Sharing a room – an update!

You may have read last month that we were making preparations to move the boys into the same bedroom. Our main reason for this was – and maybe it was a bit selfish on our part – that we wanted our bedroom back! After having a child in there for nearly three years (in a cot, and then a co-sleeping toddler until N was born) we just wanted ‘our’ bit of space back. It meant us giving up the biggest bedroom but that was a fair sacrifice to make!

When the day came, my brother-in-law came to help with the swapping furniture around and after umm-ing and ahh-ing about where it should all go in its new place, it was all done & dusted after two or three hours. After totally emptying my huge free standing wardrobe in order to move rooms, I couldn’t be bothered with swapping the stuff around from the built in ones so hubby’s stuff was still in the boys’ bedroom for a while, and J’s in ours – in fact, the boys’ hats and gloves are still in what is now hubby’s wardrobe! (You know how it goes, ask a man to do something (hammer a few nails in) and they’ll do it…eventually! I may as well just do it myself, actually…).

The first night of them being in the same room I was absolutely dreading as N goes to bed half an hour earlier than J at the minute (so J gets some time with us just to himself) and J isn’t the quietest at bed time so I was expecting J to wake him up. It actually went quite smoothly. J did make a little bit of noise at first but when I whispered a couple of times that N was asleep, he quietened down. He’s been pretty good about it, other than the occasional time when he’s in one of those moods where he just wants to annoy everyone! It so happens that when N is asleep he’s actually quite a heavy sleeper so he hasn’t managed to wake him up – thank goodness, as he’s an absolute nightmare to get back to sleep.

Another thing I was unsure about was one waking the other up in the middle of the night as they both do still wake up occasionally. I was expecting it to be N waking up in all honesty, but the first few nights he slept through until morning and it was J who woke up! When he was in a room on his own he had a baby gate on his door (which has now moved to the shared room) and when he awoke in the night he would stand there shouting mummy or daddy – I didn’t want that to wake N up so decided to just leave the handle up a little as he could then open it and just come in our room. It wouldn’t be the first time that we had woken up to find him in bed with us – in fact once before he came in our room and was stood by the bed as I woke up, he scared me half to death! Obviously with N still being in his cot he can’t just get out so moans or cries when he wakes up, but that hasn’t managed to wake J up either.

So, after my initial panic about tougher bed times and sleepless nights, it has gone much better than I expected it to, and it’s great to finally have our room free of baby things! Apart from the baby, occasionally…

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