Little man N at 1 year 1 month old

I am rather late with posting this update – over three weeks in fact – but better late than never, hey?! (I’m sure I’ve said that before…). So it seems N is on that precipice between baby and toddler, which I have named the boddler stage (well actually Sarah at Let Them Be Small suggested the term over on Twitter, and I’ve stolen it, I think it’s great!). He is becoming so much like his brother and I’m not sure who I have to watch more nowadays, N or J! He’s definitely developing his own mega cheeky little personality that I think will be with him for life.

He still hasn’t been weighed since his ten month check, but I must really get around to doing it soon. I’m not at all worried about his weight as I think he’s leveling out now he’s on the move a lot more, I’m just curious as to how much he weighs now – I think it’s almost as much as his brother though, by the feel of him! He is still on one bottle in the evening before bed time and he definitely knows when it’s milk time as he sounds like he’s having a panic attack until he gets it! He had his one year vaccinations and was such a brave boy, he only gave a little whimper on the third one. They didn’t affect him as much as they did with J when he came out in a huge rash with his MMR reaction, though he was a bit under the weather with cold-like symptoms and just wanted lots of snuggles. He’s also had first proper bout of sickness on & off over a week or so – I’m not sure if it was jab related or just a bug or something, but it wasn’t pleasant changing his sheets…

He is turning into such a cheeky monkey and is into absolutely everything, so much more than his brother was (and he was bad enough!). He likes to empty the toy boxes all over the floor and then use them as an alternative walker and slide them up & down the hallway – it amuses him so much and he does it for ages! He is also obsessed with taking J’s potty apart – luckily with nothing in it! He really doesn’t like naps and is almost on the verge of giving them up at around the same age J did. It is practically impossible trying to get him down for a nap, but then he is so tired he falls asleep whilst eating his lunch! I have no end of photos of (literal) lunch time nap photos.

Look at those eyelashes!

He is yet to develop any new words, though we’ve had slight inklings of words forming, such as ‘ta’ and ‘nana’ – it’s not clear at the minute so I’m not sure whether it’s just something he’s rambling or an actual word. Though he’s been advanced in other areas compared to J, I think he may be a bit more delayed with his speech as J tends to talk for him. He is certainly noisy though so he definitely has a voice!

I mentioned in his last update that he was dying to walk. He finally built up his confidence and took his first steps, at just under 13 months old! He is very on & off with it and very stumbly still but I’m sure his confidence will grow further and he’ll be off at super speed in no time. We were very excited and also took him to get his first pair of shoes; it seems we have another bigfoot in the family with a size 4H.

We did get an official first shoes photo but I can’t be bothered to dig it out!

Current favourites
Food – Bananas
Drink – Milk
Toys – J’s potty!
Books – Anything J has!

Little man N at 1 year old!

I can’t quite believe the time for this particular update has finally come around – it feels like only a couple of months ago that I wrote his first one! So as it is, my little baby boy is now one year old, and veering away from being a baby and turning into a cheeky little toddler instead. Both my boys have cheeky personalities, but I think N is even more so than J!

He hasn’t been weighed since his ten month check which I mentioned in his last update so I have no idea how much he weighs now – he is a proper chunk though and you can really feel his weight when holding him! I’m not worried though – if I was then I would have had him weighed by now – he never stops eating but on the other side of that, he’s always on the move so it balances out and I’m sure he will get a bit thinner and leveled out like his brother once he starts walking. He is now down to only one bottle a day, but it’s 7-8oz he has now as it fills him up a bit more for bed time. We moved him on to whole cow’s milk just before his first birthday too so no more formula buying. His favourite food at the minute is still bananas – though he will gobble down practically anything and has taken to snatching food when we hand it to him!

