Little man N at 11 months old

So this is the last of N’s updates before he turns one year old. That’s right, at the next update I will have written a whole year of updates for my youngest baby. Who will no longer be a baby. (Sad face. Though don’t take that as a hint at any more babies – no thanks!).

As I mentioned in his ten month update he was due to be weighed at his ‘routine health check’ which I wrote about here along with a rant about the health visitor. He weighed 24lb 8oz meaning he had only gained 7oz since his last weigh in, so now he’s well on the move he seems to have slowed down a bit though he is still on the 98th centile, the chunky monkey! He also had his height measured and he was 75cm putting him on the 75th centile, so he’s going to be tall like J too. I think he has a longer body and shorter legs than his brother though. He seems to be cutting his bottles down himself and will some days only have two now; one at bed time and one in the morning or after lunch, depending on what time he wakes up and whether we are in or not. We’ve cut it down to 5oz now though as he wasn’t finishing them, and we will start to swap over to cow’s milk soon too. He’ll still eat practically anything you put in front of him and will often hover around us grunting like a piglet if we’re eating – so funny! He loves bananas and rice cakes at the minute.

He is turning into such a little mischievous fellow and has started fighting back when his brother is having a bad day. The first time was when they were both sat on the floor waiting for me to get ready to go out and N just leaned forwards and pushed J backwards – he’s a strong little guy, I’ll give him that! J wasn’t too happy about it and started crying – what goes around comes around I guess, though even though N doesn’t understand yet I do tell him off just so J doesn’t think that he gets told off and N gets away with it. He has also started crawling over J when he’s laid on the floor, and has even taken to sitting on his head a couple of times, eek! I think he’s going to be worse than his brother, oh joy! He is still a complete diva too and hates having his nappy changed and screams blue murder, but looks and laughs at us when he gets away, monkey!

We finally have some words – mama and dada (and yes I was first, woohoo!). Those are the only two so far, the rest of his noise is still just ‘ra ra ra ra ra’ or something along those lines! I’m expecting him to be a bit of a slow talker anyway as he his big brother talking for him, and he does enough of it! He now has another three teeth as well, making six in total. They are his top central incisors and the central four on the bottom. I think some more will start poking through soon too as his cheeks have been really red. Maybe he will have them all out of the way by his second birthday, unlike his big brother!

He isn’t walking unaided yet but he has finally started walking with his walker, and he is so proud of himself! He literally just stood up with it and started walking, no toppling or hesitation or anything and he can go rather fast. He still hasn’t stood unaided yet though I don’t think it will be long – maybe he will take his first steps by his first birthday!

As you can see, the littlest guy has been a busy boy this month!

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Little man N’s development check (and a health visitor rant)

Yesterday we had N’s 9-12 month development check. I’m sure J didn’t have his until he was around one year, but never mind. Being a first time Mum with J, I took everything as gospel and was in a rush for him to do everything, but with N I have been much more relaxed and just got on with it (and let him get on with it) as I know each individual baby/child develops at their own rate and just because they don’t keep up with their peers, or conform to some chart, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong with them. I know I could have refused this check but brushing aside my moans, I always find it interesting to see how they ‘conform’, well, I suppose so I can moan really, ha!

It was a bit different this time and when she arrived I had to fill in a questionnaire which looked like this:

It basically asked a few questions of whether they are doing things yet, in each category of communication skills, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, problem solving skills, and personal-social skills; each requires a response of ‘yes’, ‘sometimes’, or ‘no’, and then each section is scored according to their ‘chart’.

N scored fairly high in all sections other than communication, and this is all because he wasn’t saying any words yet, just babbling a lot. According to the health visitor, he “should” be saying at least 3 words now and talking in full sentences! (Okay, I might be exaggerating there (only ever so slightly), but that’s how she made it sound!). I told her that J was a late talker too and he never stops now and can say hundreds of things so I wasn’t worried, but no, she kept drumming it in that he should be doing it – imagine if I was a first time mother with low confidence in my abilities, maybe already suffering PND/anxiety, and she had said this? According to her, we don’t talk to him enough. We are always talking to him, and if we’re not, then his brother is! We’re always telling him what things are, we always sing songs together, make songs up, ask him to do things, and he understands. I’m confident of that. Believe it or not, he said “Mama” after she left! He just didn’t want to talk for her obviously.

