The Benefits Of Improving Rather Than Moving

If you have thought that you and your family need to move to a new property that better suits your needs, then it is always worth taking a moment and asking if improving your existing home could actually be the better decision. Often, improving may actually be the preferable choice, especially given you will be able to enjoy the following benefits…

Less stress

Moving is inherently stressful, and while moving day itself may be brief, the process of preparing for the move and then settling into your new home can take months. As a result, improving your existing home is usually a far less stressful choice.

Retain your connections

If you are close to your neighbours, or are a regular patron of businesses local to your existing home, then moving to a new property may mean that you lose these connections. Improving, however, allows you to enjoy an upgraded property without having to adjust to a new area.

The opportunity to customise a property to suit your preferences

There is no guarantee that a new property will perfectly suit your family’s needs; most buyers have to make a few compromises. Improving, however, allows you to custom-design your existing home to meet your exact specifications; your home can become whatever you want it to be, no compromises required.

Potential to increase your eventual sale price

Improving your home will not only make your house more suitable for your family, but it could also add to your sale price if you do sell in future. To find out more about which improvements are the most valuable, the infographic below has all you need to know…

Infographic Design By Double Glazing Funding

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