Little man J at 2 years 6 months old

I can’t quite believe that J is now 2 and a half years old – I will have a 3 year old in less than 6 months! (And also a one year old!). He is continuing to thrive & develop so much, I’ve probably said it before but as much as he is testing, he amazes me every single day.

His independence is continuing to grow and he now tries to put his shoes on and take them off. If he’s wearing velcro shoes then he can just about unfasten them, though he hasn’t mastered pulling them off yet – though he does with everyone else’s! Speaking of shoes, he loves wearing Mummy & Daddy’s which is rather funny…

Now N is moving about a bit more, J is enjoying him so much more too. He loves that he can now (attempt) to play with him – though he does get a little rough sometimes as he doesn’t realise N is still a bit fragile! He fetches toys for N to play with, and he even shares his toys with him. One of the cutest things he does with N is read to him and show him his books. It makes my heart melt every time. He’s also getting better at playing and sharing with other children too. When we go to stay & play or the like, he often brings toys for the other babies and goes around kissing them. I think becoming a big brother has mellowed him a little!

His vocabulary is amazing for his age, he comes out with something new every day – and like I mentioned in his last update, some that I’ve never heard anyone say to him! I think he gets a lot of them from nursery nowadays, and they said he’s talking so much more now as well. He copies nearly everything you say, which is sometimes cheeky when he’s being told off and then I can’t help but laugh at him, little monkey! We’ve finally managed to get him to say his full name (all four of them), which is unbelievably cute. The first time he said it, I said to him afterwards “Yay, clever boy” and now he says it every time he says his name; I’m sure he thinks that’s part of his name too!

He took a while to really get into his books and nursery rhymes but he loves them now. His favourite book at the minute is his number picture book. He loves to do “This little piggy” and “Round and round the garden like a teddy bear” too, he will do it to anyone who is willing. His favourite song at the minute is “The wheels on the bus” and Mummy & Daddy have to repeatedly sing it on every car journey… (At which point I feel like singing “Are we nearly there yet?…”).

He’s still as much of a fussy eater as he was two months ago, though he is eating some things again that I haven’t given him for a while. This also works if we tell him that a food is something else that he likes in disguise. The things we do to get them to eat! His favourite foods at the minute are Kinder eggs (bad Mummy alert), raisins, apples (see, that counteracts it), sausages (still), “big cheese”/cheese sticks, and jelly & yoghurt.

He recently had a routine EYFS observation at nursery. He is hitting the majority of his developmental ‘targets’, and the only thing we really need to do at both nursery and at home is to encourage him to say simple sentences. He can say 4 or 5 word sentences at the minute, but they are often quite random with words missing.

I’m so proud of my special little guy.

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A to Z of Family – I is for Independence

Independence is something which every child will gain as they are growing.

They obviously start to gain it in stages at a few months old – sitting, rolling, crawling, walking, feeding themselves.

At 2 years old, little man J has gained so much independence, so quickly, recently.

He doesn’t like it if you do a lot for him, and he will have a bit of strop until you put things back as they were and let him do it for himself.

(If you have read the blog recently, unfortunately this independence hasn’t gotten as far as the toilet yet!).

The first time I really saw his independence coming through was when Daddy went to get him down from his seat at the table (as usual) and when he was out, he screamed and kicked until Daddy put him back and he got down himself. He was as proud as punch with himself!

Since he has been attending nursery he has become really independent.

He gets in & out of his car seat and the car by himself.

He will take his own dinner to the table, and take his plate away.

He won’t let you open the lid to his huge toy box (again, strops if you do).

He asks to wash his hands rather than telling him to.

He gets out of the bath himself.

And just the other day he took his shoes off all by himself for the first time – unfastened the Velcro, and slipped them off.

Though he is getting more independent, it also means he’s growing up.

Way. Too. Quick.

(Not quite independent here yet!)


Dry Like Me | Review

I have mentioned in J’s last couple of updates that potty training is a-go at the minute – on and off anyway – so with Potty Training Live! taking place and the chance to review Dry Like Me potty training pads we gave them a go.