The other thing the health visitor is concerned about is his weight. He’s currently measuring on the 98th centile (he was born on the 50th – but the same thing happened to J and he is now on the 75th again) and his height puts him on the 75th. Apparently these level each other out, but basically he’s still too fat and needs to lose weight! So what am I going to do, starve my baby? I don’t think so. He still has three formula milk feeds a day and he eats three balanced meals a day so I think he’s doing perfectly fine. Again, I’m not in the slightest bit worried and am confident that when he starts walking he will go the same way as J. I also argued this point to her. But she insisted that a fat baby equals a fat adult when they get to 50 or 60, so a fat baby isn’t a healthy baby. Okay then. I swear above all, she was trying to make me feel bad, but it didn’t work.

I think he is a perfectly happy healthy baby. Just perfect.

When I have visited baby clinic before I have heard people complaining about her too; that she tells them to do things differently even when they have had children before and ‘know what they’re doing’ this time so to speak. 

I’m half considering submitting a complaint about her just in case she does ‘pick on’ the wrong person next time. What do you think?

Little man N at 10 months old

Ten months old. My youngest baby will be turning one this year! In less than two months! (And then for another 18 days I will be a Mummy of two under three). He’ll not be a baby for much longer – heck, it feels like he’s outgrown the baby stage already, sometimes.

He hasn’t been weighed since the last time but I’m not too worried. He has his ‘health check’ soon anyway so we’ll find out soon anyway. I can’t imagine he will have gained an awful lot though as he never stops moving and is a proper speed crawler! He’s still on 3 x 6 oz bottles (sometimes less as he often doesn’t finish them). He’s still loving his food and there’s barely anything he doesn’t like. He is such a gannet though and practically has a panic attack if he doesn’t get his meals straight away! His favourite food at the minute seems to be blueberries, which is a lovely healthy choice.

His own little personality is just amazing (I know, I’m biased) and I just love seeing it developing every day. He won’t let me cut his nails though so I have no end of scratch marks from him! He loves to climb up me – I often have both the boys doing it though vying for my attention! He’s so cheeky – when J is on the step, N crawls there and sits and laughs at him as he thinks it’s a game, so J finds it funny and I have to battle through that too! He still has his diva ways. He screams the house down when he’s having his nappy changed and he can’t get away – I’m sure the neighbours must think he’s being murdered or something… And then after we’ve finished he crawls away laughing!

He has three teeth now! Though his lower right incisor still hasn’t come through, it’s his top left central incisor. They seem to be coming through quicker than J’s did so I’m hoping we’ll have that stage out of the way sooner!

He hasn’t taken any unaided steps yet, though he’s still cruising and will let go for a nanosecond before falling on his bottom. We’ve tried giving him his walker to use but he’s not really interested at the minute – he’s more interested in playing with the activity ‘table’ on the front of it. I’m not going to rush him though as I was desperate for J to walk as all of his peers were and he still didn’t until 15 months! I know he’ll do it when he’s good & ready – I think he’s quite happy with his speed crawling at the moment!

Little man N at 9 months old

Nine months old. My youngest baby is now three-quarters of a year old. I don’t like it. He is growing up way too quick! He is developing quicker than J did too (I think he was just a lazy baby) which makes it seem faster I think.

I finally made it to baby clinic to get him weighed and he now weighs 24 lb 1 oz which means he’s only put on not even a couple of pounds in the last couple of months. Like I thought, now he’s moving around a lot more he’s leveling out a little bit. Though he’s still my chunky monkey as he’s in some 12-18 month clothes! He’s still on the same amount of bottles that he was in his last update, so 3 x 6 oz (sometimes 4 if he wakes in the night). He is also still loving his food and he eats practically everything. The only thing he’s really spat out is cucumber.