He is certainly growing cheekier by the day. He loves to torment his brother too, as I mentioned in his last update he has started to ‘get his own back’ on J – he is getting braver every day and I feel like a referee most days! I forgot how often the word no is used at this age! When we say no to him we shake our head at the same time, he thinks it’s funny and shakes his head too with a smile on his face, cheeky monkey! He’s into everything at the minute and won’t keep out of the kitchen cupboards so we have finally gotten around to fixing clip locks into them as he prefers the food cupboard and emptying containers onto the floor…

We don’t have any new words yet though I think it won’t be long until they really start coming out as he loves to copy easy noises. He knows what he wants though and has other ways of telling us! He has no more teeth but I think there are one or two on the way (his brother also has his final two coming so I have two teething children at the minute!).

Not long after I posted his 11 month update, he finally stood by himself – he didn’t realise it though and so it was kind of hit & miss for a while though he’s getting more & more confident by the day. He’s dying to walk too but he just won’t let go of our hands or the furniture; a couple of times though he has tried to get something quickly and taken half a step before realising and plonking himself down!

I know he is leaning against the sofa here, but he did actually stand before this!

We have one milestone card left now, and that’s the one that says today I walked for the first time – maybe we’ll have that one to show you on his next update!

First birthday celebrations – little man N turns 1!

On Sunday my littlest guy finally turned one year old. The past year has gone so quick, much quicker than it did with J. All of Saturday I was reminiscing about my day of on/off labour; there may have been a few tears as my labour and home birth was pretty much perfect and I would do it all again in a

heart beat (if I wanted to, that is!).
For J’s first birthday we had a ‘proper’ party at home with friends & family, party games and even a visit from Iggle Piggle! I think I went all out because we had waited so long for that moment and I just really wanted to celebrate it. I realised though that he really had no idea what was going on, so for N’s birthday I just decided on a small family afternoon tea party.
On the morning of his birthday we were all awake before he was so just all snuggled in our bed waiting for him to wake up – any other day he would have been up much earlier! Eventually I got a bit impatient and just decided to wake him up – not that he knew it was any different to a normal day anyway! We took him in the living room to open his presents, but he just had a quick look then took more interest in the balloons! We coaxed him into opening a few of his presents (well, I say he opened a few, but it was mostly J!) but he’s a bit like his brother and has a short attention span so we left him to play while I got on with a few jobs and he opened the rest of them at the end of his party.

My Mum makes all of the boys’ cakes and this time was no different. I usually have a theme in mind but this time I had no idea (we didn’t even decide on a party theme until a couple of days before!) so I just gave her free reign, and she came up with this awesome gravity cake!

Once family had arrived and settled, N (with J’s help of course) opened a few more presents and then we got down to one of the most important parts – eating! I forgot to take a photo of the food before it all disappeared though… I just did a few nibbles like sausage rolls & crisps, and then I did some Slimming World friendly food as well like pulled pork sandwiched, potato wedges, salad and a fruit salad so I could still tuck in to plenty!

After food, we sang happy birthday to the birthday boy and he blew (I mean J blew) his candle out, and then we tucked into the best part of a birthday – cake! (That is the best part, right?…)



Sharing a room – an update!

You may have read last month that we were making preparations to move the boys into the same bedroom. Our main reason for this was – and maybe it was a bit selfish on our part – that we wanted our bedroom back! After having a child in there for nearly three years (in a cot, and then a co-sleeping toddler until N was born) we just wanted ‘our’ bit of space back. It meant us giving up the biggest bedroom but that was a fair sacrifice to make!

When the day came, my brother-in-law came to help with the swapping furniture around and after umm-ing and ahh-ing about where it should all go in its new place, it was all done & dusted after two or three hours. After totally emptying my huge free standing wardrobe in order to move rooms, I couldn’t be bothered with swapping the stuff around from the built in ones so hubby’s stuff was still in the boys’ bedroom for a while, and J’s in ours – in fact, the boys’ hats and gloves are still in what is now hubby’s wardrobe! (You know how it goes, ask a man to do something (hammer a few nails in) and they’ll do it…eventually! I may as well just do it myself, actually…).

