Project 365, 2015 (days 109-115)

Day 109 / April 19th
It was our turn to host dinner for my father-in-law and brother-law today and I decided I fancied a ‘proper’ cheesecake so I made this lemon & ginger one. It was so delicious, I will post the recipe soon!

Day 110 / April 20th
Last week at Fit Tots play group, we planted sunflowers. J was checking on them and they’ve grown this much in a week.

Day 111 / April 21st
We went on an outing to Rand Farm Park today and I took so many photos it was hard to choose, but these are my favourites of each boy.

Day 112 / April 22nd
We had some strawberries that needed using up so when J came home from nursery we had a strawberry feast!

Day 113 / April 23rd
Our sunflowers have grown this much in four days!

Day 114 / April 24th
I was really fancying cheese on toast yesterday so I had it for breakfast today, along with onions and a splash of Lea & Perrins of course! (Excuse the burned bits, the kids were calling!)

Day 115 / April 25th
I was looking at the ‘exotic’ meat range in Iceland the other day and the kangaroo burgers took my fancy, so that was dinner today! I think we might try the crocodile burgers next time.

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Project 365, 2015 (days 102-108)

Day 102 / April 12th
My comfy bottoms have been loose and falling down for a few weeks now, but I only just noticed the reason why – they need tightening! I might not be seeing my loss on the scales at the minute but it’s obviously showing in my clothes.

Day 103 / April 13th
Everybody was grumpy today but N wouldn’t go for a nap. We all went in my bedroom with J watching cartoons on my phone, I was reading, and N was playing then just wandered off. One minute I heard the toy laptop going off constantly and I thought he was just bashing it like usual, but then it went quiet and I went in to find him like this! (You know you’re the child of a blogger when…)

Day 104 / April 14th
This might just seem like a photo of a piece of blue paper. In actual fact, it is the clear sky on my walk to weigh in!

Day 105 / April 15th
As you can see by his clothes, J had fun at nursery today. He was also dancing and singing the minion banana song on the way home!

Day 106 / April 16th
The only photo I managed today, a quick photo to send to the people at Sock-Ons of N testing the new 12-18 month size.

Day 107 / April 17th
Lunch today – bacon, garlic & cheese stuffed mushrooms with cous cous sprinkled on top to make them crunchy, so yummy!

Day 108 / April 18th
Another food photo – I prepared a huge salad for the next few days, for breakfasts and snacks.

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Project 365, 2015 (days 95-101)

Day 95 / April 5th
We spent the night at my Mum’s last night and today the boys had a little egg hunt. N crawled at super speed to find this one!

Day 96 / April 6th
This is a regular occurrence lately as he really doesn’t like to nap any other time (nosy monkey). I just leave him, eating must be really tiring for a baby, after all!
Day 97 / April 7th
I had an absolutely pounding headache today that wouldn’t go away so I spent most of the day on the sofa and never got around to taking a photo.

Day 98 / April 8th
It was a lovely day today and we all needed to get out of the house as J hadn’t been at nursery like usual (they were closed), so we went to stay & play this afternoon then the park on the way home. They have a lovely outdoor area at the local children’s centre.

Day 99 / April 9th
It was bake club last night and this is all that was left from my offering of salted caramel mini egg shortbread. Delicious but sickly!

Day 100 / April 10th
It was another lovely day today, too nice to stay indoors. Hubby wasn’t at work so we decided to have an inexpensive family day. We fed the ducks at a local village river and then had a picnic in Grandad’s garden.

Day 101 / April 11th
A rare sight this morning, J reading to his brother. They may fight like cat & dog but these moments are adorable.

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Project 365, 2015 (days 88-94)

Day 88 / March 29th
We had the in-laws round for tea today so I took the chance to make some Betty Crocker chocolate fudge brownies which we received to review.

Day 89 / March 30th
I only completely tidied the boys room yesterday and they slowly made a mess of it again today. I’m surprised it lasted that long to be honest!

Day 90 / March 31st
We went to Grandad’s today for Daddy to fix his car but I’d already planned that we were going to make an Easter bonnet today, so we took it with us instead!

Day 91 / April 1st
J tried on his finished Easter bonnet once it had all dried. He wouldn’t stay still for me to get a decent photo so I was constantly snapping and managed to capture this duck face!

Day 92 / April 2nd
We went to a birthday party this evening but earlier today we made some cornflake nests – J decided to eat the eggs instead of decorate with them…

Day 93 / April 3rd
I made up the boys’ Easter basket today and I love this little book that I bought to put in it.

Day 94 / April 4th
We had a sleepover at Nanna’s today and it was only when hubby & I went to bed that I remembered I hadn’t taken a photo yet!

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Project 365, 2015 (days 81-87)

Day 81 / March 22nd
We were at my brother-in-law’s for tea tonight and the day before he’d promised J a cookie, N decided that he wanted some too. This a rare moment of affection! (N looks down in the dumps too because the poor boy had conjunctivitis).
Day 82 / March 23rd
I’m a member of The Orchard with Tesco and one of the campaigns I’ve had recently is fresh flowers. These ones are looking lovely.

Day 83 / March 24th
We were meant to be going to one of our regular play groups today but N had conjunctivitis and had been sick so we stayed home. I decided to get the tuff spot out for some messy play with flour as N needed a bath anyway and I managed to get our tea prepared for the slow cooker!

Day 84 / March 25th
N was feeling a bit better today and J was at nursery so he got in some play time on his bounce ‘n’ spin without J wanting to be in on the action!

Day 85 / March 26th
Another day and more sickness in the night when we ended up having to give N a bath and wash his sheets at 1.30am and then he came in with us. We seem to be plagued by illness this week.

Day 86 / March 27th
Kind of a cheat photo today, taking a photo of my latest Slimming World weigh in.

Day 87 / March 28th
At snack time today the boys were testing some new fruit bars from Organix.

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