AD | 2019 Men’s Clothing Trends

Not all men like clothes shopping. If your husband or boyfriend falls into that category, getting them to update their wardrobe regularly can be problematic. Sometimes you need to encourage them a little. There are different ways to do this. Knowing what is on trend and pointing out a few men’s clothing items to them that they may like is one approach that works well. Read more

One jumpsuit, two outfits – spring fashion with | AD

Hello spring! You sprang up fast! (Get it?…) Anyway, though it felt like spring only a few days ago with sunshine and warmth, the weather has soon changed again. Though this is the UK, so I’m not sure what I expected really. I think I might have cursed it by digging out my spring clothes and washing them to freshen them up, and putting away my jumpers…

My spring wardrobe does need a bit of an update though. Whenever I sort my clothes out according to the season, I usually pop some to the charity shop as I tend to change my mind about liking them. It does some good for others, plus it gives me an excuse to replace them with fresh new ones… Read more

School run style with JD Williams – Comfort, colour & a cardigan

School run style with JD Williams

Let’s talk school run style. Well, we’ll start with school mornings in general. I’m not a fan, in all honesty. I’m really not an early bird, the boys just mess about eating their breakfast and getting dressed, they argue; but I do like being on time. I get anxious if we’re even running one minute late. So I’m the school run mum that just jumps out of bed and chucks my clothes on, ties my hair back, and doesn’t put any makeup on. I’m only a special occasion wearer of makeup to be honest! Read more

Back to school with Debenhams | Review

Back to school with Debenhams

The end of August seems to be the time when most people are running around, getting those last bits of uniform, ready for the little cherubs to return back to school. Until Jacob started primary school last year, I never realised actually how much was needed; trousers, t-shirts, jumpers, socks, shoes, coat, bags, PE kit (including shorts, tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt, jumper, trainers)… And with multiples of each, it can get expensive, right? He likes to get dirty (nothing wrong with that!) so I think we must have gone through at least 15 polo shirts through the school year; this year I decided to stock up with a pack every time I go to the store!

I actually purchased his uniform from multiple stores last year to try and get the best value. Obviously style, colour, and fit is important too. This year, Debenhams asked me if I would like to purchase some school uniform for Jacob from their online store. I didn’t realise just how much choice there was! They currently have 25% off on their spectacular event too, so there’s even better value for money right there.

Start the new term in style with our collection of clothing, school bags and PE kits. You’ll find a full range of sizes, including generous fit, for everything from girls’ school coats and skirts to trousers and shirts for boys. And with weatherproof jackets and scuff-resistant shoes for both, they’ll be top of the class with our A+ range.
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Stepping into autumn with JD Williams | Review

Stepping into autumn with JD Williams review - NSIWE

After dropping 4 dress sizes since last year, I have had to constantly replace my wardrobe. Throughout my journey it has always been from shopping in charity shops, or in the sales; so I’m not spending lots of money just to replace my clothes in another few months. Now I am almost at target and pretty much comfortable with the clothes size I currently am, I have actually started buying full priced clothes!

I do like to be season savvy though and have a few pieces that can take me from one season to another. When JD Williams asked me if I would like to choose a couple of items from their website, I couldn’t wait to get looking! I do love virtual shopping, but usually I will fill my basket and then abandon it when it gets into the £100’s – oops. JD Williams has lots of great value items of clothing and footwear though, so as easy as it would be to spend a lot, it is also just as easy to find something to suit a smaller budget. Read more