The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 34

Wednesday 15th January – 34w
Feeling quite worried at how close it’s getting now… Really need to get my bum in gear a bit more!

Thursday 16th January – 34w 1d
Now it’s getting nearer to the end, I’m managing to take more bump photos. Here is the latest one. I think I was looking big, but I think I look small in this one – maybe baby had moved position. Though I feel huge!

Friday 17th January – 34w 2d
I had my 34 week appointment today. It was also the time to write up my birth ‘plan’. With little man it was very vague and I pretty much just ‘agreed’ to everything. This time I have thought about it a lot more, and decided I would like a home birth with as little intervention as possible. We were unsure about a couple of things from little man’s birth that may effect whether it may be best to have a hospital birth, but the midwife is going to check at the hospital and if they are OK then I’m all good. I am fine with having a hospital birth, but I would prefer a home birth – I’m just trying to stay neutral at the minute until I find out. In other news, all is good with me & baby and I am measuring at 33 weeks. 

Sunday 19th January – 34w 4d
Had a flipping awful nights sleep last night as little man has suddenly decided for the last few days that 3.15am is his new favourite play time! And I am in more pain than ever now when I lie down so can’t get comfortable as it is, without him in our bed. 

Though on a good note, we have finally come to a decision on names! And also a decision on a double pushchair after debating it since last week – we’re going for a Phil & Ted’s (second hand though as not sure I will be using it much – I will most likely wear baby and push little man when I’m on my own).

Monday 20th January – 34w 5d
We picked up the pushchair today! I finally feel like we are getting somewhere and we might just be prepared in time!

Tuesday 21st January – 34w 6d
I woke up this morning with SPD pain and backache. Much worse than it has been yet. I have a bump support belt on its way, so I’m hoping that will help with some of the pain. 

At 34 weeks, berry is the size of a canteloupe.
The immune system is still developing strongly in preparation for life outside.
The skeletal structure is hardening.
The vernix is becoming thicker as the lanugo is shedding. 

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 33

Wednesday 8th January – 33w
I had some really weird dreams last night. Number 1 – I was in a giant hall where I had to cook Christmas dinner for 100 people. The oven door fell off in the middle of service and burned both my legs and an arm so I had to go to hospital. (I think I’ve been watching too much MasterChef). Number 2 – I was chosen to test out a new type of hair colouring treatment. But I had to leave it overnight and they locked me in a room in a basement… (?!). Number 3 – I had started attending a Slimming World diet group. The first group I attended they had a quiz, but I got a question wrong so they arrested me… (another ?!).

Saturday 11th January – 33w 3d
Baby has been in another odd position today, I had hiccups high up in my right side at one point! Also those lightening/stabbing pains have started, I forgot how bloomin’ painful they were. 

Sunday 12th January – 33w 4d
Nesting seems to have kicked in today. I never had the urge with little man. But today I have been sorting baby clothes out, cleaning like mad, and moving rooms around! (Oops). 

Monday 13th January – 33w 5d
It now feels like baby is trying any means to get out already – headbutting, kicking, poking – all of which are making me feel a bit sick with all the wriggling too. 

We’ve also started looking for double pushchairs (though I will probably be baby-wearing mostly, but I like to be prepared and it will still be used, I’m sure). It’s giving me headache, it is so much harder than choosing a single one! 

Tuesday 14th January – 33w 6d
Before we went to sleep last night, I said to hubby that I’ll probably be dreaming about pushchairs overnight – and I did! 

I also woke up with a really tight pain in my stomach this morning. It was just constant so I took paracetamol, which helped and it pretty much eased off after a while so I think it was maybe just a bad tummy or something. If it hadn’t I would have headed to antenatal once hubby was home from work.

At 33 weeks, berry is the size of a pineapple.
Over the next four weeks they will put on half a pound per week.
Their skin is turning from red to pink as they are accumulating more fat.
Their developing neural structure is helping them to listen, feel and partially see.
The skeleton is hardening, though the skull bones will not fuse together completely.

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 32

Wednesday 1st January – 32w
I can finally say we’re having a baby this year! (And hopefully next month if they decide to arrive on time, or not too late at least…)

Thursday 2nd January – 32w 1d

At my last appointment the midwife said baby was lying very low down – I think she was right as I’ve had lots of hiccups in my bum today! 

Friday 3rd January – 32w 2d

I think the Christmas period and hubby being off work has set me back a little as I keep thinking it’s mid-week rather than the end of the week. I would blame baby brain for this but I think it’s just normal this time! 

Saturday 4th January – 32w 3d

Really didn’t want to get up this morning – backache, side-ache and tired (what’s new there?!). For some reason it’s only ever my right side that hurts, if I sit funny or lie on that side for too long. It’s giving me many restless nights at the minute. Think I might need to invest in a maternity pillow.

Sunday 5th January – 32w 4d

I’ve finally started preparations for the imminent arrival. Hubby brought little man’s 0-3 clothes back from the in-laws where they have been in storage since we moved, and I’ve sorted out the neutral items. There should be enough there to keep us going until we know the gender. Obviously if it is a boy, I will have another sort out of what we want to reuse, and probably just buy another few items. If it’s a girl, then I can’t wait to girly shopping! 

Monday 6th January – 32w 5d

Have been so so tired today. Just want to sleep. For days. Also little man is coming down with a nasty cough, which means he’ll probably pass it onto me soon. Great. 

I’ve started doing my research on home birth though. After talking to a friend I’m also now still considering a hospital birth, but I need to write a list and speak to the midwife as there are a few things playing on my mind about both. 

