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Since little man J arrived he has actually seen two Easter holidays. The first year, he was only a few weeks old so he received nothing at all, and last year he had pretty much only just turned one so only received a couple of eggs from family and some clothes from us. 

This year I wanted to make it a bit more fun so I made him a special basket full of goodies (he had no big eggs from us as again he got them from family). (Next year though we will probably have an egg hunt as there will be both the boys to take part in it). I wanted to make an Easter basket rather than just use a standard shop bought one, so I took to Pinterest for some ideas. I pinned a few but in the end I decided on using these ones from Red Ted Art as inspiration. 

I haven’t used papier mache since I was at school so I really didn’t realise how long it took to dry – I did quite a few layers so it took a while, and it was a mad rush on Saturday evening trying to get it dry, decorate it, and fill it! Anyway, eventually it ended up looking like this:

For a rush job in the end I don’t think it looks too bad! Inside the basket I put these goodies for the little man:

  • That’s not my bunny touchy feely book
  • Hop DVD
  • Bunny ears
  • Bunny bubble wand
  • Peppa Pig surprise egg with jelly beans, stickers and a toy
  • Smarties chick
  • Milkybar bunny
  • 4 plastic eggs filled with small chocolate eggs with mini Smarties inside
  • 4 plastic eggs filled with bunny marshmallows
He loved it all, I wouldn’t say he really had a favourite item though he did tuck into the Milkybar bunny straight away!

As little man N was only 7 weeks old we I just had to dress him up, so he got this Easter bunny onesie:

I might be biased but I think he looks looks darn cute!

We had my father and brother in-law around for lunch and we had a lamb roast done in the slow cooker, it was flipping delicious but I never got a photo! For dessert I made this salted caramel mini egg millionaire’s shortbread (also mega yummy but ever so sickly!):

How was your Easter?

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