Preparing for sharing a bedroom

So we’ve finally made the decision to move the boys into the same bedroom. We knew it would have to happen at some point but have been holding off. We only live in a small 2 bed flat and currently we have the bigger bedroom. If we were to move N into J’s room it just wouldn’t work so we’re going to be swapping our rooms around too (though we won’t be decorating – maybe just a lick of paint – as we hope to move this year anyway! Not that our bedroom has been decorated since we moved in two and a half years ago anyway, it’s still a state…but I digress!). J’s bed and N’s cot, plus all of their toys, will fit better in what is currently our room anyway.
The worry we have is how to go about it. We’ve decided to do it later this week as hubby has the day off so we can move furniture around, so I have a few days to prepare myself for possibly longer sleepless nights! Bed times at the moment consist of N (nearly one) going to bed with his bottle at 6.30pm so we have half an hour alone with J (nearly three) before he goes at 7pm. The thing is, J still has us in with him until he goes to sleep, and sometimes he is a noisy soul before giving in so I’m worried about him waking N up at bed time!
The other thing is that they both still occasionally wake up in the night. If N wakes up then we can get to him quick before he wakes J up as his cot is right next to our bed, and half the time he then ends up in our bed. If J wakes up then one of us goes into him and usually ends up falling asleep in his bed. On the very odd occasion he will also come in our bed. But when J does wake up, he stands at his gate shouting for us, sometimes he will be crying. I’m worried that when they’re in the same room if he does this, it will definitely wake N up. But on the other hand I’m hoping that they will maybe sleep better being in the same bedroom.
Then again, it might all just go to pot!
Have you been in a similar situation? How did you go about it and deal with it?

A to Z of Family – B is for Boys

Though ‘Boys’ is my main subject of this weeks A to Z of Family post for the letter B, I can list other ‘B’s’ combined with it that I have experienced with my boys – though mainly J as N doesn’t do an awful lot yet!

Yes you read that right. Very recently J has started to pick his nose and then wipe it wherever he fancies. Including furniture and other people. Usually me. Just disgusting. Is this just a boy thing or a toddler thing in general?
J has been boisterous for as long as I can remember. I remember it getting really bad just after he turned 1 though. His Daddy & I feel the brunt of it when he’s climbing all over us and kicks out, even after telling off he still does it as he thinks it’s funny. We’re still trying to knock this on the head.
Bonding is something which J really had to work on with N, but he got there in the end and now (most of the time, when he’s not tired and jealous!) he is a fantastic big brother and it’s great to see their bond ever growing.
Bottom burps
Another amusement of J’s. He is turning into a proper man with his bottom burps! They sound manly, they smell manly, he even lifts his bum up and then laughs when he’s done it!
Obviously when I was pregnant we knew that J was going to be a big brother, but we didn’t know until N was born that J would have a little brother. Hubby and his brother have a similar age gap so I’m picturing J & N ending up like them (God help me!).

A to Z of Family

Heart-Melting Moments

I recently blogged about how J was getting on with being a big brother and how he had ‘improved’ since N was born. Every day he is just becoming more & more loving towards him, and it really makes my heart melt and brings a tear to my eye.

He still helps me with N – with nappy changes and getting him dressed etc. – but he is becoming so much more affectionate and sympathetic towards him too.

He has recently started giving him proper cuddles, arms round him and everything – he has never done this before. He doesn’t realise his own strength though and I sometimes have to tell him to be a little more gentle!

He really wants to pick him up too as he has seen me & Daddy doing it, but he’s still a bit little for that and he would drop him! When one of us goes to pick him up, he tries to as well.

When N is sick I usually say something along the lines of “Oh dear Noah”, and now J says it before me saying “Oh dear No No” in the cutest voice – that’s his cute nickname for him and it’s kind of sticking!

The last couple of weeks, J has also started trying to have a conversation with N. N smiles and coos at him, and it is just incredible to watch my boys bonding with each other. N really loves him. When J is playing or having one of his silly moments, N sits (on my knee of course!) and chuckles at him, it just really melts my heart and makes me all fuzzy inside.

Family Friday

Being a big brother

I recently wrote about little man J at 2 years old, and briefly mentioned how he is coping with being a big brother. Since then he has come on a bit more too and is really getting used to it and helping more now. 

He does still get jealous sometimes and I have to make sure that I don’t leave him alone as we have near on had a couple of ‘incidents’ with him! Instead I take the brunt of it, as any Mummy would.

I mentioned that he likes to give him kisses – when he’s given N one and then I ask for one, half the time he won’t give me one now, like N is more worthy than Mummy! I think it’s quite cute actually.

As well as taking his nappies to the bin, he also fetches them now, as well the changing mat and baby wipes. If he could reach his clothes in the wardrobe I think he would fetch those too as when Daddy is here and changing N, I give them to J to take to Daddy and he gets really excited. 

They had their first bath together a couple of weeks ago and he helped to wash him which was really rather sweet.

Very recently he has also started attempted to give him his bottle; he tries shoving it in N’s mouth even when he doesn’t want it, but bless him, he’s only trying to help! When N has been sick or dribbled he wipes it up for him. 

And now he has started to help dress him too, though he tends to actually just place his clothes on top of him…

I didn’t think he would take to him immediately, which he didn’t, but he is slowly getting there and I am very proud of him. He is being a great big brother, as much as he can at his age.

Mumday Monday