Snugiwraps stretchy wrap | Review

I first started babywearing when little man J was a few weeks old, after I won a wrap in a competition before he was born. I only ever really wore him around the house though; being a first time mum suffering with anxiety and PND I was too nervous of people staring at me to wear him & about. (Though now I know babywearing is a great help with PND).
With little man N, I first wore him when he was just 2 weeks old. This time around I am much more confident and seem to be battling off the PND – maybe babywearing has helped with this. One of the most popular and advised carriers for newborns is a stretchy wrap so when I was given the chance to review one from Snugiwraps, I was elated as I am always lusting over Steph’s carriers over on her Facebook page. As my original wrap is red, I opted for a blue one.

My thoughts

As of January 2014, Snugiwraps stretchy wraps are made of a new improved fabric. You can definitely tell this as soon as you take it out of the packaging, it is so soft & smooth. The colour is so vivid too. The Snugiwraps logo is stitched onto the wrap, giving you your middle marker. As I have wrapped before, I didn’t really need instructions but the instructions which Steph includes are very informative. You can also check out her video on YouTube if you need visual guidance. Wrapping is difficult at first and it might take a few practices (with J I used a teddy!) but once you have learned, you never forget!


Once the wrap is on and baby is in, you can barely tell they are even there – which is when you know you have done it correctly. I found this wrap much easier to get N into place, and it didn’t really need adjusting once he was in there. As he is a little older with head support now he loves to be looking around, but it is also prefect for when he wants to snuggle and go to sleep. When he falls asleep and I take him out whilst still asleep he really does notice and lets out a shriek so he must like it!


Usually I get funny looks when wearing N (not many people where I live do it – not in this style of carrier anyway) but yesterday I got an “Aww” from a young lady, who noticed as she was walking past that I was wearing him!
Snugiwraps stretchy wraps are priced are £20 and come in a variety of colours. If I wasn’t planning on purchasing a different style carrier in the near future I would definitely be purchasing another wrap in a different colour as they are well worth what you pay.
Our rating – 5/5
We were sent this item free of charge to review, but all thoughts and opinions are honest & our own.
For more information on choosing your very own baby carrier, check out this article from Mum Knows Best.

Little man N at 1 month old

So it’s time for the first of little man N’s monthly updates (a little lot later than planned…)! I can honestly say that time is going much quicker this time – probably because I’m constantly on the go!

We managed to get him registered the week after he was born – so he is officially NWJG! I’d forgotten how lovely it was to make them all official.

N was breastfed for the first four weeks – he also had some formula during this time meaning he became a proper little chunk. He only lost 4 oz in his first 5 days.  At his 10 day check he had gained that back plus another 6 oz. I was very proud of this considering our feeding problems as in this time he only had breast milk. He weighed 10 lbs at one month old – his birth weight was 7lb 6oz.

He is a hungry little man just like his brother was. He has been doing the ‘norm’ for a baby of this age though feeding every 2 hours, sometimes less. 

Also just like his brother, he is not a huge fan of sleeping in his own bed. He did sleep in his Moses basket on his first night and then as we were in hospital on nights 2 & 3 he slept in the cot there, but since then he has co-slept pretty much every night since. He’s just a baby that loves snuggles. 

We had our first go at baby-wearing at 2 weeks old and he very much liked it. I started much earlier this time than I did with J as by the time I got around to it with him, he hated it and would just scream when I wrapped him. 

He seems to be doing things sooner than his brother did as we had his first coo out of him at 3 weeks old! Lots of windy smiles too, but oh so cute. Roll on the first proper smile!