Potty & toilet training with J

Over J’s last few updates (well over the last year or so in fact, on & off) I have written about his potty training progress. He started potty training last year when we thought he was showing an interest but he was really sporadic with it and so we just left it. Just before Christmas he had started showing an interest again and so Nanna bought him a Thomas Tank musical potty which seemed to do the trick, and he finally had his first wee on it just before he turned three!

After that he was a bit more regular on it but nothing consistent, as much as we tried to help. Over the last month or so though he hasn’t even been on the potty; he’s done all of his business on the big toilet! This came about because he went to the loo with Grandad and just decided he wanted to sit on the toilet too, and I don’t know if it was a fluke but he did a wee!

Ever since then we have really encouraged him with using the ‘big boy’ toilet and though he isn’t completely consistent yet, he does a lot of his wee’s on there. He has a step and a toilet seat which I think helps as he can do it himself and it makes him feel more grown up. He mostly wears pants during the day; he still has the occasional accident but we don’t make a huge fuss about it when he does.

Previously, I was adamant that I wasn’t going to use pull up pants with him as I believed that it would just confuse him, but wearing a nappy wasn’t really helping with him going to the toilet so we started on them and now he wears them at night and if we’re going on a journey where there won’t be a toilet for while. We could take his potty but he still has occasions when he forgets that he has pants on until it’s too late, and I don’t fancy washing his car seat cover that often!

We had really been encouraging him to do a poo on the toilet as well but we weren’t really getting anywhere. Now I’m not sure if this was a fluke also, but on the last day of our recent holiday he did it! I got really excited, everyone really praised him, and he was so proud of himself, but he hasn’t done one on there since. I do ask him regularly if he needs the loo but sometimes he will say no or just refuses. I think I need to see if there is any time pattern as to when he poo’s so we can try and get him to sit on the toilet.

I must admit, I thought he would be toilet, or at least potty trained by now as most of his peers are; but I’m not putting too much pressure on it and you never know, we might be fully there by his fourth birthday! (I hope it’s easier with N!)