Before Potty Training Live! I hadn’t heard of the potty training pads, but after reading up on them I thought they sounded like a great idea for if you really want to get stuck in with potty training and get it done with quickly. The basis behind Dry Like Me potty training pads is that they help a child to feel when they have had an accident, which in turn makes them understand that they need to go to the toilet/potty. They are made to be worn in big girl/big boy pants rather than them wearing a nappy which takes them longer to notice that they are wet.

As we are just at the beginning of potty training, we were sent the Early Days pads to review. The pads come in packs of 14 and are unisex to be used by both boys & girls. The pads looks pretty much like a sanitary towel. Each box also comes with a plastic wallet to hold them when out & about.

They are quite thick and absorbent so they can hold quite a bit of wee, but as they go in pants they don’t hold poo as well (as we found out…). The pads have a plastic backing (much like a sanitary towel) and they are shaped to be placed at the front or back of your child’s pants. They can be worn singularly like this or they also fit well with one at the front and one at the back (thought they do overlap a little if worn in smaller pants).

When I put J in his first pair of big boy pants he was as proud as punch and just walking around in them. I used them doubled up in his pants as he needs them for both poo & wee. I found that they held his wee well, but the problem came when he did a poo. He asks to go on the potty randomly although he still hasn’t done anything yet, but he still doesn’t quite realise when he’s going to do a poo or a wee as when he’s been walking around butt naked (!) he has weed on the floor a couple of times. We had our first accident when I was in another room sorting the washing, and suddenly J came running through shouting “Quick, quick”. He had poo’d. So he had realised he had had a poo accident, which is the aim of the pads so they worked in that respect. But he had also been sat in N’s inflatable play ring. And he had squished the poo and it had leaked from the side of his pants. Obviously I told him it was OK as it wasn’t his fault, and then I had to stick him in the shower as it was all down his legs! (And stick the cover from the ring in the wash – glamorous!).

I think this accident episode set him back a little as every time he had them on after that, he would keep taking them off. I don’t believe that this is a problem with the pads – J just does HUGE poos and usually doesn’t tell me until he’s sat and squished it a bit!

Overall, I think the pads are a great fit in pants, and they are great at holding wee. I’m not so sure about poo though, unless your child can tell you immediately when they have done one. To be honest I don’t think J is 100% ready yet, and I’m not forcing the fact as I don’t want to keep relapsing. I’m just going to go with the flow, and we will go back to the pads when he starts asking for pants again (which may be soon!). They do work out at around 21p per pad – J drinks a lot of fluids so for the amount we’d use per day (probably a whole box) I’m not so sure I’d buy them if I thought we were going to be potty training a while. They are great though if you are nearing the end and your child tells you when they need a wee or a poo, or immediately when they have done one.

Dry Like Me potty training pads come in 3 versions – Early Days, Original, and Night Time. They retail at around £3 per box and can be purchased at major supermarkets, Superdrug, and now available on 

My rating – 3/5

We were sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & our own.

Camilia oral solution – teething relief

As a parent, teething is a horrible thing to see our
babies go through, no matter what their age. With J, his first tooth didn’t
come through until he was 9 months old, but looking back I think he was
teething from around 10 weeks old. He had a couple of the usual signs – hand biting,
dribbling – but though I kept checking for teeth emerging I never actually saw
any until then.
With N, although all babies are different, I have to be
honest that I was expecting pretty much the same. But, I think he started
teething from around 7 or 8 weeks old – the same signs, hand biting &
dribbling. Differently to J though his first tooth is starting to poke through
already, at the grand old age of 5 months old. Compared to when J got his first
tooth, he still seems much too young to be going through the pain of teething.
When you tell people that your baby is teething, they
suggest so many different remedies. From the older generation, I’ve found that
it’s usually whiskey on the dummy (not that N has one) or rubbed on their gums!
Other remedies that have been suggested to me are amber anklets/necklaces,
teething powders, teething gel, teething rings, ice lollies (obviously for when
they are a little older), or ice cold fruit & vegetable sticks. With J we
tried the powders and gel; he never really took to a teething ring. So far with
N we have tried amber & the gel. He can’t quite grip a teething ring yet as
it’s a little heavy. Though as a mum, I am always on the lookout for new
teething pain remedies.
Camilia oral
solution is a unique teething relief product. It was only introduced in the UK
in 2013 but it has been in production since 1994 and is available in 9 other
countries around the world. Camilia is a natural homeopathic medicinal product
used within the homeopathic tradition for teething pain and other minor
symptoms associated with it, including painful swollen gums and irritability.
Camilia contains no sugar, no lactose, no alcohol, no
flavour, and no preservatives. The only ingredients are chamomilla 9C,
phytolacca decandra 5C, rheum officinale 5C (all active ingredients) and
purified water (inactive ingredient) – you can read more information on these here.
Camilia comes in single dose containers meaning it is sterile, and also easy to
carry for on the go relief. It can be administered in a single dose, 2 to 3
times a day, to babies and toddlers aged 1 month up to 2 years, and children
aged 2 up to 6 years.


