, they have gone up steadily and show no signs of stopping. To an average household, this means extortionate bills and fewer bangs for their buck.

Thankfully, there are ways to keep energy down, and the kitchen is the place to start.

Clear Out Appliances

Aside from the bedroom, the kitchen is the number one culprit for excessive devices. From a fridge to a freezer and a toaster and a microwave, they all guzzle gas and electric. The ones mentioned above are necessary, but there are lots which are pointless. Do you have a coffee maker? There is nothing wrong with a kettle and instant beans. What about a toastie machine? Put it under the grill instead. Reducing the number of appliances in the kitchen will save the house a fortune.

And Replace Out Of Date Fittings

No one likes to replace a fridge or an oven because they are bulky, fiddly, and expensive. But, out-of-date fittings might be costing the house more than you imagine. Any inefficient appliances use more gas and electric than necessary, and this reflects in the bill. Thanks to Combi ovens and Smeg fridges, there is no reason to pay over the odds. The trick is to check for the relevant energy symbols to decide if they are a friend or foe. Any that are the latter need replacing as soon as possible.



Make It Last

Everything in the kitchen seems to have a limited shelf life. If you want to cut down on energy, this needs to change. The key is to preserve food for as long as possible. When you cook four or five times a day, the metre ticks over and the cost builds. By reheating leftovers, there is no need to switch on the electric or gas. Plus, the fridge is on anyway, so there is no additional cost in this regard. Doing the same with cookware and utensils is another savvy lifestyle choice.



Lower The Heat

Mums like to prepare food as quickly as possible. However, it isn’t an energy-efficient way to make a meal. Instead, try turning the oven to a medium heat and putting the dish in straight away. Experts say this is a better option because extreme temperatures use bucket loads of energy. Plus, you can turn the oven off ten-minutes early and let the residual heat continue to cook the food. It’s a crafty trick which goes a long way at the end of the month. Another excellent alternative is a pressure cooker. Leaving food to cook on a low heat for a long time is not as harsh on the electric meter.

Going green is no joke. Often, it’s the difference between staying in the black and delving into the red.

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