Late Night Hunger Pangs

Usually the most romantic part of the day – night time – can bring out the best of our thoughts. The silence in the night can also heighten our senses and it is one of the best times to indulge in some food for pleasure. As the clock ticks into the night, we can’t help but naturally succumb to our hunger pangs. Often, our options are fairly limited, and we usually end up eating the first thing that we see in the fridge, perhaps a bowl of leftovers – a massive mistake! Instead, it’s a great time to let the creative thoughts of the night flow out in the kitchen and treat ourselves to some late night gastronomic experiments that the city has to offer.


Close up of fried English breakfast

Late night cooking at home can usually be divided into two categories. Firstly to satisfy our  immediate hunger pangs or secondly, to experiment with new recipes. The majority of insomniac foodies see the second option as their favourite hobby. If you have all of the ingredients necessary, it can also be great fun! Post-dinner menus can be anything from regular comfort food to exotic experimental dishes. It’s the effort factor which always needs to be minimal, simply because effort and late night don’t go hand in hand. So what are your options? You could create a fancy Spanish omelette or alternatively go for a meat option and bake it with some delicious barbecue sauce. For a lighter option, prepare a nice salad or opt for a simple sandwich. If you find that you are close to dawn, then you could choose to cook a traditional English breakfast.

Late Night Restaurants

Mexican Food

If you don’t want to get your kitchen or your hands dirty, you could also go out and experience the late night food scene of London. The city has various culinary delights lined up for those late night hungry souls. Many of these places are located in the busy and active streets of London. The choices are endless; you can follow the neon lights to end up in a grand restaurant or alternatively opt for a more a low-key food place.

  • The Delaunay, near the Royal Opera, offers classic renditions of European dishes. The ambiance and elegance are also on the plate to enjoy.
  • Balthazar is one fantastic restaurant near Covent Garden and serves authentic fresh cuisine. They serve until quite late and it is a charming place to reinvent your appetite.
  • There are other food havens like the comfort food paradise Duck & Waffle, the Uber-exotic Hakkasan Mayfair and the famous La Bodega Negra.


chinese take out in boxes

But if you’d rather stay at home then a takeaway is probably the best road to take. With a takeaway you can also find the joy of home deliveries. Additionally sites such as Hungry House also offer you the convenience of being able to order a takeaway online. There’s no need to have to compromise on the variety of food available as there is a plethora of restaurants to choose from, as well as a wide-range of cuisine to explore. Takeaway food is a great option if you prefer to enjoy the London food scene from the comfort of your own four walls.

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