The first night of them being in the same room I was absolutely dreading as N goes to bed half an hour earlier than J at the minute (so J gets some time with us just to himself) and J isn’t the quietest at bed time so I was expecting J to wake him up. It actually went quite smoothly. J did make a little bit of noise at first but when I whispered a couple of times that N was asleep, he quietened down. He’s been pretty good about it, other than the occasional time when he’s in one of those moods where he just wants to annoy everyone! It so happens that when N is asleep he’s actually quite a heavy sleeper so he hasn’t managed to wake him up – thank goodness, as he’s an absolute nightmare to get back to sleep.

Another thing I was unsure about was one waking the other up in the middle of the night as they both do still wake up occasionally. I was expecting it to be N waking up in all honesty, but the first few nights he slept through until morning and it was J who woke up! When he was in a room on his own he had a baby gate on his door (which has now moved to the shared room) and when he awoke in the night he would stand there shouting mummy or daddy – I didn’t want that to wake N up so decided to just leave the handle up a little as he could then open it and just come in our room. It wouldn’t be the first time that we had woken up to find him in bed with us – in fact once before he came in our room and was stood by the bed as I woke up, he scared me half to death! Obviously with N still being in his cot he can’t just get out so moans or cries when he wakes up, but that hasn’t managed to wake J up either.

So, after my initial panic about tougher bed times and sleepless nights, it has gone much better than I expected it to, and it’s great to finally have our room free of baby things! Apart from the baby, occasionally…

Little man N at 11 months old

So this is the last of N’s updates before he turns one year old. That’s right, at the next update I will have written a whole year of updates for my youngest baby. Who will no longer be a baby. (Sad face. Though don’t take that as a hint at any more babies – no thanks!).

As I mentioned in his ten month update he was due to be weighed at his ‘routine health check’ which I wrote about here along with a rant about the health visitor. He weighed 24lb 8oz meaning he had only gained 7oz since his last weigh in, so now he’s well on the move he seems to have slowed down a bit though he is still on the 98th centile, the chunky monkey! He also had his height measured and he was 75cm putting him on the 75th centile, so he’s going to be tall like J too. I think he has a longer body and shorter legs than his brother though. He seems to be cutting his bottles down himself and will some days only have two now; one at bed time and one in the morning or after lunch, depending on what time he wakes up and whether we are in or not. We’ve cut it down to 5oz now though as he wasn’t finishing them, and we will start to swap over to cow’s milk soon too. He’ll still eat practically anything you put in front of him and will often hover around us grunting like a piglet if we’re eating – so funny! He loves bananas and rice cakes at the minute.

He is turning into such a little mischievous fellow and has started fighting back when his brother is having a bad day. The first time was when they were both sat on the floor waiting for me to get ready to go out and N just leaned forwards and pushed J backwards – he’s a strong little guy, I’ll give him that! J wasn’t too happy about it and started crying – what goes around comes around I guess, though even though N doesn’t understand yet I do tell him off just so J doesn’t think that he gets told off and N gets away with it. He has also started crawling over J when he’s laid on the floor, and has even taken to sitting on his head a couple of times, eek! I think he’s going to be worse than his brother, oh joy! He is still a complete diva too and hates having his nappy changed and screams blue murder, but looks and laughs at us when he gets away, monkey!

We finally have some words – mama and dada (and yes I was first, woohoo!). Those are the only two so far, the rest of his noise is still just ‘ra ra ra ra ra’ or something along those lines! I’m expecting him to be a bit of a slow talker anyway as he his big brother talking for him, and he does enough of it! He now has another three teeth as well, making six in total. They are his top central incisors and the central four on the bottom. I think some more will start poking through soon too as his cheeks have been really red. Maybe he will have them all out of the way by his second birthday, unlike his big brother!

He isn’t walking unaided yet but he has finally started walking with his walker, and he is so proud of himself! He literally just stood up with it and started walking, no toppling or hesitation or anything and he can go rather fast. He still hasn’t stood unaided yet though I don’t think it will be long – maybe he will take his first steps by his first birthday!

As you can see, the littlest guy has been a busy boy this month!

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