Slimming World weigh in #55 and #56 – the ones where I’m gaining…

weekly weigh in

After my last weigh in prior to Noah’s birthday, I had promised myself that after a gain, I would be back on plan. As usual, the week started off well but slowly went down hill when it got to the weekend and we went out for N’s birthday meal, so then we had cake, and then we went out for the day on his actual birthday, then we had a picnic style dinner, and then I just kind of continued with the rubbish food as I was feeling really low too and I tend to be an emotional eater… Until it got to a couple of days before weigh in day and I tried to do some damage limitation, as usual!

Even after a gain once again at weigh in, it didn’t really change anything as I was still feeling not up to it and just ate a load of rubbish again, like last week, up until a couple of days before getting weighed and then tried damage limitation, again! I was really  kicking myself as I knew I needed to get my head back in the game but I just couldn’t.

Saying that, I did have some meals on plan – here is the Insta evidence… Read more

Slimming World weigh in #54 – the one where I’m up again…

weekly weigh in

I never made weigh in this week as it was Noah’s birthday, and I never got around to writing last week’s update either, so this it – we will hopefully be back to normal next week!

So last week; I was very very good all week, I stuck completely to my meal plan (we even had a KFC and I had a rice box at 4.5 syns), I was within my syns every. single. day (for the first time in weeks – again), I had eaten loads of speed food (both fruit & veg), and I was pretty confident of a loss, even hoping to get into that next stone down bracket and ever closer to my target… Read more

5 great alternatives to the traditional party bag

This is the year that I find myself organising the fourth birthday party in a row, only this time it will be a joint one for the boys. It will be Jacob’s 4th, and Noah’s 2nd. As we are now living in a house with plenty of outdoor space, I wanted to make this birthday special for the boys and have a party with a bouncy castle! (Though I’m not sure whether that’s for the adults or children)… Read more

Slimming World weigh in #53 – the one where I’m at my lowest…

weekly weigh in

After my weigh in last week and the gain I had, I was very much determined to have a decent loss this week as I was so annoyed that I still hadn’t lost my Christmas weight and felt like I was going backward. This week was the first in goodness knows how long – probably since last year – that I have been on plan AND within my syns for the whole week. Read more

Slimming World weigh in #52 – the one where I’m gutted…

weekly weigh in

After my pleasing weigh in last week I went away from group feeling confident about the week ahead. I had no plans to put me off track and I was determined to lose that one more pound to get me back to my pre-Christmas weight. I was doing really well and completely on top of things until stress just got to me one evening, and I delved into the biscuit tin… Oops. I managed to stop myself after 4 or 5 (!) and though they tasted good at the time, I regretted it immediately afterwards. I wiped the slate clean though and was straight back on it the next morning and completely on plan for the rest of the week again. Read more