Project 365, 2015 (days 137-143)

Day 137 / May 17th
I had been driven mad by the boys all morning so as soon as hubby got home from work, I shut myself in the bedroom with a cuppa and my kindle – peace at last!

Day 138 / May 18th
I ended my night on the day before weigh in with a 5 syn treat, yummy.

Day 139 / May 19th
At Fit Tots today the children had sand to play with – I had to quickly get this photo of the boys playing nicely next to each other!

Day 140 / May 20th
A few months ago I won tickets to Ben & Holly Live! in another blog giveaway, and today was the day! I’m not sure who was more excited though, me or him… The show was brilliant though!

Day 141 / May 21st
How to keep a boddler amused in the pound shop…

Day 142 / May 22nd
I might have mentioned before that N has an obsession with climbing at the minute?…

Day 143 / May 23rd
Another photo of the boys playing nicely together, in the same week! I really do treasure these photos!

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Project 365, 2015 (days 130-136)

Day 130 / May 10th
I can never resist a highchair sleeping photo but this one is a new position!

Day 131 / May 11th
Orange & poppy seed muffins for bake club tomorrow (this month the theme was dairy free).

Day 132 / May 12th
J loved playing with the gloop at Fit Tots this week. He really loves the sensory activities and admittedly we do need to do more at home!

Day 133 / May 13th
 J was at nursery and it was hubby’s day off, and he took the boys to Grandad’s after nursery so I was just pottering about all day really getting jobs done. I managed to get the post about our first Parent Pitstop session written up.

Day 134 / May 14th
I didn’t realise I never took a photo today!

Day 135 / May 15th
This book arrived to review and the males finally sat down to read it today, we all think it’s brilliant!

Day 136 / May 16th
We had a sleepover at Nanna’s last night and the boys were up at 6am after a bit of later night than usual, then we were playing outside all morning. N was a bit worn out and missed out on ice cream!

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Project 365, 2015 (days 123-129)

Day 123 / May 3rd
Nanna brought J a new (to him) tool bench today and he absolutely loves it – in fact both boys do!

Day 124 / May 4th
Pretty much a day from hell today and I didn’t take a photo.

Day 125 / May 5th
We had a busy day today with Fit Tots, baby clinic then the park so I took loads of photos, but I had to share this one just for the look on J’s face! He has never been keen on the swings and he came straight off after this, whereas N loves them.

Day 126 / May 6th
N has started climbing and his favourite place is the arm of the sofa – I never managed to catch him climbing but I got him coming down. Look at that cheeky laugh!

Day 127 / May 7th
Two photos today as I made these cupcakes and cake for a friend’s boyfriend’s 30th birthday party.

Day 128 / May 8th
The only photo I took today. This sweet chilli salmon from Tesco is delicious and syn free.

Day 129 / May 9th
Both boys love climbing in boxes but they found they can’t both fit in together!
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Little man N at 1 year 2 months old

My baby boy is fast growing up. It feels even more so because most of the things he’s doing now, are before the age at which J did them so it’s all a bit quick for me compared to last time! He just wants to be like his big brother really, but his antics are going to be the death of me one day – I’ve lost count of how many times already my heart has nearly jumped out of my mouth!

Since his last update he still hasn’t been weighed, I think I’ll go and get him weighed before his next update as I’m just intrigued to see how he’s doing. I can tell he’s leveling out though as the sleeves on some of his tops are a bit looser than they were with his mega chunky arms as I can actually roll them up now! He’s still on one bottle of milk a day though, and I’m not sure when we will try to introduce a beaker at bed time instead, though he does drink from a beaker during the day time (we gave him one much earlier than we did with J as he kept stealing his – he still does in fact, and vice versa!).

I mentioned last time that he had started walking. His confidence has built up really quickly and now he walks practically everywhere (though he’s still a bit wary of grass!). He loves to walk down the path to the car and he’s so proud of himself when he does. Since his new found freedom he is into everything – inside boxes, standing on boxes to reach things or get onto things, and he’s finally mastered climbing the sofa – oh joy! He loves climbing as you can see in my last Project 365 update, and because of this he’s acquired too many bruises and scratches to count in the last few weeks!

He is such a little monkey and had an obsession with opening the kitchen drawers until we finally put locks in them. J was never really bothered so we never needed them before! Now he can’t get in the drawers, he has a new found obsession with shoes – he takes them everywhere and I’m always having to sort the shoe rack out!

He’s finally acquired a new tooth so now he has eight gnashers, though the latest one took absolutely ages to come through, poor little guy. He’s now started the biting phase (as well as a smacking one!) and it flaming hurts, damn those sharp teeth. He has started giving such adorable kisses though, also using his teeth.. He opens his mouth wide and leans in for one and then gently nips your puckered lips – I really need to get a video!

Current favourites
Food – Grapes
Drink – Water
Toys – Wooden tool set
Books – Train!
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Project 365, 2015 (days 116-122)

Day 116 / April 26th
Today the day has finally come where J wanted not one, not two, not three, but all of his nails painted like Mummy!

Day 117 / April 27th
J was at nursery today and N had gotten up early so he was shattered but wouldn’t go to sleep, so I just decided (as usual) to lie on J’s bed with him and let him drop off himself! (I did pick him up after I took the photo!).

Day 118 / April 28th
We go to play group on a Tuesday and all of the children love this big dinosaur. Now N is mobile he has taken a liking to it too and people were shocked at him just climbing it! I wasn’t as he is all over the place nowadays, copying his brother!

Day 119 / April 29th
I’m trying to cut down on my coffee intake by replacing at least one with herbal tea. This was blackcurrant, vanilla and something else (it might have been ginseng).

Day 120 / April 30th
A visit to Grandad’s today and J wanted to help clear the driveway – he’s a proper little helper nowdays!

Day 121 / May 1st
I had a yogurt that needed using today so I had strawberries, raspberries, yogurt, and a hi-fi bar (as a healthy extra so all free!). It was a banana & custard yogurt though, and a salted caramel bar so it was a bit of a weird combo!

Day 122 / May 2nd
I always make a fruit salad the day after our fruit & veg delivery and this is this week’s huge offering – it should keep me and the boys going for a couple of days! We have pineapple, melon, mango (I’ve actually learned how to prepare one properly at the ripe old age of 28!), kiwi, orange, grapes, and pomegranate seeds.

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