Review – The Snoozle maternity slide sheet

As any pregnant woman knows, once you start getting that bump on you, and/or PGP or SPD pain, it is practically impossible to turn over in bed. I seem to have found a 3 point turn is the way to go about it. That is until I was offered the chance to review The Snoozle maternity slide sheet

The Snoozle states: 

Are you having trouble or pain when rolling in bed at night? The revolutionary Snoozle maternity slide sheet can help you roll smoothly and get a good night’s sleep. 

Tossing and turning has never been more comfortable despite your growing bump. Simply lie down, roll over and slide back into your dream.The Snoozle will slide with you and make every move so smooth, your sleep will hardly be disturbed.

The Snoozle is made out of speciality fabric that is slippery on the inside to help it slide smoothly with every move, but soft & comfortable on the outside. There are many benefits to the Snoozle but just a few are that it helps you get out of bed more easily; it helps you to move around during labour (especially if you are suffering from SPD or PGP); and it helps you sit up and slide back down if you’re feeding baby in bed – so it is very versatile.  

The Snoozle comes in a lovely box so it is also perfect to give to someone as a gift. It obviously also protects against damaged outer packaging which is a bonus as you know the sheet itself is very unlikely to become damaged.

It comes in 3 different trim colours – white, blue & pink. It also has ‘Snoozle’ embroidered on it in the lovely pink colour. I was sent the white one but the other two colours look gorgeous. 

The Snoozle is very simple to use – you just place it on your side of your bed on top of your regular sheet, then settle down for the night! It is quite large so it leaves plenty of room for you & your growing bump to move around on it. 

I must admit at first I thought it was too good to be true – how on this planet can you manage to be comfortable in bed when in pain and heavily pregnant? But it took me by surprise! When laid on it you don’t even know it is there. I had to turn over and test it straight away – everything it states is true. It is so much easier to roll over, without the 3 point turn and grunting & groaning! It is so smooth and just feels like you are turning over normally when not pregnant (or in pain). On the first night I used it I had the best nights sleep I’d had in ages, I think I slept all night which is a rarity at this stage of pregnancy. I also woke up pretty much pain free – another rarity! It can tend to get a little crumpled up but it still works and can soon smooth itself back out when you turn over. Also, as one of the benefits states, it is so much easier to get up and get out of bed.

Priced at £24, I think for the size, quality, versatility & the fact I have been able to get a better nights sleep than I have had in a long time, it is definitely worth the investment for a pregnancy must have if you can afford it. . 

My rating – 4/5


I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Family Fever

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 36

Wednesday 29th January – 36w
We finally bought baby their first outfit today – well, not so much an outfit but babygro etc. Exciting! Also managed to get another bump photo – it still looks small but it feels gigantic to me! Though I think baby is a bit low today.

Thursday 30th January – 36w 1d
I woke up with really bad heartburn (the worst yet) in the middle of the night so I didn’t get much sleep last night. Though when I did sleep I think I slept funny as I’ve been so achy today.

Friday 31st January – 36w 2d
I had my 36 week MOT with the midwife today. Baby is measuring right on ‘target’ (though looking at the centile chart they have stuck in this time based on what little man weighed, this one is aiming for around 9lb 9oz! Little man weighed 7lb 8.5oz!), the heartbeat was all good, and they are very low down and 1/5 engaged! Regarding me, my BP was fine, though my sample showed I may have a UTI  but she said they will ring me if so when the results come back. She also had to do a blood test to check my iron levels but couldn’t get any, she left me with a nice bruise though. I ended up going up to pathology at the hospital in the end. My home birth also looks all set to go and they will ring me next week to let me know when my gas & air, etc. will be delivered!

Saturday 1st February – 36w 3d
We’re having a baby THIS month! (Hopefully!)

Monday 3rd February – 36w 5d
I’ve been an emotional mess today. I’ve been in tears numerous times this morning, little man is just being an absolute nightmare, or maybe I’m just too sensitive at the minute! I also had a conversation with a checkout lady whilst shopping today (I must have looked uncomfortable or something): Her: “Are you ok?”; me: showed her my bump; her: “Oh I see, how long left?”; me: “3 weeks”; her: “Maybe!”. Yeah, thanks for that! 

Tuesday 4th February – 36w 6d
Oh man. I’m right at that stage now where I am both physically and emotionally exhausted. I have been in SUCH a bad & upset mood today. I must have literally spent half the day crying. Little man was up at 6.20am so we went in the living room and I did the bad Mummy thing and put the TV on for him while I kept dropping off having a snooze. He has then been a nightmare all morning. Smacking me, kicking me, pulling my hair, throwing toys at me, throwing his (empty) Lego box across the room because I dared to turn Peppa flaming Pig off! I admit I just wanted to run away today as I have been in such a state all day. And then I get told “not long now then the fun really starts!”. [Another] yeah, thanks for that! I know it sounds awful but I’m glad he’s at nursery tomorrow so I get a little rest! 

At 36 weeks, berry is the size of a coconut.
They are still gaining weight and becoming rounder in appearance.
The bones in the skull can move and overlap each other allowing them to pass through the birth canal more easily.
They will probably (though not necessarily) be in a head down position.

Review – Cantaloop bump support belt

Regular readers of my pregnancy diaries will know that I’ve been suffering with SPD and more general pain this pregnancy. When I was offered the chance to review a pregnancy support belt by Cantaloop I was so pleased as I have been recommended them by a few people. 

The Cantaloop pregnancy support belt promises: 

Total comfort due to seamless design. No lines/bunching under clothes. No velcro to destroy clothes. The pouch portion is a looser knit to allow growth. Back portion thicker for support and warmth, i.e. excellent for strained muscles.

