New Years Resolutions

So, yes, I know it’s a bit late in the month now to be making resolutions, but I have been thinking about them since the beginning of it! I don’t know why I’m bothering to be honest, as I never stick to them, but I have nothing to lose. It’s more things I would like to do this year. 

As a recap on last years resolutions:

  • blogging at least 3 times a week – big fat X.
  • to be the best Mummy I can – I’ve tried.
  • to see more of my friends – successful.
  • get to my goal weight – big fat X.
  • spend more quality time with hubby inc. eating at the table – semi successful 
  • try at least one new recipe a month – big fat X.
So, for this year, there may be some repeats. I’ve concluded I’m officially useless at resolutions.
  • to blog more often. Again, blog at least 3 times a week. And venture a bit further into the blogging world. I think I did quite well last year though.
  • to attempt to get to my goal weight. I gained 2 stones with little man after losing 3.5 stones before him. I haven’t really shifted much since he arrived. So I want to lose roughly 40lbs.
  • try at least one new recipe a month. Again, I got 3 new cookbooks and lots of new kitchen stuff, so I need to get some use out of them!
  • learn to drive. I took lessons back when I was 17/18, but then went on holiday and never started them again…
  • get back to some kind of learning. I’m currently looking into the OU but it’s the cost factor… I feel like I’m going nowhere with my life right now and have education regrets. But hey, we live & learn.
  • get back into the world of work. I need to be somewhere that I’m not just Mummy! 
There we have it. I imagine I will be back this time next year, with a list similar to the first one with a load of red crosses! 

New Years Resolutions

Well, here it is finally, 2012. Wishing all of my readers a Happy New Year! 

I don’t usually tend to make resolutions, as I don’t tend to stick to them (oops). But I have a few for this year, so here goes… (I’ll post at the end of the year to tell you I’ve stuck to them! Or not, as the case might be…) 

  • To concentrate more on blogging. I want to make sure I blog at least 3 times a week, which will work out at every other day at least. I also want to get more involved with other bloggers, both on the blogs themselves, and on Twitter, and gain more followers/readers by promoting my own blog more.
  • When little man arrives, to be the best Mummy I can. I know this one is hard to judge and everybody is different, but I will try my best.
  • To make more of an effort and see more of my friends, once a month at least! I haven’t really made much of an effort last year, which is a bit bad of me…
  • To finally get to my goal weight after baby arrives, I never quite got chance last year…
  • To be a better wife, and spend more quality time with my husband and show him more often how much I really do appreciate him. This includes not sitting on the laptop (with him on the iPad!) every evening on seperate sofas, and eating at the table more often so we can have some quality conversation. He’s been amazing to me this year and it’s about time I repaid him. 
  • To try out at least one new recipe a month as my cookbooks are mounting up now and I got 4 new for Xmas! (Thought of that after I’d posted this so have edited it! I will even post a pic of the results!)

What are your resolutions for the year, or haven’t you made any?!