As with any medicines, please make sure to read the
label before use.
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Little man J at 2 years 4 months old

It seems forever ago that I wrote J’s last update – maybe because I’ve only been doing it 2 monthly, and N’s updates monthly. Since then he has developed a lot – he is learning so much at the minute.

His independence is growing more & more. He now asks to wash his hands when he has been playing outside, and before he eats. He asks to brush his teeth – he used to hate it – though sometimes he does just suck the toothpaste off rather than actually brushing!

He is still being a great big brother and he is becoming closer to N every day. He has started showing him his toys, and reading to him. When we are playing and N is asleep in the bedroom, when N wakes he will hear him over the monitor and say “Oh, N wake!” and go running to the door to be the first person he sees. He cleans him up when he has been sick. (Even writing this is making my eyes leak, realising how much he has come to love his brother).

He is coming out with new words every day, some that I’ve never even said to him! One thing though; I may despise a certain cartoon pig, but he learns a lot of his words from there, unbelievably! (As well as a certain elf & fairy…). My favourite of his new words are “love you” – I’ve been trying to get him to say it to me for ages now, but he finally said it a few weeks ago! My heart melts. He’s not one to express his love for me vocally, he would much rather shower me with kisses (aww).

He has become a bit of a fussy eater – the only meat he will eat is ham, chicken if it has a coating on it (!), or sausages. Vegetables, he will only really eat peas or sweetcorn. Most other things he will gladly eat, but he used to eat such a variety of these things. He has become more adventurous with fruit though, so he does get his 5 a day still, even if it is from sweet things! His favourite fruits at the minute are grapes and oranges.

His favourite words at the minute are “No thankyou cancoo” – ask him to do something, no cancoo; ask him if he loves you, no cancoo; ask him if he wants to go somewhere, no cancoo. Though ask him if he wants food – “Yes please pease”! He also likes to tell people they have a big bum – Daddy has the biggest, apparently (yay, not me!). He has learned lots of new animals and can now count to 5 – he is behind some of his peers with numbers, but his other vocabulary really does astound me every day. He loves pointing at the pictures in his books and telling me what everything is.

He recently moved into a full size single bed. He kept falling out of his cot bed with the sides off – mainly because he likes to stretch out and it wasn’t wide enough for him! He hasn’t fallen out of this one yet, but we have found him hanging off the edge a couple of times! The bonus with this bed is that if he wakes in the night, one of us can actually go and sleep in his bed with him as we fit – and it’s actually comfier than ours!

Potty training has progressed a little since the last update. He will now sit on the potty for 10 minutes at a time, though he still hasn’t done anything on it. He can tell me when he has done a poo and a wee in his nappy though. We have been taking part in Potty Training Live! so I will be writing a post on that soon.

I mentioned a couple of months ago that we had been to his first parents evening and his key worker was a little concerned about his behaviour, so they were going to introduce a reward chart & stickers. I’m pleased to report that it seems to be going well and he is getting at least one sticker a week. He does tend to lash out when he is tired though – not that I am excusing his behaviour at all, but pinpointing it helps a great deal. He also no longer gives me a second glance when I drop him off, he just heads straight in and doesn’t even say goodbye!

Would you like to read J’s updates monthly like N’s, or every two months as they are at the moment?

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