Project 365 – Week 14 (days 89 – 95)

March 30th / Day 89
I was in a baking mood today and we had some bananas on the turn, so I made a banana, cinnamon & walnut loaf cake.

March 31st / Day 90
We went out for tea tonight to our local Fayre & Square pub – I just had to the Devil dog challenge – a foot long hot dog with ghost chilli sauce and jalapenos! Boy it was HOT, but I did it! Though getting towards the end I felt like Woman vs Food as I was so full, but I was determined as I wanted my certificate, ha!

April 1st / Day 91
Little man N is one month old today, already!

April 2nd  / Day 92
This is J’s new favourite way to watch television apparently…

April 3rd / Day 93
Not another milk drunk photo, instead this time he is fighting sleep with one eye open being nosy!

April 4th / Day 94
We have a problem with J that whenever he falls asleep in the car, or has any kind of nap for that matter, his bedtime goes out of the window. This is him finally giving in to sleep at 11.20 pm!

April 5th / Day 95
We read books in J’s bed this morning whilst N slept. He likes making all of the noises to the animals in this one.
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Project 365 – Week 13 (days 82 – 88)

March 23rd / Day 82
J is actually trying to cuddle N here – N looks terrified! 

March 24th / Day 83
J was feeling a bit under the weather this evening so after fussing, he fell asleep curled up on me in our bed.

March 25th / Day 84
Just a standard sleeping baby photo.

March 26th / Day 85
I was trying to get a photo of J’s hair here as I thought it looked like the woolly mammoth from Ice Age!

March 27th / Day 86
I couldn’t be bothered to do anything this evening so it was sofa snuggle time with N – with J in the background!

March 28th / Day 87
We went for our monthly sleepover at Nanna’s tonight and this was the first time J has slept out of the travel cot, in his new ready bed. With George photo-bombing of course.

March 29th / Day 88
Playing with his train set at Nanna’s before going home.

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Project 365 – Week 12 (days 75 – 81)

March 16th / Day 75
Today was the first race of the 2014 Formula One season, so here is Daddy introducing little man #2.

March 17th / Day 76
Two weeks in and still breastfeeding (that’s two weeks longer than last time around so I’m happy!) – little man #2 drunk on boobie!

March 18th / Day 77
Little man #1’s birthday tomorrow, and he loves balloons – we also filled a big box with them for him to discover!

March 19th / Day 78
Little man #1 was at nursery this morning so he opened presents from us when he got home, before his tea party. Here he is discovering them.

March 20th / Day 79
We are now co-sleeping with both little men when #2 won’t settle and #1 decides to climb into our bed – they are so alike!

March 21st / Day 80
I wore my odd socks today for World Down Syndrome Day.

March 22nd / Day 81
I love taking close up photos of my little men’s facial features – here is my latest attempt of little man #2.

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Project 365 – Week 11 (days 68 – 74)

(I apologise in advance for the the overload of baby photos!)

March 9th / Day 68
Snuggles on Mummy today – well it’s snuggles on Mummy at some point everyday really!

March 10th / Day 69
Today was little man #2’s first time in a proper outfit! (Although I think little man #1 might still be top dog at the moment…)

March 11th / Day 70
It was lovely weather today and little man #1 was outside nearly all day. He’s discovered a new favourite activity of chalking.

March 12th / Day 71
I managed to get my pre-pregnancy jeans fastened up (okay I still have a mummy tummy overhang but never mind)! It took me forever last time! In fact these are new bigger size jeans bought after little man #1’s arrival…

March 13th / Day 72
Little man #1 was chalking inside whilst waiting for the health visitor before we had to go out.

March 14th / Day 73
Daddy & little man #1 often have rough play like this (which nearly gives me a heart attack sometimes!)… It’s attack of the toddler!

March 15th / Day 74
Little man #2 is two weeks old today! I forgot how fast it flies by, even more so this time.

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Project 365 – Weeks 9 & 10 (days 54 – 67)

I was a little bit busy to be able to post or link up last week, so here I have two weeks in one and if you don’t know why, you will find out…

February 23rd / Day 54
I’ve posted little man’s tunnel adventures previously… Here is another one!

February 24th / Day 55
It was another one of those chocolate days – this is one of the big ones!

February 25th / Day 56
My Peppa Pig obsessive spent so long inspecting this that it fell off the stick eventually!

February 26th / Day 57
Little man likes to help with the shopping! He likes looking at the pictures on things.

February 27th / Day 58
You do know it’s totally cool to wear your builders hat to dinner, right?

February 28th / Day 59
Takeaway curry again to help get the baby out! Did it work? Have a read…

March 1st / Day 60
Little man has big kisses for his little brother on his birth-day.

March 2nd / Day 61
Even though I had my much wanted home birth, we ended up in transitional/special care for a couple of reasons – this beauty became my new best friend!

March 3rd / Day 62
My three sleepy men whilst the eldest two were visiting and I was having lunch.

March 4th / Day 63
My gorgeous boy on discharge day.

March 5th / Day 64
A lovely gift which arrived through the mail today

March 6th / Day 65
A competition win for my little monkey – though I fancy them for myself!

March 7th / Day 66
Another competition win stuffed with goodies – very handy at this moment in time!

March 8th / Day 67
My second little man at one week old.

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