Gender prediction fun (take 2)

Whilst pregnant with little man, I wrote this post for a bit of gender prediction fun. This was right before our anomaly scan when we decided to find out the gender, but as you know we haven’t this time. I thought I may as well have a go at it again! With little man’s predictions, it came out as 4 saying girl and 4 saying boy, so it was an equal ratio.

Chinese Gender Chart

This is a chart on which you cross reference two things to determine the gender of your baby. For this chart though you must determine your Chinese age at time of conception, and the Chinese lunar month of conception, not your actual age and month of conception.

My Chinese age was 28, and the lunar month was April (actual age was 26, actual month was May).

In this case, berry is a GIRL!

Old Wives Tales Gender Predictor

For this one, you must answer 15 questions based on old wives tales!

According to my answers, berry is a BOY! (73% chance)

Wedding Ring Gender Prediction Method

This method involves tying a wedding ring (or pin or needle) to a piece of thread or strand of hair. Hold the dangling item over your belly whilst lying down. If it swings in a circular motion, you are having a girl; if it swings in a pendulum you are having a boy.

My wedding ring swung in a pendulum, so we are having a BOY!

Astrological balance predictor

This one involves entering a few details such as date, location & time of birth (I don’t know mine & hubby’s time of birth so it’s not completely accurate), and showing the balance between our astro-makeup.

According to this, we are most likely to produce BOYS!

Gender Prediction Calendar

This one involves just inputting the mother’s and father’s month and year of birth, and showing a calendar of conception (not birth) months, and the gender of the baby.

According to this one, we are having a BOY!

Gender swaying

We didn’t gender sway, but I saw a friend post about this a while ago and thought I would look it up, to see what our ‘chances’ would be if we had done this. This obviously isn’t in detail, but there is more detail out there if it’s something you wish to do…

Diet – for a girl, the diet should be lower calorie and more dairy; for a boy, higher calorie and higher in salt content (though I wouldn’t advise a high salt content diet anyway!) 

At the time of conception I was controlling my weight and diet, and was eating a lower calorie diet and more dairy products, and less salt, so this one says GIRL!

Timing of BD’ing – for a girl, BD’ing should take place 72 hours before OV. For a boy, it should take place closer to OV. (I’m not going to go into the position factor for this one, a bit TMI there I think!)

According to my fertility app I was using at the time, we did BD 72 hours before OV. So this one says GIRL.

Baby Centre Gender Predictor 

This is a series of questions based on scientific studies rather than old wives tales etc.

This one says we are more likely to have a GIRL!

So, we have 4 that say GIRL, and 4 that say BOY! Which interestingly is the same ratio as last time…

Which gender predictions did you do, and were they right or wrong?

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 21

Thursday 17th October – 21w 1d
So excited we have our scan tomorrow! I still have no inkling of the gender whatsoever, but from previous scans and my bump, I would say 75% of people have commented that they think it’s a girl. I just don’t know! 

Friday 18th October – 21w 2d
Today was scan day! I wasn’t feeling as nervous as usual, only slightly, I was just excited to see our berry again. We’d already decided that we were going to have a surprise, but I knew I would still be tempted. I was able to empty my bladder a little before the scan, yet again, as I have such a weak bladder I always feel like I’m going to pee myself at any moment! Berry was being very wriggly as per usual, and all is well. When the sonographer asked if we wanted to know the sex, I immediately had to say no as if I’d had time to think about it I’m sure I would have said yes! So as it stands, we are having a yellow one! 

It’s been a kind of bittersweet day today though, as it’s also exactly one year since we found out we were expecting our little angel. 

Saturday 19th October – 21w 3d
I completely forgot that I walked into a sign yesterday, until I woke up with a sore and bruised head this morning. Baby brain at its best…

Monday 21st October – 21w 5d
Little man has started blowing raspberries on my tummy – for 5 minutes straight earlier, we were both in fits of laughter! Though I’ve been absolutely shattered today. Have felt like I could have slept alllllllll day. 

Though maybe that was because of my dream last night. I kept getting kidnapped by the Volturi, and Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black kept rescuing me in his truck, which also happened to have Free Willy on the back as he’d rescued him too. 

Tuesday 22nd October – 21w 6d
I’m hoping the dark mornings encourage little man to sleep later – I had an hour lie in this morning because it was dark so he never woke up! He was in our bed though, and he does tend to sleep for longer in there. I can only hope, I feel like I need all the sleep I can get! 

At 21 weeks, berry is the size of a carrot.
The digestive system is developed enough to start absorbing water and sugar from amniotic fluid.
The bone marrow has developed enough to contribute to blood cell formation.
Visible eyebrows, eyelashes and hair on the scalp are developing.
There is a lot of movement now and patterns may be able to be tracked.
Lanugo has started to develop.

Girl or boy – does it matter?

I know this is a subject that everybody has mixed opinions on – but with my still grieving from my miscarriage, and what we went through to get little man, I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. Does it matter what the gender of your baby is? 

