Back to school with Debenhams | Review

Back to school with Debenhams

The end of August seems to be the time when most people are running around, getting those last bits of uniform, ready for the little cherubs to return back to school. Until Jacob started primary school last year, I never realised actually how much was needed; trousers, t-shirts, jumpers, socks, shoes, coat, bags, PE kit (including shorts, tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt, jumper, trainers)… And with multiples of each, it can get expensive, right? He likes to get dirty (nothing wrong with that!) so I think we must have gone through at least 15 polo shirts through the school year; this year I decided to stock up with a pack every time I go to the store!

I actually purchased his uniform from multiple stores last year to try and get the best value. Obviously style, colour, and fit is important too. This year, Debenhams asked me if I would like to purchase some school uniform for Jacob from their online store. I didn’t realise just how much choice there was! They currently have 25% off on their spectacular event too, so there’s even better value for money right there.

Start the new term in style with our collection of clothing, school bags and PE kits. You’ll find a full range of sizes, including generous fit, for everything from girls’ school coats and skirts to trousers and shirts for boys. And with weatherproof jackets and scuff-resistant shoes for both, they’ll be top of the class with our A+ range.
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The emotions of starting school | School anxiety

Today is the last day of Jacob’s first full week since starting school. On his first week he started later and finished early so he only did a few hours a day. He was tired then so I knew this week was really going to affect him with regards to mood and tiredness. Needless to say, he has been sleeping for almost 12 hours a night. Previously he was lucky to get nine!

He was excited yet a little bit dubious going into his class on his first day; since then he has been absolutely fine and ran in every morning, almost without even saying goodbye! He’s been coming home at the end of the day telling us about what he’s been doing, who he’s been playing with, what he’s had for his lunch. I thought he had settled in really well. Read more