A to Z of Family – D is for Decisions

As parents, we all have an awful lot of decisions to make. Some are easy, some are hard. Some take a lot of thought, some we might do on a whim.

Of course the biggest decision we will ever make is whether to start a family, then you have to think about when. When is the right time? Is there ever a right time? For us, we decided to wait until after we married. We were married in the July but because I am OCD about things, we I decided to wait until the New Year so it was a fresh start, so to speak. Though it wasn’t an easy journey for us and then we had all of the fertility treatment decisions to make.

Once that moment comes and you find out you are expecting a baby (or more than one!), you have a whole future of decisions before you. Other than deciding on pushchairs, room decor, car seats (and the rest of those less major decisions), one of the most important decisions to make is deciding on a name. Obviously something that will stick with your baby forever. Both times we found it much easier deciding on a girls name than a boys. With J, after discovering we were going to have a boy, we were going to keep the girls name for future in case we had a girl, but we had to change it the second time as our God-daughter now has that name! (We did save it for a middle name though as we loved it so much – not that we got to use it!).

At the moment I’m a SAHM. Another hard decision for us parents to make. When we are going to go back to work. If we even want to go back to work. I know for a lot of mummies, this decision is already made for them as they can’t afford not to work, so it’s simply the decision when to go back. Some are lucky in that they can afford to stay at home. We struggle sometimes, but we manage. This time around I’ve decided that I’m going to try and get back to work part time soon – though I have been out of the work force for a while so it’s going to be hard! Just a few hours being someone other than Mummy would be nice though!
Alongside this is deciding on childcare. Nursery or grandparents? If nursery – which one? Obviously this is quite an important decision as you want to know your child is cared for & happy. J loves his nursery now he’s settled in and rarely wants to come home when I go to collect him! After this, school. We haven’t gotten that far yet but from listening to others experiences, I have realised this can be a minefield! Though I’m sure the time will come around quickly now…

Which decisions have you found the hardest to make, as a parent?

A to Z of Family

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 14

Wednesday 28th August – 14w
I had my second 12 week scan today – obviously at 14 weeks though! As usual I was nervous, but I got in there and the heartbeat was there, everything was fine. Phew. Baby was measuring spot on. We opted for the NT test again, baby just would not cooperate. They were very bouncy and waving though! Just like their big brother was at his… The sonographer couldn’t the fluid measurement, so she suggested I empty my bladder to see if baby would change position, which I did and baby didn’t. Little monkey. She actually asked if I’d been drinking caffeine as that’s what usually happens when baby won’t stay still, but no, I’m just growing another wriggler! So I went and had a rest and a walk for 20 minutes and then went back. She was successful this time and got the measurement. After the scan I had to have my bloods done, and I also made an appointment for my GTT, at the beginning of December. Our next scan is mid October so I’m counting down to that now. And I’m determined to have a surprise! 

12 week scan photo

Friday 30th August – 14w 2d
Now it wouldn’t be my diary if I didn’t mention how tired I was. This time because little man decided to have a party for the last two nights in a row, starting at 4am. Zzzzzzzzz…

I seem to have become a bit addicted to Quavers. I can’t stop eating them. 

Saturday 31st August – 14w 3d
We started drawing up a list of names today! Finding boys names so much harder, again, especially because we want a particular meaning this time. Got a good list of girls names though! 

Sunday 1st September – 14w 4d
I seem to have killed Sir David Frost this time. R.I.P. 

Up until now I’ve just managed without my maternity clothes, but I think it’s time they came out again. I’ve been using the old bobble trick on my jeans! But they are still uncomfortable. I need to bring my box back from the inlaws and sort them out. 

At 14 weeks, berry is the size of a nectarine.
This week berry can squint, frown, grimace, wee, and possible suck their thumb. It’s all go!
The kidneys are producing urine which is being released into the amniotic fluid.
The lanugo is starting to develop.
Soft nails have developed on their fingers and toes.
Berry’s blood is starting to form in the bone marrow and blood vessels.

What’s in a name?

What is in a name? 

Since before we even found out I was pregnant, we always had our girls name chosen – though a friend has since named their baby girl with the same first name so we will have to rethink if we ever have a girl, though I absolutely love it so we may have to keep it as a middle name! 

Once we knew little man was a boy, we struggled with deciding on a first name. We just could not agree. If hubby chose one, I didn’t like it; if I chose one, he didn’t like it! Eventually I came across one I liked – Jacob – and hubby liked it too! Finally! Then it was a case of middle names. We decided not to go with family names as a tradition, I don’t know why though. We both liked Max and decided we definitely wanted it, but didn’t just want this shortened version; so we decided on Maxwell which people were a bit questioning of at first, but we didn’t take notice of what other people thought really. So, his name was going to be ‘Jacob Maxwell G’. 

That was until, I went into labour on the morning of the Australian Grand Prix. The race which Jenson Button won. Of whom we are huge fans. So I told hubby, if baby arrives today then we’ll add Jenson as a middle name too! Of course, little man was stubborn, and didn’t arrive until 3.35am the next morning. But now we had decided on adding that name, we were struck on it and still kept it!

I love my little man’s name, Jacob Maxwell Jenson, and of course I’ll tell him the story behind it when he’s older!

Jacob Maxwell Jenson

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Anomaly scan

Yesterday we had our 20 week anomaly scan. I’m sure you all know by now that we wanted to find out the gender, and luckily baby had their legs uncrossed and let us see! Baby G is a…. BOY! Mummy’s instinct was right! (As was the old wives tales gender predictor, the astrological balance predictor, gender swaying BD timing, and the Baby Centre gender predictor) We are absolutely over the moon, I can’t stop smiling! Now, since I can remember, I always imagined myself having a baby girl, until I was actually pregnant, from about 6 or 7 weeks I knew he was a boy, just had that feeling…
Of course this scan was a detailed scan to check baby over too, and I’m delighted to say that he is growing well! Was amazing seeing him on the screen again, and when the sonographer told us he was a boy, I must admit I had a tear in my eye! Though at first baby had his hands over his eyes, he obviously didn’t want us to see him!
We have a name chosen for him, though we’re not telling anyone apart from family and Godparents until he’s born (though people keep asking)! Part of the reason being that it may change yet, but at this rate probably not as we can’t find any others that we like at the minute! Also, only a first name thus far, as we can’t find any we like that ‘go’ with his first name we have chosen, and our last name…
I’ve been feeling him move for a while now, since about 15 weeks, but today I’ve seen him from the outside – seen my belly move and felt him! Absolutely amazing! Now I can’t wait for his Daddy to see and feel (neither can Daddy, he’s getting impatient!), though he’ll probably be asleep when Daddy gets home from work!

Here he is!