Penwizard personalised Pirate Potty book | Book review

My regular readers will most likely know that J first began potty training over a year ago but he wasn’t really getting anywhere so we just decided to leave it for the time being. A few months ago he started showing an interest again but he was being quite inconsistent and I thought we were going to be back to square one again. Just as we were in the midst of potty training again we received a personalised potty training story book from Penwizard and I think it truly has helped J make great progress.
This boys version of the potty training story is based on a Pirate with the child’s name, and also personalisation to look like them. This is great because it’s more personal to the child for them to identify with the character. The story begins with the beginning of the potty training process when the child decides they want to be more grown up. The book is interactive with the child able to choose a potty from the pictures on the page.


It then goes through the whole process including experimenting with it being a hat (!), choosing pants (again interactive), practising with pants, and then finally doing the business on the potty! It also includes pirate potty rules – the process of emptying it and hand washing. It touches upon accidents and how much harder it is to do a poo, until the pirate is finally fully potty trained!


I love the whole concept of the book as it really encourages the child and helps them understand the potty training process more than just explaining it to them. The illustrations are great, colourful, characteristic, and situations really true to life!
Not long after the book arrived J not only did business on the potty, but also on the toilet! I think it’s a worthwhile investment if like us you have started potty training but don’t feel like you are getting anywhere, or if you are on the verge of it.
The potty training books from Penwizard retail at £14.99 and there is a choice of pirate, princess, or prince.
Our rating – 4.5/5
We were sent this book free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & our own.

Wee wee (he) did it!

I first wrote about J and potty training when he was two years old – so nearly a year ago – and we have been on & off with it ever since. We reviewed Dry Like Me potty training pads back in the summer last year but we didn’t get very far with them as he just wasn’t showing much interest. We haven’t been forceful with it, we have just gone with the flow and let him lead the way but recently we have been encouraging him a little more.

A couple of months ago Nanna bought him a Thomas Tank musical potty as we thought it might encourage him a bit more. Still, he hasn’t really shown a lot of interest until recently when he’s been sitting on it for longer and longer but still not doing anything (though he tells us he has, but we know he’s telling porkies as it didn’t make a noise!).

We always ask before bed time if he wants to go on it and he usually refuses but last night he finally did, and sat there for the longest time yet; well, a midst getting on & off it as he has the patience of a gnat! I guess he didn’t really ‘need’ it at the beginning, but after giving him some reading material and him sitting there for half an hour, we heard some music… He had done a wee wee! I didn’t realise how excited I would get – we made sure to give him lots of praise which involved lots of high pitched squealing from me and lots of clapping, he was over the moon.

So now we’re hoping that now he’s done it once and knows what the potty does, that he will want to go on it more often – in fact he got out of bed and asked to go on it again!

I’m such a proud Mummy, what a great ending to Mother’s Day.