Slimming World weigh in #49 – the one where I’m on it…

weekly weigh in

So after last week and my non scale victory, it really spurred me on to get my head right back in it. I was on plan every day apart from Saturday when we had an impromptu pizza feast at my brother-in-law’s, but after that I tried my hardest to pull it back rather than just thinking “Sod it!”. Apart from Saturday, I was within my syns every day which I think made a difference as it’s a been a while since that has happened. I still had another 5lb to go until my pre Christmas weight so I was hoping for a half decent loss this week.

Before I get to weigh in though, a few Insta meal photos:

So even after my little binge on Saturday, I was hoping for at least 1lb off as like I said, I had been on it the rest of the time. I was still nervous when I stepped on the scales (aren’t we always?) so I was pretty pleased to see I had lost 2lb! Leaving me another 3lb until I am back at pre Christmas weight.

My stats for this week (week 49):

  • starting weight – 13st 4.5lb
  • previous weight – 10st 7lb
  • current weight – 10st 5lb
  • loss this week – 2lb 
  • loss so far – 2st 13.5lb
  • Club 10 target weight – 11st 13.5lb
  • final target weight – 9st 7lb

Weight loss – week 7

I’m a bit late this week as I’ve had a lot on and only just remembered to write this post. I still weighed in on Monday though so I’m good to go with sharing my weigh in result. Last week wasn’t as bad as it could have been eating wise, but then it could have been better too. I’m still not back on track with logging my food which is the thing that’s really letting me down. I don’t think I so much ate the wrong things last week, just maybe a little too much of the good things. I seem to have lost my motivation a bit recently too. I think life is just getting to me a bit, and when it does that, I just eat and can’t be bothered to do anything. I didn’t do an awful lot of walking last week either – as above, I just couldn’t be bothered. As you can probably tell from the tone of this post, I’m just a little deflated with life in general at the minute.

Anyway – my week 7 stats:

  • start weight – 203.6 lbs
  • target weight – 132 lbs
  • previous weight – 183.6 lbs
  • current weight – 185.2 lbs
  • weight loss this week – 1.6 lbs GAIN
  • weight loss to date – 18.4 lbs
  • weight to go – 53.2 lbs
So, a gain. It could have been worse I suppose. Though on Sunday evening I made hubby’s birthday cake and I couldn’t resist licking the bowl from the cake mix and the butter cream a little so I’m blaming that, obviously…
I may be a little late with next week’s update too as it’s my skydive on Monday!

Weight loss – week 6

After my big loss last week I wasn’t really expecting a huge loss this week, if any at all. Meal planning helped me get back into some form of a routine again, and eating salad again helped as I wasn’t eating so many carbs. I’m going to start sticking to more of a Gi diet now too as it will help a bit more because of the PCOS. I didn’t really use MFP again last week like i said I was going too, but I don’t think I did too bad as I’m getting back into the mindset of thinking before I eat what I’m about to. Though I did have a bad couple of days over the weekend as I felt exhausted and emotional which caused me to pig out a little.

I got back into walking too and headed to stay & play with the boys which is a good half hour walk there and back, though it’s more of a stroll on the way back as I get tired! I have a pedometer to review at the minute which is going to encourage me a little more too.

My week 6 stats are:

  • start weight – 203.6 lbs
  • target weight – 132 lbs
  • previous weight – 184.4 lbs
  • current weight – 183.6 lbs
  • weight loss this week – 0.8 lbs
  • weight loss to date – 20 lbs
  • weight loss to go – 51.6 lbs
So not quite a pound, but near enough. As I wasn’t expecting a loss, I’m pleased with that. And I’m nearly back at a 1.5 stone loss again – hopefully next week!

Weight loss – week 5

After a major gain last week, I have to be honest, it didn’t really give me a kick up the bum. I hadn’t done a meal plan so that didn’t help, but I don’t think I even logged into MFP last week either. Nevertheless, I tried my hardest not to eat rubbish and I managed quite well. Now we have our fruit & veg box again after our little break, that’s helping too.

I wasn’t really expecting any more of a gain this week as I hadn’t been eating anywhere near as much as the previous week, but I wasn’t expecting a huge loss either. I’ve started this week fresh with meal planning and logging my food, and I must continue this time, I just needed something to spur me on a little bit!

My week 5 stats are:

  • start weight – 203.6 lbs
  • target weight – 132 lbs
  • previous weight – 191 lbs
  • current weight – 184.4 lbs
  • weight loss this week – 6.6 lbs
  • weight loss to date – 19.2 lbs
  • weight loss to go – 52.4 lbs
So I had nearly a half stone loss again – but again I’m not expecting anywhere near that much next week!

Weight loss – week 3

So week 2 has been and gone and here I am into week 3. Like last week, I started the beginning of the week doing well then went downhill; and then again, I had a couple of emotional days and either continuously ate, or ate junk. I wish I was one of those people who went off food instead. The weekends are still going well with the Monday weigh in causing me not to pig out.

I didn’t even do as much walking last week as I was so tired for one reason or another and I just couldn’t be bothered to walk to any groups or to meet hubby from work – lazy I know…

So here are my week 3 stats:

  • start weight – 203.6 lbs  
  • target weight – 132 lbs 
  • previous weight – 183 lbs 
  • current weight – 183 lbs 
  • weight loss this week – Stay the same
  • weight loss to date – 20.6 lbs 
  • weight loss to go – 51 lbs

I stayed the same this week – at least it’s not a gain! To be honest I was expecting a gain when I got on the scales so I’m pretty pleased with that.

We go away on Friday so I won’t be weighing in next week. I won’t be pigging out though and I’m going to try to eat as normally as possible; hopefully I’ll be doing a bit of walking as well. 

See you in a couple of weeks!