He really is developing his own little personality now and is such a cheeky monkey. He’s going through a raspberry blowing phase again, but he’s also started pinching and scratching, ouch! He’s learned how to give kisses now – when you pucker up and say give me a kiss, he opens up his mouth and then leans in and kind of sucks your lips, it’s so blimmin’ cute! He’s so snuggly & soft, I could snuggle him all day long. He’s still being a diva though and hates having his nappy changed or sitting still to get dressed, and I often have to do it on my knee so he can’t move far!

He’s been waking up a few times in the night recently, I think it’s because of his teething as sometimes he will cry for quite a while before he settles down again. Talking of teeth – we finally have some – TWO to be exact! They came through just before he turned nine months. It’s not the usual two lower central incisors though, it’s his lower left incisor and his lower left lateral incisor, so he looks a bit quirky at the minute – still beautiful though!

He’s a non stop crawler now and I can’t keep up with him, it’s like he ‘run crawls’ and he’s so fast! He’s pulling himself up on absolutely everything too and is often falling down and bumping himself, he’s already had a couple of bruises; I think I’m going to have to watch him more than J! He’s started cruising around the sofas too and if we’re sat eating he will move between us like a little dog! He stands up holding our hands and depending how brave he’s feeling, will take a couple of steps. He’s going to be walking unaided much sooner than J was.

He’s always stealing J’s toys which gets J really frustrated and I really have to watch them and never leave them alone just in case. I can see me having to double up on a few toys, though I’m sure they’ll still steal the same things! N is starting to ‘get his own back’ on J now, when J is having his nappy changed N crawls up to him and starts pulling his hair and smacking him in the face – this also frustrates J and we’ve had to start telling N that it’s naughty, even though he doesn’t really understand at the minute, but maybe it will help him learn from a younger age!

Little man N at 8 months old

I can’t believe N is 8 months old (though I’m a little bit late with this update – blogging hasn’t been at the forefront for me recently). Two-thirds of a year! After Christmas I’ll have to start thinking about his 1st birthday! Time must slow down for a few months now.

I haven’t been to baby clinic for a while for various reasons so I’m not sure how much he weighs (I could have weighed him on our scales but I’ve not gotten around to it yet). I’m guessing it’s somewhere around the 25 lb mark though, going by his previous weigh ins. I mentioned last time that he was still on quite big bottles, but he’s started to cut those down by himself now. He now has 3-4 x 6 oz bottles, sometimes 5 if he wakes in the night – though he doesn’t usually completely finish a bottle so he has a little less than that. He eats 3 meals a day too plus snacks – I’m not really worried about him as he is such a hungry baby but he is moving about a lot now so I know he will level out like his brother did.

He is turning into such a cheeky little chap (still complete with his constant smiles), if not a male diva sometimes! He doesn’t like lying still to have his nappy changed and will lie there screaming the place down until he can move, then when he does he immediately starts laughing & smiling so I know he was putting it on! I forgot how annoying this stage was where they don’t want to be still for nappy changes!

He is still waking in the night sometimes – I would say 50% of the time. Sometimes he will go back to sleep with a cuddle but other times he’ll need a bottle – but even then at times he lies there laughing and shrieking, cue trying to keep him quiet so he doesn’t wake up J!

He is now very confident at sitting, and he’s finally figured out how to sit up himself! He can’t do it straight from his back but if he is laid on his back then he will roll himself around to his side and sit up that way. When he’s laid on his front he will swing his legs around and get up that way. It’s so cute to watch.

On his last update I said that he was on the verge of crawling – he was at the rocking stage. A week or so after that he was off! It was just a couple of crawls forward at first but he soon got up to speed and he crawls over the place now, there’s no stopping him.

He’s taking more interest now in playing with his brother. I think J has been waiting a while for him to do so, but now he is he doesn’t want him to! Though I think that’s mainly because N always wants J’s toys rather than his own, and he still hasn’t gotten used to sharing yet… Though J steals N’s toys too!

8 months old and still no teeth. I think he’s going to have some quite soon though. He has always got something in his mouth – whether it’s his finger, a toy, a teddy, a sock… He will find something! Though he has no teeth, his gums are mega hard so he eats practically anything now as he’s got a good chew on him! He really loves his food – he sounds like he’s having a panic attack if he doesn’t get it straight away! We haven’t really found anything he doesn’t like yet either, which is always a good thing.

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