The support belt looks pretty much like the bump band I have been using, but that was only really so I could wear my regular jeans etc. and it has no real support. The Cantaloop support belt arrived in a cardboard tube (which little man has taken to storing his jigsaw pieces in!) so it was very well protected so as not to be damaged in the post.
I received a white support belt (which is the colour I would usually go for). On first glance I could see the thicker support portion which I straight away felt was going to be a great help. I also like the little butterfly printed in the top corner which makes it feel a bit more feminine. 
When I put it on for the first time I immediately felt the pressure off my bump as it lifted it up, as it feels so heavy without any kind of support. The pouch part, as it states in the description, is looser and there was more than enough room to accommodate my smaller bump and allow room for growth, so it would be a good fit for larger bumps too. 
I wore it around the house at first to get a feel for it and then my next use was a short walk to the supermarket. Normally I would be getting a lot of pain around my front and lower down at this point but I was amazed that there was barely any (just the usual lightening pains which this wouldn’t help with). I have also worn it to walk around town which is where the pain really affects me. The same as the walk, I had barely any pain. I have to say I did still get a bit of backache wearing it though, but not as much as I do when not wearing it. I also found it did bunch up a little at the back which is a bit awkward to adjust when wearing a dress, but nothing really annoying that can’t wait to be dealt with. It is practically invisible under clothing though. 
With a current retail price on the CMS Shop of £13.30 I think it is well worth the investment to be relieved of pain which is at times debilitating, and I wish I had invested sooner as I have really suffered during this pregnancy.
My rating – 4/5
I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest and my own. 

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 35

Wednesday 22nd January – 35w
It was little man’s first day at nursery today, so I haven’t done an awful lot other than a bit of housework, and some blogging. After walking to nursery and back I was in so much pain so couldn’t really do much else. It’s been strange being on my own all day though, reminded me a bit of when I was pregnant with him!

Thursday 23rd January – 35w 1d
Been so tired today, all I’ve wanted to do was sleep. The health visitor also came for an antenatal visit – I never had one of these with little man so it must be a new thing, I was slightly worried beforehand! All she really came for though was to see how I’m feeling and let me know about the health visitor service after baby arrives. Oh, and give me a load of leaflets which I didn’t really need anyway. 

Friday 24th January – 35w 2d
Baby has been very active today – I recorded nearly as many movements in 3 hours this morning, as I usually get in a whole day! 

Saturday 25th January – 35w 3d
I had a really horrid dream last night. I can’t remember it in detail (or anything that came before what I can remember) as it was slightly traumatic. For some reason little man slept in the bath (!) and I slept on the bathroom floor (again, !) but in the same instance I was also having a miscarriage. I even found it hard to just write that as it has worried me so much. As well as that I had a rubbish night’s sleep from the SPD pain. 

I’ve discovered a new craving today though – pick ‘n’ mix! We were out and I couldn’t go home until I had some! 

Monday 27th January – 35w 5d
I actually woke up without pain today (other than backache). It didn’t last long though, unsurprisingly. I’m also coming down with the cough/cold that little man seems to have picked up. It better jog on, yucky! 

Tuesday 28th January – 35w 6d
No such luck, I now have a sore throat to go with it. Oh what joy when I can’t take an awful lot for it. 

At 35 weeks, berry is the size of a honeydew melon.
The organs are developed and are now becoming more defined each week.
The central nervous system is maturing.
The digestive system is almost complete.
The lungs are almost fully developed.
The main job over the remaining weeks is to put on weight.

Getting organised for the arrival of number two

In the last couple of weeks in my diaries, I have written about how unorganised I feel with this pregnancy. By this stage with little man I was pretty much ready to go. Obviously this time with a toddler to look after too, I haven’t had as much time or energy but I thought it was about time we got something done. 

I think one of the most important things (if not at the top of the list) was deciding on names. As we don’t know what we are having this time, we have had to come up with boys and girls names. After making up a shortlist of names with various meanings, we have finally reached a decision – obviously I’m not going to reveal them now so you will just have to wait!

We are reusing a lot of little man’s stuff, so we haven’t really had to buy an awful lot. The only thing we have purchased is a double pushchair, which I will probably use a single for little man a lot of the time whilst wearing baby, or baby in the pushchair with little man walking, but it is nice to have the option to push them both. I already have a sling from little man, although I will be purchasing another when baby arrives with a voucher I won in an auction last year. 

We will be purchasing a new bed for little man so baby can go in his cot-bed, but we won’t need this until a few weeks after they are born anyway as they will be in the Moses basket (from little man) at first anyway. 

We haven’t purchased any clothes etc. as of yet, though I have sorted out the neutral items from little man and I won a fab little bundle of various items at the end of last year too, so we are pretty much okay until we know the gender. Obviously if its a boy, we have a lot of clothes from little man, but if its a girl I can’t wait to do a bit of girly shopping! 

My birth plan (or preferences) have been done and noted with the midwife. As I mentioned in my last diary, all being well I will be having a home birth. If I do, I would love a water birth so I will be purchasing/hiring a pool when I find out if it is a definite. Oh and also lots of sheets (this will probably be cheap shower curtains as I have been advised!).

I thought I should pack a hospital bag just in case. Plus it will be easier to find all of my things in one place anyway if I have a home birth. I haven’t got around to this yet, though I have started writing a list! (Referring back to the list I had for little man as I seem to have had a brain freeze in this department!).

I’m sure I have still forgotten something though!