#VlogChallenge Week 5 – What’s In My Bag? (with outtakes)

So I’m on a roll at the minute and managed to get Week 5 of the #vlogchallenge both recorded and edited today, and I even managed to upload it! I know what will be happening for week 6, but I’m not quite sure when I will get around to filming it so you will have to watch this space.

The prompt for Week 5 was ‘What’s In My Bag?’, so this one was easy (other than the outtakes, stay tuned at the end to see them!):


#VlogChallenge Week 4 – Music

When I first started the #vlogchallenge I was determined to keep up (even though it wasn’t a requirement) – I managed the first three weeks and now I’m quite a bit behind! I can only really manage it when J is at nursery, so on a Wednesday, and I filmed this one last week but have only just got around to uploading it!

This one is also a longer one – I think I do rabbit on a little sometimes though… So this is my week 4 of the #vlogchallenge – Music (I know, it says Books in the intro but it really is music!):


#VlogChallenge Week 3 – Books

As each week of the #vlogchallenge passes by, I’m becoming more confident – and I only had one outtake this week (I should start posting them shouldn’t I?)! There could’ve been more but I was pushed for time and I didn’t want to keep starting again, so be sure to expect lots of pauses and “erm”‘s!

It’s actually longer than 2 minutes this week as well. So here is my week 3 of the #vlogchallenge – Books:


#VlogChallenge Week 2 – Fashion/Beauty

Even though I found the first #VlogChallenge from last week embarrassing (which was actually from the week before, I’m a bit behind as usual!), I thought I’d give the second one set by Kate over at WitWitWoo a go, even though I don’t really ‘do’ the theme that was set – Fashion or Beauty. I’m basically rubbish at beauty and well, pretty much the same at fashion!

I had to have a think for this one, but I came up with something in the end – although it’s still a short one and the others I have seen so far have been longer. But hey, it’s a challenge, and I gave it a go! (I wasn’t as nervous this week but I still require improvement…ha!).


#VlogChallenge Week 1 – Top Tips

I’ve been thinking about vlogging for a while, but I’ve put it off because I’m so nervous, and I hate my voice (and myself) on camera! And I never knew what to vlog about.

But when I came across this new challenge via Nickie at Typecast, I thought I would get in there and give it a go. Needless to say my video (and editing) skills leave a lot to be desired, I will try harder next time!

So here it is, my first ever vlog… (runs away with embarrassment).