Little man N at 4 months old

So here it is. N is now 4 months old. A third of a year. I said it last month – I will probably say it every month. Time. Slow. Down. Please.
It’s amazing to see how he is growing each month, and about now he is developing his own little personality. He is becoming so cheeky already. When he is going to sleep – or more like we’re trying to get him to sleep – he will eventually nod off but this is just a tease. A couple of minutes later he will open his eyes, look up at you, and give the cheekiest little grin! You can’t help but smile back at him though. Little monkey.
He has had his 16 week vaccinations. This time he only had the one in each leg, and not the oral one. I think he has been worse with them each time, unlike his brother who seemed to get better. Though he hasn’t seemed as bad afterwards. At least that’s it now until he turns one!
He isn’t sleeping as long in the day now. His naps range from 30 – 90 minutes long and then he’s awake for 2-3 hours in between. Though recently he’s sometimes been awake for as long as 4.5 hours! He is still (mostly) sleeping through the night. He goes down between 7-8 pm and generally wakes up between 5-6 am, has his bottle, a kick & a chatter, then goes back to sleep. He will wake in the night on the odd occasion but we can’t really complain. If he does then he usually comes in with us. since he has been sleeping through, he hasn’t spent as much time in our bed – I miss it!
He is constantly trying to sit himself up. I mentioned in his 3 month update that he would pull himself up if we held his hands – he is so much better at that now and so happy with himself when he does it. But now, he also tries to sit himself up from laying down. His little head and legs come up off the floor with a few grunts!
He has started rolling, which I wasn’t expecting as he just did it one day out of the blue without even trying. He managed to roll front to back, but he still hasn’t mastered back to front. It will come with time though, his brother didn’t even roll for the first time until 5 months!
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Little man N at 3 months old

I can’t believe N is 3 months old already. That’s a quarter of a year! No, I refuse to believe it. Time must slow down now! 

N is gaining weight steadily now and heading along the 75th centile – he was on the 25th when he was born! When he turned 3 months he was around the 15 lb mark, so he has more than doubled his birth weight and is a proper chunk now, just like his brother was! He’s in his his brothers 3-6 months clothes now and even some of those are getting small for him!

He obviously loves his milk, and now has 8oz at a time, every 3-4 hours still – any less and he screams blue murder! But then because he’s so greedy, he brings half of it back up, usually all down my chest… lovely!

He has also had his second lot of vaccinations. I think these ones went worse than the first ones, he just wouldn’t stop crying and wouldn’t even have his bottle to calm him down, poor little fella. Only one more lot to go now until he turns 1, thank goodness!

I mentioned in his last update that he was co-sleeping a lot. We haven’t done as much since then, I think that’s mainly because he has started sleeping through the night! He goes down with J around 7 pm and then goes until 4.30 am, but usually goes back to sleep after his bottle. If he does wake in the middle of the night for a feed he usually goes straight back down without a fuss, I guess he’s what they’d call a “good baby” (I hate that!). Sometimes though if whoever had fed him is too tired to even get back out of bed, he’ll snuggle in with us, which I am glad of really as I’ve mentioned before, I do love co-sleeping.

The poor wee soul has started teething already, he has had a lot of hand chewing going on, and is very dribbly. We have an amber anklet on the way and are currently reviewing some teething gel so hopefully we’ll be able to take away the pain a bit, it’s awful seeing him like he is at such a young age.

We are getting proper chuckles from him now, and he’s a chatty boy! He loves to talk to himself in the mirror on his play mat. He loves us bouncing him from knee to knee and gives us some proper chesty laughs, it is oh so cute. He also loves us blowing raspberries on his belly and cheeks. I forgot how cute the “doing funny things to make them chuckle” baby stage is!

He is getting a strong boy now and will sit himself up if he is laid down and we hold his hands. He’s not so keen on tummy time (his brother never really was either so took what felt an age to roll over) but when he has it, he loves to hold his head up to have a good look around. Which leads me to say he hates being laid down now, he much prefers sitting up as he is so nosy!

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How do I get my baby to sleep more?

your baby to sleep more is one of the things us Mummy’s, probably
more often than not, could do with some help with. Although some of
my readers most likely have one of those babies that takes to sleep
quite easily, so will be able to help with the problem to follow. 

Little man didn’t start sleeping through the night until he was around 10 weeks
old and even then he would still wake up once or twice every few
nights for a couple of weeks. So just when we thought he had cracked
the sleep thing, he hadn’t quite; or he just liked to lead us on and
think “No Mummy & Daddy, you’ve had enough sleep now, you don’t
need any more just yet”. 

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