Since I can remember, I’ve seen people on their subsequent pregnancies, discussing what they would like the gender of this baby to be. When I discovered I was pregnant with little man, I had no urge for a particular gender, I was just absolutely ecstatic that we finally had our dream come true. From around 6 weeks pregnant, I just had a feeling, a mummy instinct, that we were having a boy. This wasn’t off the back of any particular preference, it was just ‘there’. We had always decided that we were going to find out the gender; again, not because of any particular preference, just that I’m an impatient organisation freak and I wanted to be prepared! 

Now here, I am not questioning the choice of finding out vs. not finding out. It’s the question of preference. For example, we had a boy the first time around – when I was pregnant with our little angel, I had a feeling again – that it was another boy. This time though, we were going to have a surprise. I have to admit, I was happy with the feeling, BUT I didn’t feel sad either that I didn’t feel that it was a girl. I would have genuinely been happy with either gender. When our little angel was born, if we would have been blessed with two boys, or a boy and girl – it didn’t bother me in the slightest, as long as they were healthy. Even with health problems, of course I would still love them though. 

I am guessing the gender preference is different for a first pregnancy, in that some people have always dreamt of how they want their family to be. But then again saying that, I suppose it could be the same way for following pregnancies – if you have always wanted one of each sex, then you might wish for the opposite sex this time, and genuinely be upset if it isn’t. 

I suppose I am writing this because with me never having any gender preference, I am genuinely interested in why people do, whether it be in their first pregnancy or following pregnancies. 

So, did you have a preference for gender in any of your pregnancies? 

Is he a girl? Or is he a boy?…

“Is he a girl?”

No, of course I haven’t been asked that question directly. It would be ‘Is it a girl?’

But four times now, has my son been referred to as a girl. Three of those, were all in as many weeks very recently!

The first time, was when we had just moved into our flat. The Virgin Media engineer had come to install our phone line and TV etc., and he had to drill a hole in the wall, which made little man cry, as he was only 6 months old and obviously still scared of new noises. To which the engineer commented “Did that scare her?!”. Me: “He’s a boy”. Engineer: “Oh, he’s a very cute boy then!”.

Second time, we were at stay & play, and a gentleman was telling his daughter to be “careful of that little girl” – the girl being the little man! 

Third time, the same gentleman, believe it or not, said the same thing again! (Yes, his daughter is a little tearaway and has also on two other occasions stood on little man’s hands and feet!) 

Fourth time, we were shopping, and a lady said to her daughter who was crying, “look, that little girl isn’t crying!” – again, referring to the little man!

I officially give up.

I think I should get a sticker made for his forehead stating “I AM A BOY”…

So, what do YOU think, is he a girl, or most definitely a boy?

Surprise! Or not…

Way before I even met DH, and way before we even considered TTC, I always imagined when I was a Mummy I would have a little girl. I suppose that was my dream, so I could dress her up in cute pink dresses and pretty headbands! It never even occurred to me about having a boy. DH had always wanted a boy so he could do the cars thing with him, but when we found out I was pregnant, he decided he would love a little girl. (Of course, whatever the sex, we would have been over the moon, these were obviously just our dreams!). 

Well, my Mummy instinct kicked in, and I just knew we were having a boy… My feelings towards my baby didn’t change because I thought he was a boy, nor when we found out that I was correct. Of course I had immediately fallen in love when I got my BFP, but when the sonographer said he was a boy, my heart just melted, because I guess I already had this strong connection with him. And then, I could actually picture him in cool little blue outfits! (He doesn’t always wear blue, I’m just stereotyping here! I’m going to dress him in something pink soon! Though he’ll probably hate me when he’s older…) 

I guess the point I’m getting to, is why we decided to find out the sex. We had waited so long, and just didn’t want to wait any longer, although another few months wouldn’t have made much difference in the long run, but I’m one of the most impatient people ever when I finally get what I want! I know I’m not the only person ever to have waited a long time for the dream, and I know people who have, that have gone for the surprise option. I have nothing against that, I think a surprise is lovely, just not for us (this time!). Also, we wanted to be organised. We wanted a colourful pram, black wasn’t an option for us, so knowing his sex helped. Though in the end we went for red, which would have been suited for a boy or girl. We wanted to buy him some clothes, and having already looked around, there wasn’t that much of an option for neutral clothes that we liked, only (in our opinion) plain looking ones, nothing really colourful and gender obvious that we liked. (Not that we should have to make his gender obvious…) We wanted to get accessories and decorations for his room; before we found out his sex we had already decided that we would be having a car theme if baby was a boy, and something pink for the theme if baby was a girl! So once we found out his room was already planned out in my head!

The thing that makes me wonder, is when people say it makes you push harder if you have a surprise. I for one, definitely pushed as hard as I could even though I knew he was a boy! I just wanted to get him out and finally meet him after so long, and knowing his gender didn’t take the excitement away in the slightest. Though we have decided, if we are lucky enough, and decide to have another, we will be going for the surprise option! (And then I can answer my upcoming question for myself…) This will mainly be because we will already be mostly organised, with having a pram, gender neutral clothes for baby’s first few days, somewhere for baby to sleep, and so on. 

So, does it make you push harder if you are having a surprise? I guess this would be more relevant to those who have had more than one baby, and had a mix of finding out and having a surprise. Also, what were your reasons for deciding to find out the gender or not?