Updates To Consider Making To Your Home

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You love your home but also likely know deep down that there are improvements that could be made. It’s never too late to begin thinking about what updates will be worth your time and money and to get started on a project today.

Your home will be more beautiful, and you’ll like living in it more when you take good care of it. Consider the following ideas and then begin budgeting and putting together a timeline for how long each step will take to complete. You might also want to determine which changes you can do or teach yourself versus knowing when it’s best to hire a professional. Read more

Turning Your Spare Room Into An Inviting Guest Room

Staying at somebody else’s house always feels a little strange and sometimes people feel like they’re invading your personal space a bit, even if they are close friends or family. But you can make your guests a lot more comfortable if you spend some time setting up the perfect guest room that is more like a hotel room than a spare room filled with junk. These are some of the best ways to create a welcoming guest room in your home. 

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Keep The Decor Simple

When you are decorating your home, it’s important that you inject a bit of your own personality and create decor that is unique to you. However, when you are decorating a guest room, you should go in the opposite direction. Adding too much of your own personality makes guests feel like they are borrowing a room from you rather than staying in a room that is designed for guests, and this can make them feel like they are intruding. If the decor is too loud, that also makes it difficult for people to relax and get to sleep. It’s best to go for plain decor that gives the room a clean and inviting feel without being too overwhelming.

Add Some Statement Pieces

Although it’s important to use neutral decor, you don’t want the room to be boring. The best way to strike a good balance is to keep most of the decor very plain but add a few statement pieces that make the room more interesting and make your home stand out from the crowd. For example, why not upcycle an old chest of drawers or add an elaborate light fixture to the room? One or two statement pieces help to elevate the decor and the plain colour palette and simple furniture elsewhere in the room will balance it so it doesn’t become too cluttered. 

Invest In Good Quality Bedding

One of the easiest ways to create a welcoming environment in your guest bedroom is to invest in good quality bedding. Companies like Richard Haworth sell hotel quality bed linens that will make your guests feel like they’re being pampered at a top hotel. If you just buy cheap bed linen, your guests will feel like you haven’t really put much thought into the room and that they are a bit of an inconvenience. But if you set the room up with some nice bed linen, it immediately makes them feel more welcome and they will be a lot more comfortable when they go to sleep. 

Set Up A Coffee And Tea Area

If your guests are early risers and they want a cup of tea or coffee, they may feel a bit awkward going down into the kitchen and helping themselves, especially if nobody else is awake yet. Most of the time, people just stay in their room until they hear somebody else get up but you can make life easier for your guests if you set up a coffee and tea area in the guest room. All you need is a small travel kettle, a few mugs and a little table, and then you can put a pot of coffee and a few teabags on there. If you really want to push the boat out, you could invest in a coffee machine and a mini fridge but that will make things more expensive. Having a small tea and coffee station means that your guests can get up and relax in their room and it helps to create that hotel experience for them. 

Provide Toiletries

If your guests forget a few basic things like shower gel or toothpaste, they might feel a bit awkward using yours. That’s why it’s a good idea to provide a few things for them just in case they forget. Next time you go to a hotel, take some of the small toiletries with you when you leave. That way, you have some on hand to give to guests when they stay. 

Clear Out The Wardrobes

Most people use their spare room to store stuff and you might have a wardrobe full of clothes that you aren’t wearing right now. If you have guests coming, you don’t want them to be living out of a suitcase for their entire stay, so make sure that you clear out your wardrobe before they come. This could be a good opportunity to get rid of some old clothes and reduce the clutter in your home and it will make life easier for your guests. 

These simple tips will help you to create a guest room that feels inviting and gives your guests an authentic hotel experience. 

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