The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 11

Wednesday 7th August – 11w
So I am 11 weeks pregnant today! I can’t believe how quickly it’s going either. But I have had an awful lot going on since we got our BFP, so maybe that’s why, I just haven’t had the time to think too much about it. Which is a good thing, as I was determined to worry myself about it! 

I got weighed today, and I’ve only gained 1lb so far – by this point in my pregnancy with little man, I had already gained around 5lbs. I’m determined not to gain as much as I did with him, as I never lost it all before falling pregnant again. Very proud of myself so far. 

Thursday 8th August – 11w 1d
After losing MiL last week, we lost my Grandad today. Devastated. Number 1, to even lose my Grandad, and number 2, that this is happening all over again so soon. My hormones just cannot take it at the minute. I cannot stop crying tears. I cannot stop the heartache. Hormones in overdrive, equals a very emotional pregnant Stacey. 

Also because of all of this, I am just drained, exhausted, I can’t function. I felt really ill this morning and was counting the hours until hubby came home from work. I’m just not a very good Mummy to little man lately, and I feel awful, he deserves better. 

Friday 9th August – 11w 2d
Felt shattered all day again today. I’m so snappy, tearful, and feel like I’m going to have a huge breakdown at any point. I just don’t see the point. Until I look at my gorgeous boy and think about little berry. 

I had my first midwife visit (other than my booking appointment) today too. It was mainly to take some more bloods after my last ones.I told the midwife it was to check my iron stores, and she said yes, I was looking a little pale actually! I can tell this pregnancy isn’t going to be a smooth one… Whilst I was there she also did a quick MOT on me. My blood pressure was fine, she sent my urine sample off though as I never did one at my booking. 

Saturday 10th August – 11w 3d
I had a good sleep last night, and feel SO much better than I have the last few days! I think having a good cry yesterday might have played a part. I think I just need to keep busy to be honest, to take my mind off things. Luckily I have a few things going on over the next few days. Today we were at a BBQ party, tomorrow we’re going to FiL’s, Monday we’re going swimming and a picnic (depending on the weather forecast!) with friends, and Tuesday I’m going to an Usbourne book party. I’ve been having a peek on the website already! 

Sunday 11th August – 11w 4d
I was absolutely shattered after yesterday’s fun and I was in bed earlier than little man last night – how he was still awake and running about when we got home last night, I do not know! 

I didn’t go to FiL’s in the end, I stayed at home whilst little man went with Daddy – I was glad of the rest to be honest! 

Monday 12th August – 11w 5d
Up early this morning to go swimming! I must have had another good sleep as I was up way earlier than the two men, I even had to wake the little man up to have his milk before we left! I haven’t been swimming in years – maybe because I can’t actually swim – but I actually enjoyed myself, was good to take my mind off things. It tired me out though and I was all ready for a sleep when we left! 

At week 11, berry is the size of a fig.
The head accounts for about one-third to half of the body’s length. 
The ears are moving to the final position on the side of the head.
The irises are developing, revealing the eye colour. 
The fingers & toes are separating.
The placenta is developing rapidly.
The organs are almost formed.
Berry is already busy kicking and stretching!

Pregnancy blues

All the way through my pregnancy, there’s only been one period, around 14 weeks pregnant, where I’ve had the fed up feeling. It really frustrated me at the time, because I knew how lucky I was, and I didn’t want it to happen again. Well it seems it has. Sigh.

Over the last week, all I’ve done is cry every single day, usually at stupid, random things. Today I can’t stop crying. The main reason though – and I feel awful and incredibly frustrated at myself for even feeling like I do, for the reasons that I do, as it took us so long to get here and we fought so hard, but I’m going to be honest – is that I’m just fed up now, and just want him here. Not necessarily fed up of being pregnant, as I love it, I love feeling and watching him squirm about, just more fed up of waiting for him to arrive. Though, the aches and pains don’t help, but that’s just preparing for labour. I also started getting period type cramps last Saturday, and I know this can be a sign of early labour, which is also part of the feeling fed up, as I know it could be soon but nothing is happening, and it’s the waiting game. The backache has been pretty much constant since then too, though today it has gotten worse. 

Add to the above being full of cold, sneezy, having a headache all day because of it, and achy eyes – though someone said some women experience cold/flu type symptoms before going into labour, so hope that is the case here too! 

23 weeks (and a bump pic)

Yesterday was 23 weeks! Nearly at ‘V Day’, next week…

Not much to report I’m afraid after only posting 22 week update on Thursday! I was in quite an emotional teary state over the weekend though, I think partly this is because the miserable cold weather and early dark nights are getting me down, like they do other people; I don’t usually suffer too much but obviously more emotional and hormonal this year so it’s affecting me a bit more! Also, I’ve been having those ‘I’m going to be a rubbish Mummy and do everything wrong’ thoughts! I suppose it’s been slowly building up for a while, but the tears just erupted on Friday night! Husband didn’t help much either, he told me I was being silly, which of course made me more upset because I thought I was being stupid, so cried even more! After some reassurance from a friend though, I now fully realise this is totally natural, and may even roll on into toddler-hood! (And possibly teenage and adult life?!) Husband apologised anyway and reassured me I am going to be a brilliant Mummy, which made me happier to hear it coming from him. He’s going to be a brilliant Daddy too 🙂 

Leaving you with a couple of bump pics from 23 weeks…

19 weeks (and an emotional wreck)

Yep, 19 weeks already! Still feels like only yesterday when I got my BFP! We’re nearly half way there, and I still can’t believe it. Though we have to wait an extra week to see our baby, at 21+1, which kinda sucks, but will make it all the more special. Scan is 2 weeks today on the 31st, it’s an early morning one, which means I’ll be peeing all day afterwards! But we’ll finally know the gender of our precious baby (well, if he/she lets us!). 

Yesterday I was a bit of an emotional wreck if I’m honest. Firstly, I think I’m back at that point from the first trimester when I am exhausted, yawning, and want to go back to bed as soon as I wake up – baby must be growing a lot. But, this also means that I’m mardy and irritable to go with it! Poor hubby! It didn’t help yesterday that I had a headache that just wouldn’t go away. (Nope, not the husband this time!).

I was cooking dinner, and that’s when it all started… I threw an absolute wobbler because my chicken wasn’t cooked properly, I started shouting at hubby, and partly blamed him (not his fault at all, he was busy upstairs!), and then I was in floods of tears for the next 20 minutes! I eventually calmed down whilst hubby sorted everything out, well by then after the crying fit I was even more shattered. 

Dinner eaten, couple of hours after I decided I wanted chocolate (oops!)… I remembered I had some mini eggs which I bought when they were selling them off after Easter. Well, I thought I did… They were at the top of the cupboard, which I can’t reach, so asked hubby to find them. He spent 5 minutes looking for them, telling me they weren’t there, me insisting they were, and then, he finally owned up, he’d eaten them! Cue another crying  and shouting session. Oh dear, poor hubby again! 

For the third time, was at bedtime! As tired as I was, I just couldn’t get settled and sleep. Not helped by hubby’s snoring and loud breathing, every single night it happens, so annoying. So then I threw another wobbler at him and ventured downstairs to read! I eventually went back upstairs, snuggled in bed and read a little more, no idea what time I got to sleep in the end…