Owning a car and remembering tyre safety

Owning a car and remembering tyre safety

Recently we welcomed a new addition to our family – definitely not a sibling (!), nor a pet, but a car! I have been taking driving lessons since October last year and I am due to take my driving test very soon. It’s really difficult for me to get about living in the middle of nowhere and I have to rely on hubby when he gets home from work; also with Jacob starting school in September and school being a 3 mile drive, it really is an essential for me.

Once I’d booked my test I was eager to find a car (maybe a bit too eager) so I am all ready to go once I have passed, and have some freedom at last. Becoming a car owner was an exciting yet terrifying prospect for me, but nonetheless I was also very specific about what I wanted! I did take hubby with me as he has owned a car for 10+ years so knows what he is looking for, but I had the final word – of course.

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I looked at a few cars before purchasing, but the one that ended up being within budget and matching my criteria was a Ford Focus Zetec Climate – and I love it! An added bonus is that it has an MOT until October too. Both hubby & I are insured to drive it, obviously with him supervising me, but it also means I get more practice and get used to the car before passing my test. He has also made it his mission to teach me all about checking it over.

Obviously one of the parts that needs checking and changing regularly for the car to remain safe, is the tyres. Over worn tyres are a no-go and can make the car very unsafe, not to mention illegal. I am now able to tell when they need changing, and when they need replacing I think it would be really handy to use a company such as Point S to search for my tyres and choose a depot for them to be changed at.

I suppose next on the list, is learning how to swap a tyre for the spare one…

What was your first car? Do you know how to change a tyre?

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