Tuesday 7th January – 32w 6d

Little man has been much worse than he was yesterday, all he’s wanted to do all day is snuggle with me. It means I’ve had a bit of a rest snuggled up on the sofa but I hate seeing him ill like this. It hasn’t showed any signs of passing on to me though which is a good thing, I’m glad I started dosing him up on Calpol straight away. 

At 32 weeks, berry is the size of a kale.
They now have a good chance of surviving and thriving if born early.
Although they are sleeping for most of the day, movement will increase greatly and kicks will be more frequent.
They are really plumping up now and will gain almost half their body weight by the time of delivery.
The lanugo is starting to shed.

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 31

Wednesday 25th December – 31w
Well obviously today is Christmas Day so we’ve had a lot going on, leaving me very tired and very achy – my ginormous Christmas dinner didn’t help matters much on that front! Though I did manage to take another bump photo (pre dinner!).

Thursday 26th December – 31w 1d
Today was Christmas number 2 at the in-laws, so again a bit of a busy day. Think baby has been in an awkward position though as I haven’t managed to get comfortable all day. 

Friday 27th December – 31w 2d
Today was MOT day – I shouldn’t have really had another second time around until 34 weeks, but they booked me in at my last one as they didn’t have the new diary for 2014 yet, so in theory I got an extra check up! Not a lot to report; my BP is fine, baby is well with a good strong heartbeat, they are lying really low down (which could explain my constant backache), and I’m measuring 30 weeks – I also measured this at my 28 week MOT but I think baby was in a different position today. I also seem to have developed heartburn this time.
Monday 30th December – 31w 5d
Not been feeling well today, just generally under the weather. I woke up with a pounding headache, in turn making me feel dizzy all day. I then pulled my back whilst bending down to pick something up. After that my knee gave way in the supermarket. And then the heartburn! 

Tues 31st December – 31w 6d
I really wanted to stay up tonight to see in the New Year, but at the same time I also just wanted to go to bed! I’m not really one for going out at New Year anyway, even more so when pregnant. So we just stayed in and ordered a takeaway, and I drank fake fizz. Somehow, I managed to stay up but I was in bed five minutes after midnight! 

At 31 weeks, berry is the size of four navel oranges.
They are starting to shed the lanugo and the hair on the head is getting thicker.
They are gaining more weight as baby fat is filling in under the skin.
Their colour is becoming less red and more pink.
Their irises can dilate and respond to changes in light.
They can turn their head from side to side.
They are expelling more and more waste due to the increased intake of amniotic fluid.

Reflections on the year that was 2013

It’s that time of the year again where I reflect on what has happened over the past year – 2013. It has been quite a year with its fair share of ups & downs. Last year I said I felt like I came out a weaker person than the previous year, but this year after everything that has happened I feel stronger once again. Once more I want to thank my friends & family who have been there for me through the tough times, and the good of course. 

January started with little man coming down with a viral infection – the first of many times of him being ill this year! I started taking antidepressants (which I am not in the slightest ashamed about) and I also welcomed the arrival of my first post-miscarriage cycle which meant we could start thinking about TTC again.

In February I proceeded to have more counselling which was a welcome relief after the miscarriage and spiraling further into depression again. We also celebrated my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday, which was also to sadly be her last. 

In March I celebrated my very first long awaited Mother’s Day (after missing out by one day when little man made his appearance!). I also continued with my counselling and it really helped me on the way to becoming ‘me’ again. And the highlight of the month, little man’s 1st birthday! 

April saw yet more illness for little man with an ear infection, a very bad reaction to his MMR jabs, gastroenteritis, and then a chest infection & virus! It was a terrible month for him, and of course me as his Mummy seeing him ill so much. At the end of the month I started my first charity challenge of the year, Live Below The Line! 

May was a month for charity as the first week saw me continue the Live Below The Line challenge. I also then completed my first ever Race for Life! After this I also restarted on my weight loss journey after being so up & down with it. And I also became a fundraising coordinator for Saying Goodbye. 

June was a difficult month to start with as it should have been the month we welcomed our little angel. Our little man hit a milestone when he finally started walking after months of cruising about! And then we discovered I was pregnant again, just before our due date – I truly believe it was a gift sent to us from our angel. 

July was a month of firsts. Little mans first injury related trip to A&E, and we saw our little berry for the first time too! Unfortunately we had an awful end to the month when we were told that my mother in law was nearing the end of her life and she had a matter of days, or even hours, left. 

August saw another first for little man – his first haircut! I also held my fundraising event for Saying Goodbye. This month though we also lost my beloved Mother in Law, and then the week after we lost my Grandad too. And then there were their funerals. We hoped that this was our lot for this year, after also losing my Uncle at the beginning of the year – all to the horrible ‘c’ word. 

September was a fairly quiet month for us, but we had our holiday to Wales at the end of the month. 

In October I celebrated my birthday, and I also reached the halfway mark of my pregnancy. We attended my cousin’s amazing wedding which was a big up after the many downs of the year.

November saw me reach the “V-Day” for my pregnancy. But I also ended up with my annual winter cold which made me feel like death! 

And finally, December. It was quite a sombre start to the month, what with it being the 1st anniversary of losing our angel. After that significant date had passed, we started with our Christmas celebrations. We had a fairly busy Christmas period being out & about at families homes, so we’re going to have a quiet New Year. 

So, that was the year that was 2013, with all of its highs & lows. 

What have been your highs & lows of the past year?